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Daily Digest 11/4 - Marijuana Farming Hurting Environment, Age Of Easy Money Is Almost Over

Saturday, November 4, 2017, 10:15 AM


The Age of Easy Money Is Nearly Over (jdargis)

Now policymakers believe their economies are strong enough to thrive with less stimulus. The U.S. Federal Reserve made the first move in October when it started allowing a portion of bonds on its $4.5 trillion balance sheet to mature without replacing them. The European Central Bank is still buying government and corporate bonds, though it recently delineated a plan for tapering off those purchases starting in January. China’s policymakers are expected to tamp down on credit growth next year, as President Xi Jinping focuses on defusing financial risks.

Commercial Real Estate, Which Fueled Trump’s Fortune, Fares Well in Tax Plan (jdargis)

Mr. Trump is no stranger to how taxes can affect his industry. In 1991, he appeared before the House Budget Committee and laced into the tax overhaul ushered in by President Ronald Reagan five years earlier. Mr. Trump, a property developer at the time, said the legislation, which Republicans and the president himself now herald, was responsible for sinking commercial real estate prices and ushering in an economic downturn.

Expert: Threat of EMP Attack Is Real and Extremely Dangerous (Cornelius999)

“The very technological revolution that is feeding our prosperity is also making us more vulnerable,” Pry said. “As electronics get smaller and faster, and operate on lower energy levels, they also become proportionally more vulnerable to EMPs.”

Basically, an EMP is caused by a moving magnetic field. When the field is in motion, it generates a current in a wire, which can cause problems for the functioning of an electronic system, Pry noted.

Puigdemont, Facing Arrest, Urges Separatists to Unite (jdargis)

But the move to ramp up pressure on the separatists and the spectacle of the jailed leaders has also reinvigorated the movement and thrust the constitutional crisis into the international spotlight.

Back in 2015, the separatists joined forces on a platform called Junts pel Si to win a majority in the Catalan assembly when they sealed a partnership with the radicals of the CUP party.

A City's Lifeblood (jdargis)

Environmental justice advocates also see the cleanup effort as an opportunity to do right by those who have suffered the most from the pollution. Although the contamination has affected everyone who uses the Willamette, the impacts have fallen disproportionately on those who tend to fish the most: tribal members, people of color, low-income residents, and those from other marginalized groups who rely on the river for food.

Natural Hazard? Study Says Farming Marijuana Hurting Environment (thc0655)

“Cannabis causes far greater changes in key metrics on a per-unit-area basis,” researcher Van Butsic said.

The report found that planting cannabis farms resulted in 1.5 times more forest loss and 2.5 times more fragmentation of the landscape and wildlife habitats than harvesting trees for timber did over the same amount of space.

US government climate report: Climate change is real and our fault (tmn)

A June 2017 draft was shared with The New York Times by someone who feared it might be censored by federal agencies during the final approval process. But in a call with media, NOAA’s David Fahey (one of three coordinating lead authors of the report) responded to questions about censorship by saying he was “quite confident” that there had been no political interference with the contents of the report. An initial review of the highlighted main points of the report’s “executive summary” shows only a few insignificant wording changes from the June 2017 draft.

What the Climate Report Says About the Impact of Global Warming (jdargis)

Like the scientific report, the draft of Volume II contains many of the same findings cited in the previous National Climate Assessment, published in 2014. But reflecting some of the impacts that have been felt across the country in the past three years, some of the emphasis has changed.

Here’s a look at some of what’s new in the draft assessment.

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The further we disconnect ourselves from nature the further we drift from ourselves.

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Unusual Podcast request before winter

Yes the weather on the Central Coast in California never drops below 20 degrees, but last year my days of wearing a coat outside for warmth was equal to my number of days being sick: 0 This is coming from someone who is outside a lot and who previously had been very sensitive to cold.

Here is some contact info for Wim Hof. 

Research on 'Iceman' Wim Hof suggests it may be possible to influence autonomic nervous system and immune response

Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans

"The trained group was trained by Dutch individual Wim Hof and three trainers who previously received an instructor course by Wim Hof to become a trainer"

Here are some Wim Hof videos and also videos with a similar theme. Embrace your environment and have a great winter:


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What the HECK is up in Saudi Arabia?

So, yesterday, 13 Saudi Princes and a number of major officials (heads of ministries, etc.) were arrested on "corruption" charges by the King of Saudi. Then today a helicopter carrying a crown prince and other officials crashed near Yemen, killing all on board. So what the heck is going on in Saudi Arabia?


I'm especially curious because what goes on in SA has ripple effects everywhere...



I'm not especially well-versed in SA, so if anybody with knowledge wants to share some thoughts I'd appreciate it...



VIVA -- Sager

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Does your worship center have armed guards?

My church has been through an active shooter educational process, set up a congregational response plan, and has me and several other members who quietly carry concealed weapons and are ready to respond when/if this kind of insanity were to occur.

Zerohedge is now reporting 25 dead.  It was Texas, and no one shot back.  So much for that stereotype.


The now-deceased shooter is apparently a former US Marine who converted to Islam.


A good resource for religious organizations to get started with:



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Happened around 11:30 am today Texas time according to the news (~6 hours ago). Cousin in San Antonio just pulled a web search and looks like the MSM called it 15 hours ago.

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Another rumored identity for the shooter


This one says he was an Antifa member trying to start their civil war.

Do you suppose there's a mental illness that causes people to spread rumors on the internet?

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let me propose a possible explanation of Saudi

I'm going to propose that it was a true religious event.

That the princes supported ISIS, and the Saudi ruler allowed it, provided that it brought the caliphate. I think it has become obvious that it didn't.

So now the penalty must be paid.

I'm going to go farther, and say that if this is simply a religious event, the princes will be in agreement. They will wish it were otherwise, but it will be a version of "I was wrong; silly me. Of course I must pay the price."

I don't know this is the case. But I propose that it would explain a lot.

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Let Me Propose A Possible Explanation Of Saudi

The Ghawar.

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Brookings Institute: Options for Destroying Iran

With the upsets in Saudi Arabia in the news last night I had a chance to look over the Brookings Institute "Which Path to Persia?" paper published in 2009.  The Brookings Institute group are the neocons and the MIC.  

The report is fairly long, nearly 200 pages.  They talk about the pros and cons of the many different ways to destroy Iran.  (Color revolutions, arming various factions, economic pressure, goading the Iranians into some attack on the US that would "justify" US invasion of Iran, etc.)

Here is a 2 page summary:

Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?"  Part I: The war has already begun, total war is a possibility.

by Tony Cartalucci

From the report itself, page 150:

"A policy determined to overthrow the government of Iran might very well include plans for a full-scale invasion as a contingency for extreme circumstances. Certainly, if various forms of covert and overt support simply failed to produce the desired effect...

[T]he Iranians typically have been careful to avoid crossing American red lines, they certainly could miscalculate, and it is entirely possible that their retaliation for U.S. regime change activities would appear to Americans as having crossed just such a threshold. 

For example, if Iran retaliated with a major terrorist attack that killed large numbers of people [Americans] or a terrorist attack involving WMDs—especially on U.S. soil—Washington might decide that an invasion was the only way to deal with such a dangerous Iranian regime. 

Indeed, for this same reason, efforts to promote regime change in Iran might be intended by the U.S. government as deliberate provocations to try to goad the Iranians into an excessive response that might then justify an American invasion."

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SA, Texas, etc - connecting the dots



YouTube videos by Jordan Sather - Destroying The Illusion:

Nov 4:

Nov 5:

Nov 6:

Also, a couple of articles summarizing recent posts on "4Chan, a forum website kinda/sorta like Reddit or Voat. Many amazing pieces of intel have previously been dropped on there by people ‘in-the-know’ (i.e. PizzaGate, etc.) and this last dump has really made some waves in the truth community."



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