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Daily Digest 9/18 - Gulf Coast Refiners Bouncing Back, China Getting Tougher On NK

Monday, September 18, 2017, 8:30 AM


CM: China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation (Nate)

Martenson also points out, “The Dow is hitting all-time highs. So, it can’t be that bad, right? The Dow is used as a signaling device, and it says have faith in your leadership and everything is fine. Under the covers, obviously, things are not fine. The people I talk to are nervous and worried. One reason is because it’s fall, and that is sometimes when we see these corrections, but the other reason is everything we track is getting more and more fragile.”

China is getting tougher on North Korea—to stop the US from getting tougher on it (jdargis)

“Beijing wants to teach North Korea a lesson without causing its collapse,” said Zhang Baohui, director of the Center for Asian Pacific Studies at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University. “These do show some changes in China’s thinking about North Korea as the sanctions are unprecedented.”

Are You One of the 143 Million Americans Just Hacked? (Tiffany D.)

Every day, there are new cybersecurity measures being developed. That’s why experts predict this cybersecurity market, estimated around $80 billion, will hit $1 trillion by 2021 … a massive 1,200% increase in the next four years.

After all, clearly there’s demand for it.

‘We’ve Been Breached’: Inside the Equifax Hack (jdargis)

On March 8, researchers at Cisco Systems Inc. reported an online security flaw that allowed hackers to break into servers around the internet. Cisco urged users to upgrade their systems immediately with a newly issued fix.

Warren Buffett wins $1M bet made a decade ago that the S&P 500 stock index would outperform hedge funds (TMN)

The Oracle of Omaha once again has proven that Wall Street’s pricey investments are often a lousy deal. Warren Buffett made a $1 million bet at end of 2007 with hedge fund manager Ted Seides of Protégé Partners. Buffett wagered that a low-cost S&P 500 index fund would perform better than a group of Protégé’s hedge funds.

Cleaning And Scavenging: The Blessings Of Hurricane Irma (Eric G.)

Early on, I had gathered six foot tall plastic fence sections that my neighbors across the street had put out for rubbish; they'll go a long way towards covering my patio doors. Plus a full sized plastic door, that can be a storm panel for my balcony door upstairs.

I stored the plastic and metal in my side yard, putting the boards in the garage to stay dry. After clearing out some workspace, I sorted and brushed off the lumber, pulling out nails and nail fragments. I had 40+ feet of five-quarter in six inch widths, which I ripped into three inch width for framing.

U.S. Gulf Coast Refiners Are Bouncing Back (Michael K.)

Waterborne crude imports into the U.S. Gulf Coast have averaged 3 million barrels per day for 2017, until recent weeks. Arrivals dropped to close to 1mn bpd in the trading week immediately after Hurricane Harvey's landfall, before rebounding back above 2mn bpd last week. Although flows to Texas ports were halted amid the hurricane, we saw higher volumes heading to Louisiana ports instead. Imports are now resuming to key Texas ports.

Independent Monitors Found Benzene Levels After Harvey Six Times Higher Than Guidelines (jdargis)

Now, environmental advocacy groups have shared their own, detailed data with ProPublica and the Texas Tribune, based on air sampling from the same Manchester streets over six days. It shows a more nuanced picture than the one given by the EPA: in numerous locations, benzene levels, though under the Texas threshold of 180 parts per billion, far exceeded California’s guidelines, which is 23 times more stringent and is well-respected by health advocates nationwide.

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Global debt may be understated by $13 trillion: BIS

BIS discovers $14 trillion of dollar debt offshore, hidden in 'footnotes'

Telegraph.co.uk-21 hours ago
The world's top financial watchdog has uncovered $14 trillion of global dollar debt hidden in derivatives and swap contracts, a startling sum that doubles the ...

Global debt may be understated by $13 trillion: BIS

Reuters-21 hours ago

Bank notes of different currencies, including Euro, U.S. Dollar, Turkish Lira or Brazilian Reais, are photographed in Frankfurt, Germany, in this illustration picture .

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Who Rules America?

Who Rules America? The Power Elite in the Time of Trump (GlobalResearch.ca)


In the last few months, several competing political, economic and military sectors – linked to distinct ideological and ethnic groups – have clearly emerged at the centers of power.

We can identify some of the key competing and interlocking directorates of the power elite:

1. Free marketers, with the ubiquitous presence of the ‘Israel First’ crowd.

2. National capitalists, linked to rightwing ideologues.

3. Generals, linked to the national security and the Pentagon apparatus, as well as defense industry.

4. Business elites, linked to global capital.

This essay attempts to define the power wielders and evaluate their range of power and its impact.

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Pureto Rico is in for a rough week.

Looks like a major cat 4, possibly cat 5 is headed to go straight over Puerto Rico.

San Juan is projected to be right on the 'business side' of the eye.  


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This takes my understanding of our world to a higher level.

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