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Daily Digest 9/1 - Good News Friday: Psychological Life Hacks, How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe?

Friday, September 1, 2017, 10:48 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


When Labor Day Meant Something (tmn)

Labor Day, though, was meant to honor not just the individual worker, but what workers accomplish together through activism and organizing. Indeed, Labor Day in the 1880s, its first decade, was in many cities more like a general strike—often with the waving red flag of socialism and radical speakers critiquing capitalism—than a leisurely day off. So to really talk about this holiday, we have to talk about those-which-must-not-be-named: unions and the labor movement.

How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe? (jdargis)

This is not to say that nature doesn’t impose limits on what we can observe and how we can observe it. For example, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle constrains what we can know about the motion of a particle at any time, and the speed of light restricts how far we can see or travel in a given interval. But these limits merely tell us what we cannot observe, not what we cannot eventually learn. The uncertainty principle hasn’t gotten in the way of learning the rules of quantum mechanics, understanding the behavior of atoms, or discovering that so-called virtual particles, which we can never see directly, nevertheless exist.

Counter-protesters outnumber protesters 70-to-1 at peaceful Fort Sanders rally (sv)

Rausch and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero wouldn't say exactly how many officers worked the rally, and overtime costs for the police presence weren't available Saturday.

"The plan we had in place was a good plan," Rausch said. "Everything was very peaceful."

Gov. Rauner Signs The Trust Act (sv)

“Our police officers need to focus on keeping folks safe. If we divert resources and police officers’ time to paperwork, as opposed to keeping people safe, we all lose.”

Samim Bigzad: UK Government's attempt to deport Afghan asylum seeker fails after pilot refuses to take off (sv)

The 22-year-old’s cousin previously told The Independent he feared he would be killed in the city he fled two years ago after being threatened with beheading by the Taliban.

More than 3,000 people had signed a petition appealing for the deportation to be delayed so Mr Bigzad’s asylum claim could be reviewed.

Rafael Eliassen’s Four Powerful Psychological Life Hacks (jdargis)

There is a security mechanism in our brains that works to confirm that we’re correct. The interesting part comes when we realize that this works for everything. When we think about positive things, like how great the world is or how amazing life is, we see more proof of it in the real world. But this also works against us. When we think negatively, our minds work to affirm that reality as well.

Iconic images of rescuers and good Samaritans spotlight the heroes of Harvey (jdargis)

Then, they heard helicopters and voices. Troy decided to see whether the sounds were rescue crews. Troy took his kayak about 400 yards down the street, where he found members of the Houston SWAT team and a volunteer civilian and son helping people get out of the Meyerland neighborhood. The crew of six used their motorized boat to help ferry the family from their home.

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Lack of bugs in Britian, too

The windscreen phenomenon - British term for windshield and why they're noticing the same thing Chris is about a lack of bugs.

I recently moved from Utah to Montana, I will say that my drive along the Beaverhead on I-15 up through Montana was ripe with bugs. This is mostly pastureland for hay and grazing cows, so probably not much insecticide pressure. I had to clean the windshield at every stop for gas. 

Lastly, as far as good news Friday goes, my family owns a small grass-fed beef cattle operation in Western PA. When I talked to my dad yesterday he mentioned seeing a Bald Eagle in a large Maple tree watching over the fields. I asked him if he ever remembers seeing Bald Eagles on the farm growing up in the 50s and 60s, he said he didn't ever remember seeing a single one. So, it's good news some of these species are seeing a comeback in some areas. 

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First they came for the Nazis and Pedophiles ....

The Saker has excellent commentary on the core deception being used by those who would establish a centrally controlled surveillance / police / slavery state in the USA.

It employs a rhetorical mechanism that has been used before to confuse and bewilder critics.

As GW Bush was implementing the Patriot Act (destroying privacy of our electronic communications) he said:

"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

Unless the little light bulb goes on and we stop and say "Hey!  I see what you just did!" we are likely to accept this framing of reality--that there are two sides of this issue, and one side is terrorism.  Befuddled we mumble, "Well Ok.  I guess we do need surveillance. ???  I mean.. I don't like terrorist and all....???"

Is privacy a valuable and essential part of being a free people?   Of course it is.   Do we wish to have an oligarchy with access to our private banking records, correspondence and every picture and opinion posted on facebook?  Of course not.  Re-read 1984 if you have ANY QUESTIONS on how this works.


So the Saker takes on the subject of censoring the internet.

The mechanism here is:

"Either you want the internet censored or you are a Nazi and a Pedophile supporter."


A person who wants an open internet can be chided for supporting Nazis and child trafficking.  For endangering the children.  For promoting hate speech.

The Saker talks about shutting down the Daily Stormer website that is a host to some Nazi blogs.  He points out that it is an ideal spot to launch the internet censorship movement because it is nasty (and few like it or approve of it) and it is a small, poor and defenseless website.  No large freedom of speech advocacy groups will risk defending a Nazi site.  Nazi pedophiles make an ideal consensus villain that no-one will defend

Those who would enslave the Earth are very brilliant.  We must marshal our own brilliance and say "I value open communication" and I do not accept your re-frame.

I am neither a Nazi Pedophile nor do I support having YOU control the internet.


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in addition

Isn't it better to see where the real threats are rather than driving them underground?

Open discourse is a good thing and it allows you to both know your opponent and keep him/her/it "closer". 

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