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Daily Digest 8/17 - Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash, How Arsenic Is Poisoning A Nation

Thursday, August 17, 2017, 10:03 AM


Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash (drbost, thc0655)

But the so-called “cashless society” is just a Trojan horse for a system in which all financial wealth is electronic and represented digitally in the records of a small number of megabanks and asset managers.

Once that is achieved, it will be easy for state power to seize and freeze the wealth, or subject it to constant surveillance, taxation and other forms of digital confiscation.

Are China And India On The Brink Of War In The Himalayas? (lambertad)

Under President Xi Jinping, Beijing has constructed islands to extend its influence over the South China Sea, initiated the mammoth Belt and Road infrastructure-building project westward through Pakistan and cultivated closer ties with countries — including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan — that long have been in India’s orbit.

Bank of America Warns of an ‘Ominous’ Sign for Stocks (jdargis)

Just 33 percent of managers in the bank’s latest survey say corporate profits will improve, down from 58 percent at the start of the year.

The drop represents a “warning sign for equities over bonds, high yield over investment grade, and cyclical sectors over defensive ones,” chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett wrote in a note Tuesday. “Further deterioration is likely to cause risk-off trades.”

Rogoff, Orwell and Kafka (thc0655)

Risk? What risk? The risk of people doing what their money what they choose to do, doing what they think is best? Of people trying to save their savings from being burned by central bank policies? What kind of mind comes up with this nonsense? Who is Ken Rogoff to think that he knows better what you should do with the money you worked for than you yourself do? You’d be a fool not to protect you hard-earned earnings from negative interest rates. Rogoff therefore seems intent on creating nations full of fools.

Broadening Internal Dispersion (Aaron M.)

At present, however, we observe not only the most obscene level of valuation in history aside from the single week of the March 24, 2000 market peak; not only the most extreme median valuations across individual S&P 500 component stocks in history; not only the most extreme overvalued, overbought, overbullish syndromes we define; but also interest rates that are off the zero-bound, and a key feature that has historically been the hinge between overvalued markets that continue higher and overvalued markets that collapse: widening divergences in internal market action across a broad range of stocks and security types, signaling growing risk-aversion among investors, at valuation levels that provide no cushion against severe losses.

U.S. cities step up removal of Confederate statues, despite Virginia violence (jdargis)

Since then, mayors of Baltimore and Lexington, Kentucky, said they would push ahead with plans to remove statues, while officials in Dallas; Memphis, Tennessee; and Jacksonville, Florida; announced initiatives aimed at taking down Confederate monuments.

Some opponents took matters into their own hands. Demonstrators stormed the site of a Confederate monument outside a courthouse in Durham, North Carolina, on Monday and toppled the bronze statue from its base.

The Growing List of Money Managers Cutting Their Exposure to Junk Bonds (jdargis)

Jeffrey Gundlach, co-founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview published Aug. 8 he’s reducing holdings in junk bonds and emerging-market debt and investing more in higher-quality credits with less sensitivity to rising interest rates.

Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver and Shirts (GE Christenson)

The DOW is higher because each dollar buys less. Central bank “printing” of many extra dollars supports the DOW. Wall Street hype helps also. Regardless of the hype, a good crash occurs every decade or so, and after the crash the stock market rises again. Most people buy high, watch it crash, and sell low. How many people will take profits near the top in this market? BUY SILVER!

The Single Biggest Bullish Catalyst For Oil (Michael K.)

There are several reasons why backwardation is bullish, which has been discussed in previous articles. A declining futures curve makes it uneconomical to store oil, so backwardation could accelerate the drawdown in inventories. It also complicates the hedging strategies of shale producers, which could hold back expansion plans. It also is a symptom of tightening near-term supplies, although, to be sure, the flip side of that argument is that it could merely be a reflection of expectations that the supply glut will reemerge at some point in the future.

How Arsenic Is Poisoning a Nation (jdargis)

One villager who did get a new well is Piar Ali Shaheb, a building contractor who is also the local representative of the ruling party. When asked if his political connections helped, he smiles: “Yes, definitely.” As he is talking, a neighbor glistening with sweat just in from the fields approaches and begins shouting at him. He says he paid money to a local politician in order to get a safe well, but it had never been delivered. Many of the other villagers have the same story, and are also frustrated.

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Elite war on cash?

In regards to the Zero Hedge article, I recently had a discussion with a friend who received revenue from cashing in some shares and promptly deposited the funds in her savings account. Being the good steward of her funds and conscientious, promptly paid a current liable with said revenue by transferring the funds to chequing and issuing payment. No sooner than her obligation was met(in her eyes), she received notice the cheque had bounced. She forgot that the banks withhold payment for a specified period to "insure the funds were not used questionable or unlawful activities" (I paraphrase). Even today, with speed of light capabilities, financial institutions still don't trust electronic or other fiat currencies for day to day commerce. I wonder if they would accept fifty bushels of grain and ten roasting hens in payment? They'd probably charge me a sales tax on it!

I recently joked with a cashier at a hardware store, "if they still accept cash for payment". She joked back, "only with an I.D."! I guess it's no joke anymore.

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Funny Story

Well, maybe not "ha ha" funny.  I was recently at the store getting some groceries and needed (last minute of course) to add a gift card to the order.  The cashier informed me that I needed to present a store discount card to include the gift card with my grocery order when purchasing by credit card.   Me: "I don't have a store card and I'm not interested in one."  Pained and confused look on casher's face.  Enter the assistant manager: "Sir, if you want to purchase the gift card with a credit card, and no store card, you'll need to show us your driver's license".  Me: "If I pay with cash, do I need to show you my driver's license?"  Puzzled, pained, and a "what's up with this guy" look on assistant manager's face.  Her response: "No."  Guess how I paid for my order (and where I won't shop again).  I suspect that "loophole" will be closed if it hasn't been already.

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Re: Funny Story

When EVERYONE is assumed to be a criminal (Elites exempted), society dies.

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Tyranny vs freedom

"When the government [and the elite] fears the people, there is freedom.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."   angry    Thomas Jefferson

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Finally, a war we can win!

The war on drugs?  Dismal failure.

The war on poverty?  Dismal failure.

The war on terrorism?  Dismal failure.

But the war on statues?  We can do this!  I just know we can!  


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Can I add one more?
thc0655 wrote:

"When the government [and the elite] fears the people, there is freedom.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."   angry    Thomas Jefferson

"When the people fear other people, there is civil war."

This is why I think what the media is currently doing in fanning the flames of hatred and division is beyond reprehensible.

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The essence of propaganda

Propaganda is sometimes subtle.

I think Nassim nailed it here:


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US debt tops GDP, $19.8 trillion vs. $19.2 trillion

Venezuela central bank has $2 billion cash to pay 2017 debt: report

Reuters-19 hours ago

PDVSA typically uses its own funds to make debt payments, while sovereign bond payments usually come from central bank coffers. Maduro says the country, .

Chinese Banks Battle Slowing Loan Growth, Default Risks Loom

New York Times-9 hours ago
The central bank has also increased checks on banks' off-balance sheet wealth management products - a key component of shadow banking credit - while the ...
China's bad debts may be $US6.8 trillion higher than official figures suggest
Business Insider Australia 14h ago

Spanish public debt climbs to over 100 pct GNP

Xinhua-22 hours ago
MADRID, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Spain's public debt rose to close to 1.14 trillion euros during June and is now the equivalent of 100.03 percent of the country's ...

US debt tops GDP, $19.8 trillion vs. $19.2 trillion

Washington Examiner-17 hours ago

According to the latest Pew Research Center analysis, "The nation's debt is now bigger than its gross domestic product, which was an estimated $19.23 trillion in ..

Italian debt hits new record high (2)

ANSA (registration)-4 hours ago
Italian debt hits new record high (2) ... (ANSA) - Rome, August 18 - Italy's public debt hit a new high of 2.2814 trillion euros in June, the Bank of Italy said Friday.

State budget brings grave concerns about debt (Pennsylvania)

Titusville Herald-4 hours ago
While a $32 billion spending plan was passed without Gov. Tom Wolf's signature on July 10 — a $2 billion increase over last year's budget — where the revenue ...

Canada considers reopening its 50-year bond

Reuters-20 hours ago
Canada last reopened the bond in November 2014 with a C$1 billion issue. A strong ... Debt for both Mexico and Ireland has durations of up to a century.

Iowa's health insurance crisis

Wallace's Farmer-8 hours ago
And Medica, a Minnesota-based health care insurance provider that says it will stay, will be raising premiums by at least 43.5%. This is in addition to significant ...

FDNY is worst-off city pension with $9B debt: report

New York Post-18 hours ago

Higher overtime costs are also boosting salaries — and jacking up pensions, said one insider. Fire Chief John Calderone, a 43-year vet who retired last year, ..

Health Insurance Costs For Individuals In New York On The Rise

WSHU-22 hours ago
But Leslie Moran, with the New York Health Plan Association, which represents most of the insurance companies in the state, says rising health care costs are ...

Higher health-insurance rates coming to RI for 2018

The Providence Journal-19 hours ago
A number of Rhode Island health-insurance companies have been granted permission for double-digit rate increases to their premiums for 2018. The new rates ...
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Moral equivalency among monument-destroyers


Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria continue their war on the region’s cultural heritage, attacking archaeological sites with bulldozers and explosives.

The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) released a video that shocked the world last month by showing the fiery destruction of the Temple of Baalshamin, one of the best-preserved ruins at the Syrian site of Palmyra. Last weekend, explosions were reported at another Palmyra temple, dedicated to the ancient god Baal; a United Nation agency says satellite images show that larger temple has largely been destroyed.

The destruction is part of a propaganda campaign that includes videos of militants rampaging through Iraq's Mosul Museum with pickaxes and sledgehammers, and the dynamiting of centuries-old Christian and Muslim shrines.

And now, in my city, it has degenerated into demands that the statue of a former mayor from the '70's (1970's, that is!) be removed.  While we're waiting for our leftist city government to act, it has been vandalized ("BLACK POWER").


Police arrested one man early Friday in connection with a spray-painted message intended to deface the statue of former Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo outside the Municipal Services Building.

The suspect is a 40-year-old man from Germantown, according to a police source. He was expected to be charged with criminal mischief, institutional vandalism, and possession of an instrument of crime. The full identity of the suspect was being withheld Friday morning pending charges.

The statue was defaced late Thursday with the message “Black Power” spray-painted in white, following calls for its removal. In the aftermath of last weekend’s debacle in Charlottesville, Va., the Rizzo statue has become the focus of renewed criticism. Meantime, city workers power-washed the message from the statue early Friday.

I have noted that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, so I guess anything related to them is next:

And just like ISIS, the leftist monument-destroyers are on a parallel track to eliminate any PEOPLE who disagree with them which would eventually include over 40% of voters in the last Presidential election (not just the .0001% true Nazi and KKK sympathizers).  This may come as shock to many, but not to me.  The progressives/communists/BLMers/etc. will reveal their intentions if you just ask and listen.  Bill Ayers, one of Obama's mentors, and an important foundational figure for this movement to destroy monuments and then people, revealed his chilling thoughts about re-educating as many Americans as possible into communist thinking once they came into full power in the US, but also believed about 25 million would have to be killed who refused to submit.  (BTW, the Islamic jihadi's have a similar plan for the world: "submit, or die."  Maybe that's why they have been working together in many protest situations.  But this is politically incorrect to mention out loud, so we feign confusion as to their motives and state that their vehicles ran down and killed innocents, not the Islamic jihadi's themselves.)






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just ask them..

"And just like ISIS, the leftist monument-destroyers are on a parallel track to eliminate any PEOPLE who disagree with them which would eventually include over 40% of voters in the last Presidential election (not just the .0001% true Nazi and KKK sympathizers).  This may come as shock to many, but not to me.  The progressives/communists/BLMers/etc. will reveal their intentions if you just ask and listen. "


Frightening but true I have seen this too in discussions. Just ask. 

Very good advice a real education.  When we are self righteous we know we can say anything and it will be correct....

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And the hits just keep on coming


"Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore" Says Vice

We may have hit peak media crazy here. A prominent online news publication says, “Let's blow up Mt. Rushmore.” No, this is not al-Qaeda's "Inspire" magazine or the Islamic State's "Dabiq" propaganda publication - it's Brooklyn based Vice News.

On the same day a barbaric terror attack takes place in Barcelona, resulting in 13 deaths and 100 people injured, the popular liberal news org known for its edgy investigative approach and stylistic "cooler than thou" appeal to millennials tweeted out an article which advocates for blowing up Mount Rushmore. 

Vice initially titled the article, authored by Vice Senior Editor Wilbert L. Cooper, as follows:

After fierce online push back on a day there was a literal terror attack unfolding across the Atlantic, Vice hastily deleted the tweet and changed the article title to the toned down, Let's Get Rid of Mt. Rushmore - this time with an editor's note at the bottom of the page attempting to explain the change: 

Editor's note: The headline and URL of this story have been updated. We do not condone violence in any shape or form, and the use of "blow up" in the original headline as a rhetorical device was misguided and insensitive. We apologize for the error.

Rhetorical device? The content of the article still supports destroying America's most celebrated and iconic historic monument dedicated to American presidents. The author literally states he is "onboard" should there ever be "a serious push to blow up Rushmore":

With the president of the United States basically justifying neo-Nazism, it seems unthinkable that we will ever see a day when there is a serious push to blow up Rushmore and other monuments like it. But if that moment ever arrives, I suspect I'd be onboard.


A Missouri state senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City), has landed herself in a bit of hot water with with the U.S. Secret Service today after posting, then deleting, a comment on Facebook which read, "I hope Trump is assassinated!"  

Unfortunately, as Chappelle-Nadal should have learned at this point in her life, the internet never forgets and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch managed to get their hands on the post:


Asked about the comment, Chappelle-Nadal later told the Post-Dispatch that she was just "frustrated" and didn't really mean it. 

"I didn't mean what I put up. Absolutely not. I was very frustrated.  Things have got to change."

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Non-issues (to the oligarchy)

My assumption is the the oligarchy is doing an excellent job establishing total social control.  There are a bunch of distract, divide and conquer moves that enable the real plundering and enslavement projects. Now that we are heading into the economic collapse and impeach phase, the public focus of attention must be managed carefully.

The oligarchy does not give the slightest crap about any of these issues.  

But we, the population, coming from a couple of different memes, DOES.  We care a huge amount. These issues are life-and-death, stratospheric limbic system activators because THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT-- TO US.

This is the action of the thief, creating a spectacle with one hand while quietly stealing your wallet with the other.

So yes.  These are VERY VERY important issues.  Ones that we would live and die for.  And they are being used by the superior elite.  The civil war "without lines, uniforms or identifiers"  will be resolved by establishing a police state.

thc0655 wrote

I, for one, think a vicious civil war without front lines has begun.  I believe this is being caused partly because of the decay in The Three E's we discuss here, but I also believe the oligarch's are encouraging and funding the hatred and violence because they somehow believe it further's their agenda. 


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another viewpoint


I see our current political structure like this:

We have the group in charge, the red political team, the red base, the blue political team and the blue base, and a mass of independent voters.  Historically, the group in charge has maintained order by controlling both red & blue political teams - by picking our two presidential candidates, and by controlling funding to both political teams enabling them to stay in power.  (Rules for Rulers: "When approval rates couldn't be lower, and yet re-election rates couldn't be higher, you'll know you've succeeded.")

Enter Trump and the 2016 election.

Clearly the red base woke up this election.  That's how Trump got in.  Behind the scenes, the red political team has almost certainly lost confidence in the group in charge.  Group in charge is now frantically trying to redress the situation.  Blue political team is also starting to doubt; Sanders was a big problem, so were the emails that exposed the workings of the group in charge.

What tool does the group in charge have left to try and reassert control?  Red base woke up, discarded the group-in-charge's candidates, and their guy is now in.  That leaves the blue base.  Since that's the tool that the group in charge has at hand, now they are working overtime to trigger blue base in any way they can: Russians, Nazis, statues, Black Lives Matter, etc.  (By their nature, independents aren't as easily triggered).

But the manipulation of the blue base doesn't seem like a carefully thought out plan to me.  It seems more like a series of semi-panicked (and opportunistic) reactions to a situation that is spinning increasingly out of control.

If the group in charge had a strong measure of control, they'd simply work behind the scenes to appoint the next pair of red & blue candidates.  I speculate that Trump's election effectively snapped the confidence of both political teams in the ability of group in charge to manage the situation, and as a result, the manipulation of blue base is all that group-in-charge has left.  "The Plan", such as it is, is to make chaos so bad that both political teams will return to the fold.

But my key point: that's an expression of weakness, not of strength.  And if/when blue team ever wakes up to the manipulation by the group in charge...they will not be happy campers...

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Two pictures

Here are two pictures in the news.  The one on the left is world famous and has been used by the MSM and TPTB to ramp up nearly unlimited Muslim immigration into Europe.  The one on the right will not show up in the MSM or used by the TPTB.  It doesn't fit the official narrative.  It will be memory-holed.

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Bankers Slave
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Looks like a Soros plant according to this report!

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One level of control higher

Hi DaveF,

I appreciate your thoughts.

My view is that the Left - Right dynamic you point out fails to catch a level of control one notch higher.

  • Who are the people who blew up the World Trade Center buildings?
  • Who are the people able to cause no MSM outlet touch the irregularities of the buildings behaviors, even though their destruction were the first time in history building have disassembled themselves where they stood in this manner?  (Any reasonable person would say-- "That is interesting and curious. It has never happened before.  Lets look very closely at what happened to these buildings.")
  • How is it that no professional or scientific organization has said of the collapses, "How odd!"
  • How does it work that no acting member of the military or congress or government official has pointed out the many improbabilities of that day?
  • Why do no foreign governments, who are in competition with the US, raise these same questions?
  • Why do no publications offer personal interest stories of the whacky views of "Truther" scientists, international law professors, political scientists, clergy?

Who did it?  Who hides it?  Who keeps it hidden?  Why does no one, American, European, Russian, African, Chinese, Japanese publicly ask questions?

This is the level of control that I am interested in and referring too.


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Re:Non-issues (to the oligarchy)

I waiting for when they replace the Status of George Washington & Thomas Jefferson with Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels.



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one level higher

Who did it?  Who hides it?  Who keeps it hidden?  Why does no one, American, European, Russian, African, Chinese, Japanese publicly ask questions?

All good questions.

I think its fascinating that they have been forced to weaponize the blue base.  I see my friends basically going nuts - one week being angry about "The Russians", the next week switching without even a pause to "Nazis".   What happened to the Russians?  "We've always been at war with Eastasia."

Entrainment technology, perhaps.  Pepsi Paradox technology used to mold political viewpoints and to generate rage.

If they can (somehow) turn all my friends into meat puppets this way, that certainly explains why very few people at our pay grade ask questions.  (The few higher-pay-grade people who step out of line probably have light plane accidents).

And if there is a higher level secret, as CAF suggests, that might explain why the other governments go along with the game.  Perhaps they have no choice, and what we are all seeing that is portrayed as "international relations" (with allegedly independent actors) is just a big show.   The important players know, the unimportant ones don't.

Regardless, the fact they are forced to use such blatant propaganda techniques which will end up tearing things apart - it does not suggest strength.  It suggests desperation.  Some of the red base has figured out red politicians have been playing them.  Blue base will figure this out too.  Once that happens, then what's left?

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Weaponized Blue Base

My suspicions: 

1.  Several different out-of-state RED/BLUE Meme groups (violent white supremacists, Nazis) were located, brought together, and bussed into the heart of a GREEN Meme liberal college community.  About 250 of the most extreme were rounded up and "weponized." 

2.  The organizer is a guy named John Kessler.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has found reference to him as a self described "professional provocateur."  He seems to have previously worked with Obama campaign and the Occupy movement (provocateuring for whomever will pay).  Documentation of his past is parse as his social media accounts from before 2016 have been erased.  [As I chase down references, some are circular.  It is hard to find anything solid.  A reporter remembers him from their Occupy days together.]

3.  Then there is Brennen Gilmore.  He is discussed in the video above posted by BankerSlave. In any staged event, you must have authoritative, reasonable sounding spokesperson to tell the freshly traumatized public WHAT JUST HAPPENED. The story must be cemented into the mind.  Suggestion is placed during a vulnerable period where the mind is stumbling and disorganized and the person will believe that this is what they saw.  So this guy, a former "State Department" operative (translate, CIA) from central Africa is here to define the event and plant the suggestions in the public mind.  (see 2:00 mark)

This is similar the the famous "guy in the Harley Davidson cap" who told us what to believe in the minutes after the twin towers 'demolition.'


4.  Costumes and props that are a caricature of the most outrageous.  Helmets, emblems, flags, torches.  Images from lynchings, concentration camps, German rallies.  These guys came in full costume, chanting outrageous and provocative statements.

5.  The Nazis surrounded the Jewish Temple in Charlottesville while worship was going on inside chanting death to the Jews!.  (People had to be whisked out the side door after the service.)  This absolutely freaked out all of our Jewish friends and boiled the blood of every GREEN Meme person in Charlottesville--which is just about everybody.  Is there ANY more provocative stimulus you could imagine?

6.   Fear and Rage.  Many very ordinary Charlottesville citizens were talking "blowing these assholes away" and were talking specific calibers.  We were trembling in fear and rage.  Insanity ran in our veins.  The provocation was VERY effective.

7.   Police deactivation.  (I know that the police are blamed for everything they do and don't do. Sorry LEOs!)   But the police stood off the the side while opposing camps hit each other with clubs.  In general, carrying clubs in public and hitting others with clubs in full view of the police would get a response.  Police explained that they did not have orders to step in.  No effort to engineer the protest space layout with a gap between factions (or a safe space around the Temple) was made.  To me this is reminiscent of the long delays in starting Police activity in the Baltimore riots.  Recall that roiters were permitted to break windows and burn cars without interference for about 24 hours before the police stepped in.

8.  Dry grass.  The arsonist uses the field of dry grass in his conflagration though he does not make the grass.    He identifies and uses a natural fuel source.    Though the south certainly does have descendants of plantation owners who pine for "the good old days,"  the number of 'white pride conservatives' who actually want to kill blacks and Jews is very, very, very low in my estimation.  


I think that the organizers had to comb through a lot of country side to put together this batch of kindling, bring it to C'ville, and light it under the noses of this GREEN Meme, ultra-liberal city.



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its a show

Sure sounds like a compelling case for this being an engineered event.   Short term, who benefits?  All we have to do is look at the after effects.  Was this a Trump win?  No.  Did it weaken Trump?  Yes.  And it happened right at the time when the whole Russia thing was dying.

But again, don't think of this as pro-Trump or anti-Trump.  Group in charge wants to suppress the incipient rebellion amongst the red & blue political classes - killing a monkey to scare the chickens - all of whom can now see that if they step out of line, they too will be "Trumped" by "unfortunate events" reported by a captive media.  Of course Trump played right into it.  Given his problematic personality, he just can't help himself.

But I have this sense they are destroying the village in order to save it.  That's not the mark of true power, its the mark of a group that only has a collection of blunt instruments to use in a situation when talk therapy might be the only approach likely to work.

The populist issues (i.e. issues that real people care about) that were raised by Trump in 2016 aren't going away.  The group in charge is praying that ascension to the throne by the flexible Mike Pence will bring things back under control.  I just don't think so.

The harder they work this propaganda angle to get rid of Trump, the easier it will be to recognize that it's just a show.  50% of the country already believes news is mostly fake.  "Nazi-statuegate" won't help that any.  This is a bell that won't be easily un-rung.  For the red base, the media has been largely destroyed as an axis of control.

Now we just need something that will wake up the blue base.

[left unsaid in all of that is the utter fraud that is the reality of the US civilization: American Dream (based on peak debt), Best Healthcare in the World (except for lifespans, cost, and accessibility), and energy independence (based on the shale ponzi scheme) - alongside total societal disconnectedness, peak resources, a degrading biosphere, etc]

At some point, the dream-bubble will pop, and the group in charge will simply lose all vestige of control, because people will figure out what has been going on.  And it kind of feels like that is getting closer.   Trump could well be the catalyst.  One of them anyway.  A successful impeachment may be just the thing.

"Win the battle, lose the war."

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davefairtex wrote: At some
davefairtex wrote:

At some point, the dream-bubble will pop, and the group in charge will simply lose all vestige of control, because people will figure out what has been going on.  And it kind of feels like that is getting closer.   


I'm really ever-so-curious to find out if humanity goes up, or down the ladder, when things go pear-shaped.  

Not talking about the complexity ladder, I think *that* ladder is totally gonna get fubared.  

But as to the consciousness/"why-we-here?" ladder...  That'll be interesting.

Rooting for upwards.  Or inwards?

VIVA -- Sager

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