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Daily Digest 7/15 - Americans Hoarding Money In Checking Accounts, Temp Adjustments And Climate Change

Saturday, July 15, 2017, 9:47 AM


Americans are hoarding money in checking accounts (June C.)

A dearth of investment options is also driving the hoarding behavior. Only about half of Americans are invested in the stock market, according to Gallup. And other common options, such as certificates of deposits and savings accounts, are offering interest rates that are barely above those of checking accounts.

Confidant Of Pope Francis Condemns U.S. Religious Right (June C.)

Some political conservatives have accused Francis of promoting socialism or Marxism, a characterization he rejects. The pope has frequently lashed out at the injustices of capitalism and the global economic system, and has urged governments to redistribute wealth to the poor.

National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low (GE Christenson)

Multiply average annual silver prices by one trillion and divide by the ever-increasing national debt. For the past 30 years the ratio has ranged between 0.7 and 2.9. The ratio is currently very low at about 0.8. Someday silver prices will rally substantially and force the ratio toward 3 and higher. For comparison the ratio, using average annual silver prices, reached 26 in 1980, and surpassed 50 using the daily prices for silver.

The Fallout (jdargis)

Joe explained how almost fifty thousand tons of nuclear waste left over from the Manhattan Project was dumped in the landfill illegally in 1973. He explained, so gently, that Dawn should be concerned that the fire and the waste would meet and that there would be some kind of “event.”

“Why isn’t this in the news?” Dawn asked.

“You know, Mrs. Chapman, that’s a really good question.”

Uber's Opportunistic Ouster (jdargis)

There are many examples of corporate behavior that violates rules but bolsters profits, from emissions cheating at Volkswagen to the creation of fake bank accounts at Wells Fargo and alleged sexual harassment at the highest levels at Fox News, but what set Uber apart was the way the company was celebrated for its better-to-ask-forgiveness approach to business. Kalanick was praised even as he was dismissive of obstacles in his path, such as local-government regulations and protests from his company’s drivers. As long as Uber was growing at a brisk pace, behavior that could be characterized as rule-breaking was framed as bold disruption.

‘Extreme’ Use of Painkillers and Doctor Shopping Plague Medicare, New Report Says (jdargis)

These are among the examples cited in a sobering new report released today by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The IG found that heavy painkiller use and abuse remains a serious problem in Medicare’s prescription drug program, known as Part D, which serves more than 43 million seniors and disabled people. Among the findings:

Big Oil Just Woke Up to Threat of Rising Electric Car Demand (jdargis)

OPEC quintupled its forecast for sales of plug-in EVs, and oil producers from Exxon Mobil Corp. to BP Plc also revised up their outlooks in the past year, according to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance released on Friday. The London-based researcher expects those cars to reduce oil demand 8 million barrels by 2040, more than the current combined production of Iran and Iraq.

Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change (yogmonster)

Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother.

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That is the most interesting thing I've read this year

So there is 10 trillion in cash sitting in US bank accounts, up 8 from 2. Lets assume that there will be an additional 10 in the EU, and another 10 in Asia. When the next crash happens I'm going to assume that there will be bail in's. If there is 30 trillion, I can see them taking 10 from everyone in order to maintain the integrity of the system.

I mean if they don't / can't want to money print, then the next option would be to seize. I always assumed helicopter money, but given so much is on the sidelines, they might say that this money not being invested is causing the contraction.


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Fossil fuels

Look at all of this battery powered equipment repairing the Oroville spillway. Not! 

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Migrant Flood video

ZH reported this last week on the problem of the migrant flood out of Africa.  Refugees leave Africa in flimsy overloaded craft and are promptly "rescued" a few miles off the African coast ("to save lives") and taken to ports in Southern Italy.  There, they are housed in warehouses, and eventually escorted to the Austrian border.

Austria responded forcefully by the threatened flood of migrants bringing barricades and armed troops to the Italy-Austria border to deny entry.

Last week, overwhelmed Italy, responded the the EU's lack of assistance with a counter-threat to give 200,000 Africans EU Visas that would allow them to travel without restrictions in Europe. (the "nuclear option").  Here we have the full on "Weapons of Mass Migration" conflict tool being deployed.

A facebook friend responded by posting this video that includes a montage of LOTS of migrants throughout Europe.  This is very staggering to watch and give a vivid picture of the way societies can be destroyed by unlimited migration.

A friend then points out the limitations of the GREEN-Meme-only thinking pattern:

 It's like a loving and humanitarian husband and wife who want to adopt international orphan children. Maybe they can manage to support six kids and scrape by, but they can't afford to adopt 25 without destroying the whole family and losing the six. It is like that, but a million times worse.

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Wait. . . Wait. . . Ah, it's coming soon.

The solution to mass immigration is obvious, if you wish to wait:

But in the meantime:

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Self destructive insanity in Europe will boil over someday

The resentment against the "refugee" invasion into Europe is brewing and I suspect it will not become visible one person at a time, but in a giant paroxysm of retribution and violence.  How could it not?  

And then we will have a civil war or cleansing in Europe like the Syrian civil war or the Bosnian civil war. And everyone will be losers except the George Soros's of the world for whom this invasion and the coming "unpleasantness" is an investment and power grab.  And Europe will once again look like the Europe of 1945. 

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Neocons re-invent themselves as anti-Trump #Resistance

After discussions here a couple of weeks ago that included Coleen Rowley, I found her on facebook and have been following her postings.  She is retired now from the FBI and is a big anti-war, anti-neocon, anti-Zionist, peace-activist, hippie who is still living in Minnesota.   (Recall that she is the Minnesota FBI legal assistant that attempted to get a FISA warrant to search the laptop of the "20th hijacker" for over a month BEFORE 9/11, but was thwarted from FBI HQ repeatedly.  Review of this laptop would have revealed the names and plans of all 19 hijackers well before the attack.)

She posts 2 articles from Consortium News.

1.  Neocons reinvent themselves as the anti-Trump #Resistance

The ever flexible Neocons are adept at appearing to be whatever is needed in order pursue their true (and partially hidden) goals.  During the Clinton years, they are Democrats.  With Bush Republicans.  And with Obama and HRC Democrats again.

After calling for "full spectrum global domination" at the Project for the New American Century they moved over to the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).   But now, they are on the move again.  But to where?

The Alliance for Securing Democracy!

Bill Kristol

Jamie Fly

Laura Rosenberger

David Kramer

Michael Morrell

Kori Schake

H.R. McMaster

Kurt Volker

Nikki Haley

All of our favorite big name neocons will chip in towards their goal of increasing the tension between US/NATO and Russia.  They:

"will work to publicly document and expose Vladimir Putin’s ongoing efforts to subvert democracy in the United States and Europe."

Jamie Fly, Laura RosenbergerBill Kristol, David Kramer, Michael Morell and Kori Schake.  

Other neocons already established in power are

...United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and the new Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker.  It is also rumored that Trump will appoint hardliner, A. Mitchell Weiss, as assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia, the post from which Victoria Nuland, a neocon holdover from the Bush years to the Obama administration, managed to do such lasting damage to U.S.-Russia relations.

Ever dedicated to moving WWIII from a dream into a reality, the Neocons labor on as The Alliance for Securing Democracy.

2.   10 Problems with the Anti-Russia Obsession

The U.S. mainstream media and Democratic Party politicians have built a major “scandal” out of accusing Russia of “meddling” in the U.S. election to help Donald Trump win the presidency and possibly even colluding with his campaign to do so. The charges began as “allegations” but now are routinely asserted as facts.

The Washington Post recently ran a long article claiming all the above plus saying the operation was directed by Russian President Putin himself and implying not enough has been done to “punish” Russia. 

The author, Rick Sterling, goes on to itemize the 10 specific arguments intended to point the finger at Russia for HRC's loss and the thinness of these arguments.

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Soros-Sponsored Immigration Network in Itally

Soros-sponsored immigration network in Italy

Why is there a migrant crisis in the Mediterranean? Why are NGOs involved?  Because there is an extensive network of open borders activists and organizations behind it; many of them are directly funded by or cooperated with George Soros’ Open Society. ...

The network of the “immigration lobby’’ in Italy is made up of International NGOs financed by the Open Society Foundation (green), Italian NGOs financed by OSF (blue), and organizations with shared projects with OSF (purple).


I would add my interpretation here:  There is a crisis in the 3Es and the "outside," including sub-Saharan Africa, is collapsing ecologically and financially faster than the "inside," Europe.  The 3Es drive the movement as human beings seek a better life.

The Soros Open Society Foundation capitalizes on the provided "weapon of mass migration" to re-shape society during the collapse process.  

I believe that this is one wing of a Ziocon global domination project.  (Wont go into all of that last part in this post, though.)

The Charter of Rome (an NGO, Associazione Carta di Roma) works to ensure that European journalist use "correct language" in their description of events.   The terms "smuggling" and "clandestine" are no longer permitted and can result in a fine from the professional society of journalists.

The nationality of the perpetrator of crimes may not be mentioned in news stories.

The cardinal points of the movement are:

  • The "human right" of unlimited mobility
  • Opposition to racial discrimination
  • Casting limits to immigration as racial discrimination.
  • Creation of an obligatory re-distribution plan for immigrants throughout the EU.
  • Ignoring and not reporting that immigrants commit crimes at a rate 6 times higher than native Italians.

Open Society and ASGI (Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration)

ASGI’s task is to disseminate ideas on immigration laws among lawyers, jurists and academics; it has contributed to the creation of national and EU laws on immigration, asylum and citizenship, promoting political dialogue and protection of foreigners. ASGI was founded by the Open Society Foundation and is directly funded by it.

ASGI … participates in the project Boats4people, and supports the online platform WatchTheMed, which maps deaths and violations of migrant rights at the external frontiers of the EU.

WatchTheMed … organization has a list for ‘’the good migrant’’, where interested people can find information on how to arrive in Europe through the Mediterranean. NGO Sea-Watch, currently present in the Mediterranean transporting migrants to Europe, is a part of the platform of WatchTheMed.15)

ASGI collaborates with Associazione 21 Luglio, Senza Confine (No Borders), Doctors for Human Rights, SIMM (Italian society for medicine of migrations).

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