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Daily Digest 6/17 - Falling Rocks in the Promised Land, World Weather Report

Saturday, June 17, 2017, 9:55 AM


Lead found in 20% of baby food samples, especially juices and veggies (jdargis)

"Lead can have a number of effects on children and it's especially harmful during critical windows of development," said Dr. Aparna Bole, pediatrician at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, who was not involved with the report. "The largest burden that we often think about is neurocognitive that can occur even at low levels of lead exposure."

The Breakthrough: Uncovering NYC Cops Making Millions in Suspicious Deals (jdargis)

Lewis ultimately learned that dozens of top department officials supplement their income with outside jobs and businesses, some of which, like Delatorre’s, appeared to conflict with, or even emerge from, the department’s work in law enforcement. The stories ultimately prompted two separate investigations, one internally, by the police department itself, and another from the New York City Department of Investigation.

Falling Rocks in the Promised Land (GE Christenson)

“I’m very concerned about where we are in terms of the financial system, the economy, the American economy, the Global economy… After nine years of this artificial levitation on the part of financial assets – high-end real estate, art, the things that rich people buy – I think what we have today is a global financial system that’s just about as leveraged, and in many case more leveraged than before 2008.”

Qatar's Crisis With Saudi Arabia And Gulf Neighbors Has Decades-Long Roots (jdargis)

Long before it was an oil and gas power, Qatar was controlled by outsiders. In the late 19th century, the Ottoman Turks held sway. For much of the 20th century, until it gained independence in 1971, Qatar was a British protectorate.

The oil and gas age made Qatar into one of the richest nations on Earth per capita – the tiny peninsula controls the third-largest gas reserves in the world.

American Chipmakers Had a Toxic Problem. Then They Outsourced It (jdargis)

SIA, representing International Business Machines Corp., Intel Corp., and about a dozen other top technology companies, established a task force, and its experts flew to Windsor Locks, Conn., to meet Pastides at a hotel near Bradley International Airport. It was Super Bowl Sunday, January 1987. “That was a day I remember being at a tribunal,” Pastides says. The atmosphere “bordered on hostility. I remember being shellshocked.” Soon after the meeting the panel formally concluded that the study contained “significant deficiencies,” according to internal SIA records. Nevertheless, facing public pressure, SIA’s member companies agreed to fund more research.

The pitfalls and potential of inexpensive 3D scanning solutions (jdargis)

3D scanning is broadly defined as using a combination of hardware and software to analyze a real-world object or environment, collect usable data on its shape and other attributes, and then convert it into a digital model. While professional 3D scanners can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars and beyond, the price for the hobbyist user generally ranges from free (if you already have a good smartphone, tablet, or other camera) to a few thousand dollars for more purpose-built solutions.

Yemen War Threatens Crucial Oil Chokepoint (Michael K.)

Other waters near Yemen have seen attacks. Last night, Saudi Arabia’s state-run news agency reported that Houthis targeted an Emirati vessel as it departed from the Red Sea port of Mokha. The incident did not damage the ship, but one sailor suffered wounds. San’aa-based Al-Masdar news said the incident involved the Yemeni navy attacking a Saudi vessel carrying ammunition to its allied forces, but this claim appears erroneous. “Death to America, death to Israel!” can be heard in the background of a video of the attack posted by the same site, which editorially favors the Houthis.

World Weather Report (jdargis)

A look at extreme and stormy weather around the globe. From devastating tornadoes to record-breaking heat, photographers covered various forms of wild weather this month.

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Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creatio

libya was a relatively peaceful and prosperous country before american and european terrorism destroyed it.

and why?

as many of us have suspected, it's because kaddafi dared to have a gold-backed currency, which is a threat to central  bankers everyhwere.

who would want a us dollar or euro backed by nothing but empty promises, when you could instead have a libyan gold-backed dinar?

the solution was a win-win-win outcome for hillary and the globalists:

  • destroy libya while having an excuse to further fund al-qaeda (many of the us-funded libyan "rebel" groups were al qaeda affiliates)
  • kill kaddafi and steal libya's gold reserves and gain control over its oil
  • line the pockets of your military contractor friends who will generously fund you in the next election

Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency


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US Downs Syrian Plane

Well, things are certainly heating up in Syria.    As mentioned here numerous times, the forces the US has been supporting in Syria are anything but "democratic" as they've been recently rebranded by the US State department.

You can call a pig a rose ... but it's still really a pig.

The recent shoot down of a Syrian jet by an F-18 is an escalation, one that Russia warned against a while ago.

Here's the US statement:

I'd be willing to bet big dollars that this is an incomplete or wildly misleading statement.  It smells like the US had some embedded troops and this plane was getting a little close to something or someone(s) that we cared about and, after careful consideration, escalation be damned, the decision was made to shoot it down.

Iran is also now lobbing missiles into the area.  Israel was revealed to have been also supporting anti-Syrian forces today.  No suprise there. 

So put it all in one spot, and things are now on the front burner again.  We shall see....

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Re: Hillary Emails: Gaddafi killed to Stop Libyan Gold-Currency

FWIW: This looks more like an email to bury Sarkozy from re-running again. But eMail from SID suggests France wanted Libya's Gold and also to prop up the French interestes in North Africa, (Not US Dollar). 


The reason why I think it to prevent Sarkozy from runnning again, its that its pretty damning only on Sarkozy. Why declassify this particular document?


My understanding is that Hillary's Motives was for Gaddafi's Weapons to Arm Rebels fighting in Syria. I think Hilary/Obozo's reason was to get access to Gaddafi's Weapons stockpile to supply the rebels, and nothing to do with gold. 

Libya seeks C-130J-30 Super Hercules aircraft from US


Who is supplying weapons to the warring sides in Syria?


"Libya:The North African state has been a key source of weapons for the rebels.

The UN Security Council's Group of Experts, which monitors the arms embargo imposed on Libya during the 2011 uprising, said in April 2013 that there had been illicit transfers of "heavy and light weapons, including man-portable air defence systems, small arms and related ammunition and explosives and mines".

"The significant size of some shipments", it said, "and the logistics involved suggest that representatives of the Libyan local authorities might have at least been aware of the transfers, if not actually directly involved."

"CIA Ops Finally Revealed: What the US Ambassador in Benghazi was Really Doing"


"According to information cited by Klein, Stevens served less as a diplomat and more as an arms dealer and intelligence coordinator for assistance to the so-called Arab Spring, with particular emphasis on the Syrian rebels.

The Times reported Turi’s first application [Arms sales] was rejected in March 2011 but was approved two months later after he stated “only that he planned to ship arms worth more than $200 million to Qatar.” Qatar was Turkey’s partner in aiding the Syrian rebels."


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