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Daily Digest 5/14 - Signs Of Oil Boomlet In ND, The Link Between Exhaust And Alzheimer's

Sunday, May 14, 2017, 1:14 PM


An NSA-derived ransomware worm is shutting down computers worldwide (jdargis)

The address appeared to serve as a sort of kill switch the attackers could use to terminate the campaign. MalwareTech's registration had the effect of ending the attacks that had started earlier Friday morning in other parts of the world. As a result, the number of infection detections plateaued dramatically in the hours following the registration. It had no effect on WCry infections that were initiated through earlier campaigns.

Modernism, Part 2 (Jesper A.)

To call me a Neo Luddite in a sense is an understatement. The second audience is people who believe history can be studied from a perspective of patterns, those patterns are natural, but today natural philosophy must be seen as a dead subject. So we are speaking about a kind of version of natural philosophy-those who want to explore nature and history in terms of cyclicity are often economists, I am no economist. But come along and you will be amazed at the number of patterns you can find, and make use of scientifically. I have a training in anthropology, and in the natural sciences which put me in a bit of a dilemma.

What Does Trump See When He Looks Back In History? Mostly He Sees ... Trump (jdargis)

So what's the significance of Trump's newfound Andrew Jackson fascination? That there was, in the President's view, a Trump before there was the Trump. An unconventional tribune of the people--a "swashbuckler," in Trump's phrase--comes riding into Washington, upsetting elites and promising a new democratic age. The press and the established order are aghast but ultimately cowed into submission by the charismatic leader--a man who, despite all the critics and all the naysayers, has a "big heart" and a transformative personality. Presidents tend to see as they wish to be seen, and Trump wasted no time in hanging a Ralph Earl portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office, in paying homage to Jackson at the Hermitage in Nashville on Old Hickory's 250th birthday and, most recently, in speculating that Jackson would somehow have averted the Civil War because of his devotion to the Union.

Signs Of Oil Boomlet In North Dakota After Pipeline Finished (LesPhelps)

The $3.8 billion pipeline - expected to be fully operating next month - opens up the possibility for North Dakota oil to be sold on the world market, where industry officials say it could earn several dollars more per barrel. Shippers also can save about $3 per barrel moving the oil by pipeline rather than using the mile-long trains that have carried North Dakota crude to the Gulf Coast since 2008, industry officials say.

How we discovered a possible link between car exhausts and Alzheimer’s (Chris M.)

Vehicles are a major source of these magnetite nanospheres. They are created by fuel combustion (especially diesel), iron wear from the engine block and frictional heating from brake pads. In addition to some occupational settings, high concentrations of magnetite pollution nanoparticles may be produced indoors by open fires or poorly-sealed stoves used for cooking or heating.

Paleobiology Database Navigator (jdargis)

The Paleobiology Database Navigator is a world map that shows where hundreds of thousands of fossils have been found. The data is maintained by an international group of paleontologists and you can filter the map by type of fossil and when it was found. There’s even a toggle to flip back and forth between the current placement of the continents and much earlier Pangea-like configurations.

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