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Daily Digest 4/8 - LePen Could 'Blow Up' EU, When Solar Panels Became Job Killers

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 10:49 AM


Trump’s Syria Strike Has Some Critics Cheering and Some Fans Booing (jdargis)

Mr. McCain praised what he said was Mr. Trump’s apparent adherence to advice from the three generals in the administration: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis; John F. Kelly, the Homeland Security secretary; and Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the president’s national security adviser, the only one still on active duty.

“Obviously he listened to that team, and that’s what’s most encouraging to me, is that he respects Mattis, he respects McMaster, he respects Kelly,” Mr. McCain said.

Russian military posts drone footage of aftermath of US strike on Syria (jdargis)

On Thursday night, US President Donald Trump ordered a strike in an area controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad. The launch of 59 cruise missiles at dawn local time on Friday was a response to a chemical attack that killed at least 80 people in the northern province of Idlib and the first direct US attack on the Syrian government in six years of civil war.

Marine Le Pen could 'blow up' the European Union, and the fear's starting to show (Cornelius999)

"The spreads between the two are being driven by political risk from the election," said Diego Iscaro, senior economist at IHS Markit, a London-based research firm. If Le Pen wins, "I would expect these spreads to increase dramatically."

France's main stock market index, the CAC 40, was down 0.65 percent Friday.

Jim Rogers: Global Financial Turmoil Should Trump Fail (Herman J.)

"I own a lot of US dollars because I’m expecting problems.”

“The US dollar is not a safe haven but people think it is because of historical reasons.”

America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever (jdargis)

At the bottom, the seemingly ubiquitous Payless Inc. shoe chain filed for bankruptcy and announced plans to shutter hundreds of locations. Ralph Lauren Corp., meanwhile, said it will close its flagship Fifth Avenue Polo store -- a symbol of old-fashioned luxury that no longer resonates with today’s shoppers.

Uber said to use “sophisticated” software to defraud drivers, passengers (jdargis)

The manipulation of prices between the amount charged to Users and the amount reported to drivers is clever and sophisticated. The software utilized in determining the upfront price is specifically designed to provide a route distance and time estimate based on traffic conditions and other variables but not to determine the shortest/quickest reasonable route based on those conditions. Meanwhile, the software utilized in the driver’s application, which navigates the drivers to the User’s destination, utilizes traffic conditions and other variables to provide the driver with a more efficient, shorter, or quicker route to the User’s destination, resulting in a lower fare payout to the driver.

Did The Banks Just Give U.S. Shale A Carte Blanche? (Michael K.)

Judging from the results of this spring’s poll, lenders and U.S. companies alike are dispelling fears that last month’s slide in oil prices – when WTI traded below $50 for the better part of two weeks – could make banks revise downwards their borrowing base redeterminations, and potentially stall the resurgence of the U.S. oil patch. The timing of last month’s slide in oil prices could not have been worse, just weeks before banks and oil firms sit down to review how much explorers and producers could borrow.

When Solar Panels Became Job Killers (db)

On the other side of the world, Gao Song boasted his own solar success story. A former organic fruit retailer who lives in the dusty Chinese city of Wuhan, he installed solar panels on his roof four years ago and found it so lucrative that he went into business installing them for others. By last summer, he and a team of 50 employees were installing solar-panel systems on nearly 100 roofs a month.

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Re:Marine Le Pen

I think Le Pen's odds of winning have demised because of Trump's attack on Syria as well as his Retoric on North Korea. I think a lot of US voters choose Trump because they thought he was going to dial back the war machine (better relations with Russia) and begin to wind down the Middle wars.  Le Pen will need to distance her self from Trump to avoid geting routed in my opinion.


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