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Daily Digest 4/1 - The Growing Wealth Divide, Is Gasoline Demand On The Rise?

Saturday, April 1, 2017, 10:25 AM


The growing divide between the haves and the have-nots, in one stunning chart (lambertad)

“It’s a tale of two countries,” the authors wrote. “For the 117 million U.S. adults in the bottom half of the income distribution, growth has been nonexistent for a generation, while at the top of the ladder it has been extraordinarily strong.”

And it’s not due to the aging population. Rather, income has actually dropped for the working class. In fact, none of the growth from 1980 to 2014 went to the bottom 50%, the study pointed out. Only 32% went to the middle class, while the top 10% reaped 68% of the growth. A full 36% went to the 1% alone. Troubling?

Japan's BTMU plans international fund transfers via blockchain in 2018 (Mots)

U.S. startup Ripple will provide blockchain technology. Joining BTMU are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Standard Chartered Bank of the U.K., Royal Bank of Scotland, Spain's Banco Santander, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Australia's Westpac Banking. About 90 banks in all could participate in the new service, according to Ripple.

All the President's Millionaires: Trump Aides Unveil Assets (jdargis)

Reports made available via the White House website detailed some of the sprawling real estate holdings of the family of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, and at least $254 million in assets belonging to Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. president who’s now Trump’s top economic adviser.

Famed Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shows You How to Go Invisible Online (jdargis)

The most popular method of email encryption is PGP, which stands for “Pretty Good Privacy.” It is not free. It is a product of the Symantec Corporation. But its creator, Phil Zimmermann, also authored an open-source version, OpenPGP, which is free. And a third option, GPG (GNU Privacy Guard), created by Werner Koch, is also free. The good news is that all three are interoperational. That means that no matter which version of PGP you use, the basic functions are the same.

What Is An Elite College Really Worth? (jdargis)

There are two important things to say about this stress. First, to put the anxiety into context, the kids applying to these schools are already doing quite well. Seventy percent of 29-year-olds don’t have a bachelor’s degree, and the majority of BAs are earned at non-selective schools that accept a majority of their applicants. Many of the people applying to selective colleges have already won life’s lottery.

Trump signs order undoing Obama climate change policies (jdargis)

It says the president will be "moving forward on energy production in the US".

"The previous administration devalued workers with their policies. We can protect the environment while providing people with work."

Is Gasoline Demand On The Rise? (Michael K.)

According to numbers compiled by Bloomberg, U .S. gasoline demand is down from 2016 and consumption has fallen by 1.7 percent from last year, when prices cratered in January-February 2016 and gasoline could be had for $1.70 per gallon. Today gasoline prices are up in every US region according to the EIA by 20-30 percent, with diesel up as much as 50 percent. The average price of gas is now $2.29 per gallon, according to AAA.

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Building a Rocket Stove with hand tools

African craftsman builds a rocket stove from a 50 gallon drum.  With hand tools.  This is kind of awesome.



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Awesome.  Kids should be

Awesome.  Kids should be learning this stuff instead of getting iffy degrees.

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Robots and automation news

A little bit off topic for this site, but some may find these interesting:


Brain implant lets paralysed man feed himself using his thoughts

A day in a life of Laura & Jaco - KINOVA ROBOTICS


U of A Testing a Delivery Robot Around Fayetteville

The most impressive part about the starship robot is its goal of the three zeros, zero emissions, zero cost, and zero wait times if you set a time for items to be dropped off at your door.

5G lets you remotely perform surgery with a robot arm


Driverless Big Rigs Nearly Road Ready—That's a Big 10–4

Experts argue that self-driving trucks are even more important than autonomous passenger cars, and they’re easier to program

Giving a New Arm to the Wounded Soldiers- DARPA Cybernetics Robotic Arm Project


Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!


Robot controlled by brain signals


Xinhua "employs robot" as "Two Sessions" reporter


Scientists make step towards humans guiding robots by telepathy


Child robot

Miso Robotics Flippy Robot flips burgers like it's its job

Airbus’ new concept is a car, a drone, and a train all in one

California Prepares for Self-Driving Buses With No Back-up Drivers

Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently

Record-breaking robot solves a Rubik's cube in just 0.637 SECONDS

Millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants

Builder Paralysed In 30ft Horror Fall Walks Again Thanks To £50k Robot Legs

Gordon the Robot Serves Me Coffee

First Robotic Chest Lobectomy in Greece Successfully Performed on 80-Year-Old Cancer Patient

RISE OF THE MACHINES: AI computers learn to code THEMSELVES in major development

Future of mobility: a personal capsule which drives, flies and hops on train

Forget your GP, robots will 'soon be able to diagnose more accurately than almost any doctor'

Bebionic myoelectric hand prosthesis

This robot could be the automated nurse of the future

Robotic legs: Dermoskeleton technology aims to help B.C.'s disabled

MRI-powered mini-robots could offer targeted treatment

Artificial Intelligence Finishes 360,000 Hour Workload In Seconds, Law And Banking Jobs Threatened

Plug-and-play exoskeleton boosts autonomy for wheelchair users

Kubota Autonomous Farm Machinery


Artificial intelligence can write classical music like a human composer. It’s the first non-human artist whose music is now copyrighted

US army test real life 'Iron Man' exoskeleton

This sewing robot will change how clothes are made

These robotic birds are like scarecrows in the sky

Dublin's Base pizza has recruited an Italian robot to roll its dough

Dubai to get a major driverless bus network: A fleet of 25 robot 'pods' will hit the streets by 2019

A Robot Ear Surgeon Drills Into the Future of Medicine

Robotic legs give the paralyzed a new view of their world

The Dallas hotel where you can have your own robot butler

Japan’s labor-scarce building sites automating, turning to robots, drones

‘Chintu’ is a cognitive robot assistant powered by IBM Watson made in collaboration with MIT Pune

Transparent Touchpad Works Even When It's Bent and Stretched

Paralyzed Virginia Marine walks for first time in 33 years

Robots of the Future: First Robot Cop to Join Dubai Police Force in May

This robot that grows animal feed is 400% more productive than a human farmer

Google Created an AI That Can Learn Almost as Fast as a Human

Solar-powered synthetic skin could give robots a sense of touch and allow amputees to feel again

Pepper the Humanoid Robot Hands on


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