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Daily Digest 3/16 - Bird Flu Comes To TN, Trump's 'America First' Budget Unveiled

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 9:41 AM


In Trump Budget, More for Military, as His Supporters May Lose out (jdargis)

Among the agencies to be cut off, for instance, would be the Appalachian Regional Commission, a federal-state agency founded in 1965 to promote economic development and infrastructure in some of the poorest parts of the United States.

Death, Debt, Devaluation, And Taxes (GE Christenson)

Since 1913 debt has been a necessity for bankers, governments, and businesses. More debt = more currency in circulation = higher prices, including gold and silver.

There is practically no chance that debt will stabilize or decrease. Consider total U. S. government debt in 1972 (roughly $400 billion) versus today (roughly $20,000 billion = $20 trillion).

Stem cell clinic masquerading as legit research blinds three in Florida (jdargis)

According to the authors of the NEJM report, led by ophthalmologists at the University of Miami, the company should never have tried to treat eyes. In the article, they describe how the clinic used liposuction to collect fat cells from the women’s abdomens and treated the cells with enzymes to try to induce them to revert to stem cells. Then, the cells were mixed with platelet-rich plasma, also taken from the patients, and injected directly into their eyeballs.

Sunny Days Ahead For Solar Power (Tiffany D.)

But in the heartland of America — a place where oil still provides the lifeblood of many farms and businesses — solar power usage is dawning brightly. According to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), its members are slated to add roughly 480 megawatts of solar power capacity this year, bringing the total to 873 megawatts. With just 180 megawatts only two years ago, and 37 megawatts back in 2010, that’s some impressive growth.

Did you miss that last JNUG Signal? (DG)

And this isnt the best we have waiting for you, now. There is both more, and better, if you want it.

Why Carl Icahn And Valero Are Pushing For Biofuels Changes In Washington

Trump did begin supporting the biofuel blend during campaign speeches for the early Iowa primary and in nearby states. The biofuel industry has been based in Midwest states heavy with corn fields, as corn ethanol has supplied about 10 percent of the blended fuel in U.S. gas stations for several years.

Icahn has been a vocal supporter of resolving the issues, and has been an unpaid advisor to the Trump administration. He’d like to see his suggested modifications made soon, describing it as "a matter of extreme urgency" that must be addressed "to avoid potential bankruptcies."

2 of a Farmer’s 3 Children Overdosed. What of the Third — and the Land? (jdargis)

The younger Mr. Winemiller said that being back in the farmhouse had helped save his life by yanking him away from old patterns and temptations. He started working on the farm when he was 12, driving tractors even though his father had to attach pieces of wood to the pedals so his legs would reach.

“I want to get back to it. That’s the whole idea,” he said. “It’s in my blood. It’s the family name. I’ve done enough to disgrace our name. I want to do everything I can to mend it.”

USDA Issues Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Tennessee (jdargis)

Federal and state partners continue to conduct surveillance and testing of poultry within an expanded 10-mile radius around the affected premises to ensure all commercial operations in the area are disease-free. In addition, strict movement controls are in place within an established control zone to prevent the disease from spreading. As of yesterday, all commercial premises within the surveillance area had been tested, and all of the tests from the surrounding facilities were negative for disease. Officials will continue to observe commercial and backyard poultry for signs of influenza, and all flocks in the surveillance zone will be tested again.

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Debt limit goes back into effect at level near $20 trillion

Debt limit goes back into effect at level near $20 trillion

ABC News - ‎17 hours ago‎
The national debt limit came back into force Thursday at a level near $20 trillion, prompting the Trump administration to alert Congress about the measures it will take to stay under the new limit. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a letter to ...

Canada's Alberta ups spending with higher C$10.3 billion deficit

Reuters-15 hours ago

Canada's Alberta ups spending with higher C$10.3 billion deficit ... of Alberta will post a higher-than-expected budget deficit of C$10.3 billion (US$7.73 billion) in .

Alberta to be in more than $71 billion debt by 2019

MetroNews Canada - ‎16 hours ago‎
Alberta's debt is expected to reach $71.1 billion dollars by 2019-20, according to Budget 2017, announced Thursday by the provincial government. This would put Alberta's debt to GDP ratio at 10.5 per cent—more than tripling it since 2015. When asked ...

Budget 2017: Opposition fears credit rating downgrade in wake of ...

Edmonton Journal-9 hours ago
Wildrose finance critic Derek Fildebrandt said a downgrade would cost Albertans money because the province would be forced to repay debt at a higher interest ...

Record margin debt may be a red flag, but analysts say don't worry

MarketWatch-16 hours ago
According to the most recent data available from NYSE, margin debt hit a record of $513.28 billion at the end of January, topping a previous record of $507.15 ...

Newfoundland and Labrador faces $1.6B deficit as budget set for ...

CFJC Today Kamloops-19 hours ago
The province now faces an estimated deficit of almost $1.6 billion. Many will be watching to see if Bennett will cut more public-sector jobs and government ...

Christie budget won't stem costly NJ pension tide, ratings agency says

NJ.com - ‎17 hours ago‎
The proposed $2.5 billion pension payment is about half of what's recommended by actuaries to keep unfunded liabilities from piling up. It's in keeping with Christie's promise to increase contributions each year by one-tenth of the actuarial ...

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