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Daily Digest 1/2 - Rupee Deadline Passes, Can Carbon Capture Technology Prosper Under Trump?

Monday, January 2, 2017, 10:05 AM


Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda (jdargis)

That plan was long in the making.

Almost the entire agenda has already been vetted, promoted and worked over by Republicans and think tanks that look at the White House less for leadership and more for signing ceremonies.

What RVs Say About the American Economy (jdargis)

This is good news not just for the thousands of people employed in the RV and related industries in Indiana. Usually, economists look at some fairly standard indicators to assess the economy’s health: new claims for unemployment insurance filed by the recently jobless, consumer confidence surveys, and the consumer confidence index, which measures how Americans feel about the economy. (Some also look to wackier signs: Alan Greenspan has a theory that an uptick in men’s underwear sales is good economic news.)

Trump to Continue Making News, Policy via Unconventional Twitter (jdargis)

“Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!”

A day after praising Putin, Trump raised eyebrows by wishing a “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies.” New Year’s Day brought a more conciliatory greeting ”to all Americans” that cast ahead to “a wonderful & prosperous 2017 as we work together.”

Company Bricks User's Software After He Posts A Negative Review (Chris M.)

The "customer support" at HRD Software then pointed the user to its terms of service, stating that it had the right to do what it had just done. HRD Software reserves the "right" to "disable a customer's key at any time for any reason." Then it told him the blacklisting would be revoked if he removed his negative review. Bonus: mention of a capital-A "Attorney" for added seriousness, I guess.

India sees long bank queues as rupee deadline passes (jdargis)

Some people, including those of Indian origin living abroad, will be able to exchange the notes in branches of India's central bank until 31 March 2017 - but the process will be more complicated than going to a regular bank.

Parliament is preparing laws that will make it a criminal offence to hold the old notes from 1 April 2017 onwards.

Can Carbon Capture Technology Prosper Under Trump? (jdargis)

From a tower hundreds of feet above the Petra Nova operation, the carbon capture system looks like a fever dream of an Erector set fanatic, with mazes of pipes and gleaming tanks set off from the main plant’s skyscraping smokestacks and busy coal conveyors. Petra Nova uses the most common technology for carbon capture. The exhaust stream, pushed down a snaking conduit to the Petra Nova equipment, is exposed to a solution of chemicals known as amines, which bond with the carbon dioxide. That solution is pumped to a regenerator, or stripper, which heats the amine and releases the CO2.

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$19.97 Trillion

The Daily History of the Debt Results

Historical returns from 12/12/2016 through 12/30/2016

The data for the total public debt outstanding is published each business day. If there is no debt value for the date(s) you requested, the value for the preceding business day will be displayed.

( Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings )

Date Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding
12/12/2016 14,407,877,626,550.08 5,470,849,496,279.61 19,878,727,122,829.69
12/13/2016 14,407,841,909,496.49 5,476,481,361,906.74 19,884,323,271,403.23
12/14/2016 14,408,092,406,140.23 5,463,365,545,947.56 19,871,457,952,087.79
12/15/2016 14,409,959,585,673.04 5,465,360,900,351.55 19,875,320,486,024.59
12/16/2016 14,409,753,863,289.26 5,466,282,479,335.26 19,876,036,342,624.52
12/19/2016 14,409,250,945,481.66 5,473,412,814,655.03 19,882,663,760,136.69
12/20/2016 14,409,700,513,496.22 5,479,892,336,998.52 19,889,592,850,494.74
12/21/2016 14,410,280,815,369.15 5,468,000,077,962.57 19,878,280,893,331.72
12/22/2016 14,406,888,441,829.63 5,470,561,237,429.85 19,877,449,679,259.48
12/23/2016 14,406,979,396,410.11 5,480,208,620,767.00 19,887,188,017,177.11
12/27/2016 14,406,465,216,858.38 5,484,234,388,428.15 19,890,699,605,286.53
12/28/2016 14,405,852,979,844.42 5,473,536,318,684.51 19,879,389,298,528.93
12/29/2016 14,407,586,835,524.92 5,471,564,919,408.61 19,879,151,754,933.53
12/30/2016 14,434,841,520,928.37 5,541,985,430,119.43 19,976,826,951,047.80


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Peak Gold

From Survival Blog's December in Review:

We could be approaching Peak (Mined) Gold, as these charts from Bloomberg show. It seems that all the easy to reach gold in the world has already been found. This means less new supply coming to market each year, which will raise prices. These higher prices will be needed to make exploiting smaller, more remote gold deposits profitable.

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