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Daily Digest 11/18 - Good News Friday: "Deep Decarbonization," Move Over Platinum

Friday, November 18, 2016, 11:05 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


How Exercise Might Keep Depression At Bay (jdargis)

So the researchers decided to use only past studies that had objectively measured participants’ aerobic fitness, which will rise or fall depending on whether and how much someone exercises. Participants’ mental health also had to have been determined with standard testing at the start and finish of the studies, and the follow-up time needed to have been at least a year and preferably longer.

Microsoft Bets Big On Wind

This can be chalked up as another victory for renewables as we slowly shift away from common power sources like coal and oil. Local Wyoming consumers will prefer this alternative, more eco-friendly source of power as opposed to power from the grid likely produced using power plants. On a larger scale, as we observe the nation moving away from fuel sources such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas, we can expect the price of these products to decline. Investors should write long-term futures in any of these sources as they are replaced. To hedge their bets, individuals should buy green ETFs, made up of environmentally friendly corporations.

Move Over Platinum, We Want Nickel! (Arthur Robey)

An electrochemical system can be thought of like a battery: it contains negative and positive terminals called electrodes. The negative electrode provides the electrons needed to convert CO2 and produce hydrogen. Just like a battery, an electrochemical system also requires a positive electrode for electricity to flow. The positive electrode completes the circuit by oxidizing water into oxygen. Instead of powering a phone or a light bulb, the circuit does chemistry.

The very first plug-in hybrid minivan answers a long overdue question (jdargis)

Hybrid drive and the battery add 650 pounds (295kg), with the battery mounted below the second-row seats, which requires losing the "Stow 'n Go" capability of those same seats. Recharging the 16-kWh battery requires 2 hours from a 240-volt, level 2 charger, and roughly 14 hours from standard 120-volt household current. An onboard charger is good for 6.6kW. Assuming the car starts its journey on a fully charged battery, the Pacifica Hybrid sets off under electric drive, as well.

What might have been: US introduces plan for “deep decarbonization” (jdargis)

Beyond that, the plan calls for a more efficient use of cropland and integration of bioenergy crops and carbon sequestration in a way that's not disruptive for traditional agriculture. In many ways, this seems like an effort to drive inefficiencies out of the system. "In Iowa alone," the report notes, "an estimated 27 percent of cropland, or 7 million acres, may not be profitable in commodity crop production but could be well-suited to perennial grasses or agroforestry."

Baby Turkeys Gobbling — How Adorable! (jdargis)

These poults are only three weeks old, and they’re already trying to gobble with the best of ‘em. It’s just a little bit more high-pitched and a whole lot cuter.

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Re:Move Over Platinum, We Want Nickel!

This article was extremely misleading. as it indicated that the new catalyst can be used an energy source. It cannot it. It just offers a way to convert CO2 into other products but needs an energy source to perform any chemical reactions. CO2 conversions require energy inputs to function. 

Trying to convert CO2 from power plants using power plants will not work. if 100% of the power from a power plant was used to convert its CO2 emissions it would still have a net positive CO2 emission. Laws of entropy cannot be ignored.

I suspect this is a US Navy driven project, as the navy has been looking to for a method to produce avation fuel aircraft on carriers using the onboard nuclear reactors. I doubt this well ever be practical because the amount of fuel that can be processed on a carrier is likely to be tiny compared to its daily use.


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Arthur Robey
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I addressed the thermodynamics in the comments section.

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Insight or Pain?

Wake up Green Meme.

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Arthur Robey
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The need for Solitude.

There’s no fighting it – humans are innately social creatures. But while it's widely accepted that socialising makes us happier, this might not be strictly true if you’re highly intelligent

My bold.


Via the Drudge Report. (Where you go to get the news that is rejected by the MSM.)


My comment: Neanderthal were the Apex predators of Eurasia. Neanderthal were smarter than you, H. Sap. (No. Don't admire your reflection in the mirror. Try to focus)  

Neanderthal roamed large swaths of territory in search of scarce calories in Ice Age Eurasia. Neanderthal was solitary. He had less need for a hug.

Got it? Probably not. Reason and evidence can be so very politically incorrect to those who huddle for warmth and group affirmation.

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Arthur Robey
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Re: Neanderthal were smarter than you

"My comment: Neanderthal were the Apex predators of Eurasia. Neanderthal were smarter than you,"

Probably not:


Cro magnon may have been smarter than modern humans, but it appears Cro magnon evolved into us (homo sapiens)



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Arthur Robey
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Svante Pääbo.

Neanderthal predation drove Cro-magnon evolution.

Standard Darwinian pressures were at work on the hybridized Sap./Neanderthal cross. Those that were unable to defend themselves from Neanderthal were eaten.

Anyhow, they don't come much more involved in genetic research on this very subject than Svante Pääbo. I found this gem on Youtube.  It is a bit long but well worth your time if you are at all interested in what you are.

I left my comments in the dialog.

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Paying for public retirees has never cost LA taxpayers more.

Paying for public retirees has never cost LA taxpayers more. And ...

Los Angeles Times-17 hours ago
Projected Projected total general fund revenue: $6.1 billion General fund .... Within a decade, that deficit had grown to $9.5 billion, as retirement costs continued ...

Puerto Rico Board Warns Deep Debt Cuts Needed to Steady Island

Bloomberg-17 hours ago
Puerto Rico is veering toward the biggest restructuring ever in the $3.8 trillion municipal-bond market after defaulting on a growing share of its debt, which the ...

Fight Over Puerto Rico Debt Heats Up as Creditors Fire Back

Bloomberg-16 hours ago
The clash centers on the island's two largest classes of debt, a $30 billion chunk ... Cofinas are one of the few Puerto Rico bonds not in default, and Governor ...

Mayor Proposes $1.3 Billion Increase to New York City Budget

Wall Street Journal-20 hours ago
But the new plan also includes tens of millions of dollars in additional funding for pension costs, services for the city's growing homeless population, correctional ...

States Discover The High Cost Of ObamaCare's 'Free' Medicaid Expansion

Investor's Business Daily - ‎16 hours ago‎
Health Care: For a while, states that had expanded their Medicaid programs under ObamaCare were bragging about how much money it was saving them. Then reality struck. ObamaCare made an offer few states could refuse: Expand Medicaid eligibility to ...

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