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Daily Digest 11/12 - "The Will of the People" Is a Myth, The Weather Forecast For Gas

Saturday, November 12, 2016, 11:28 AM


"He Won Because The Elites Want Him There, The Global Economy Will Collapse" (reflector)

The system as we know it cannot be sustained. Yellen and co. have been simply waiting for the right time to let the other shoe drop – namely, after it could influence the election even further in the direction of Trump’s populist uprising. Unfortunately, he will now be largely blamed for the great destruction that is scheduled to fall upon this nation. In fact, that is the very reason that Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com attributed to Trump’s victory when he predicted his election many months ago.

Something big is coming… prepare yourselves accordingly.

"The Will of the People" Is a Myth (reflector)

Thus, we're forced to conclude there is no basis for the claim that a vote for candidate X means voter approval of that candidate's agenda. Nor can we make any claims about the intensity of each voter's preference for the candidate's policy agenda. A mere cast vote tells us very little. Nor does the "will of the people" assertion take into account the fact that extremely few voters are involved in choosing the candidates that compete in the general election. As The New York Times pointed out this year, only 9 percent of Americans (14 percent of eligible voters) voted for either Clinton or Trump in the primary process.

California secession group to hold meet-up at State Capitol (jdargis)

And it appears the organization has been considering its strategy for quite a while now. On its site, you'll find a link to a 33-page "Blue Book" wherein the organization answers any hypothetical questions about the state becoming its own country. The details for the secession — dubbed the #CalExit — include such topics such as "Will we join the United Nations?" and "Will we have our own Olympic team?".

Here’s How Automation Will Prevent Trump’s Job Promises (Arthur Robey)

“[A]dvancements in technology and how they reshape our economy may also keep him from delivering on some of the major promises that made him so popular during the campaign season,” writes Wadhwa, who’s a fellow at Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, director of research for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke, and a distinguished fellow at the Singularity University.

Trump The Collapse With Gold (Tiffany D.)

The U.S. dollar is likely to weaken again. It weakened for several months after the December rate hike last year when investors realized soon thereafter that the Fed had made a mistake. It strengthened in recent weeks on expectations of a December rate hike this year, but now that that’s all but dead, the buck will again roll over.

Family ties: why political dynasties rule in America’s democracy (jdargis)

Despite successfully revolting against Britain’s ruling monarchy, almost half of the elected representatives to the first US Congress (1789-1991) served alongside a blood relative. Since the US became an independent republic in 1789, almost 400 parent-child duos and more than 190 pairs of siblings have served in Congress. More than 700 families have had two or more members in Congress.

The Weather Forcast For Gas (Arthur Robey)

Just like the oil market, a gas rally requires supply to diminish, consumption to rise, or a combination of both. With gas, weather can make or break the market: Over the past five years, U.S. gas demand in the first quarter has averaged as low as 81 billion cubic feet a day and as high as 97 billion. This winter has been exceptionally mild in the northeast. Put that together with resilient U.S. gas production and you get today's depressed gas market.

MPAA-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership accord dead in wake of Trump win (jdargis)

"In terms of the TPP agreement itself, Leader McConnell has spoken to that, and it’s something that he’s going to work with the president-elect to figure out where they go in terms of trade agreements in the future," Wally Adeyemo, Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs told The Wall Street Journal late Friday.

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Bankers Slave
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More on Trumps disdain for the little people and the enviroment.

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Arthur Robey
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I've gained  a lot of respect for Comey. He was always one step ahead.

He played peekaboo with the emails. Now you see them, now you don't.  His last move was a beauty. He withdrew the investigation at the last moment. The implication being that he was got at by the evil establishment. 

In my opinion he is a real Pro. And I guess that is why he got the job.

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The Elites Wannted Trump To Win?

Does that include George Soros?

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The Bankers Slave video above is blocked


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RE: The Elites Wannted Trump To Win?
LesPhelps wrote:

Does that include George Soros?

some related questions:

are "the elites" one monolithic group with unanimous opinion, or are there competing interests?

if they wanted trump to win, then why?

-was it because they want a fall guy for when the economy falls apart?

-was it because they got concerned with the liability that clinton posed, possibly with respect to a ww3 outcom, or for other reasons?

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Era of Low Interest Rates Hammers Millions of Pensions Around Wo


Era of Low Interest Rates Hammers Millions of Pensions Around World

Wall Street Journal-18 hours ago
In February, Japanese central bankers adopted negative interest rates for the first time on some excess reserves held at the central bank so commercial banks ...

QE is harming business via greater pension costs, survey finds

Financial Times-21 hours ago
Ballooning pension deficits are hitting company profits and leading to hiring freezes, according to a new survey that challenges the Bank of England's view that ...

Chinese Bonds Headed for Longest Run of Losses in Three Years

Bloomberg-7 hours ago
Chinese sovereign bonds headed for the longest losing streak in three years, ... debt narrowed to the least since January last week after a plunge in Treasuries.

As BOJ wanes, Japan sees fiscal stimulus as likely next step

Reuters-8 hours ago
Government officials stress there is no plan right now to draft another big fiscal spending package or go down the route of "helicopter money" - a policy where the ...

India raises cap on bank cash withdrawal to ease public anger

Reuters-20 hours ago

The Reserve Bank of India said small denomination currency notes were available with both the central bank and with other lenders. People "need not be ..

Postal Service begins the holiday season by delivering more debt

The Hill (blog)-1 hour ago
Racking up nearly $40 billion in debt since 2011 and operating with over $116 billion in outstanding debt and unfunded liabilities, the financial issues that ...

Scotland facing up to £1.3 billion extra cuts thanks to Brexit 'growth ...

Telegraph.co.uk-8 hours ago
Scotland is facing extra spending cuts of up to £1.3 billion when the ... in bringing the public finances under control, our debt and deficit remain too high.


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