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Daily Digest 8/19 - Good News Friday: Combating Hidden Hunger, New Mobile Market Travels to Food Deserts

Friday, August 19, 2016, 7:55 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons (jdargis)

The directive is instead limited to the 13 privately run facilities, housing a little more than 22,000 inmates, in the federal Bureau of Prisons system. The facilities were meant mainly to house inmates who are mostly low security, “criminal alien” men with 90 months or less time remaining on their sentences, according to a recent Department of Justice Inspector General report. Yates said the Justice Department would review the contracts for those facilities as they come up for renewal, as all will do in the next five years. She said they would then be reduced or allowed to expire, though none would be terminated prematurely.

One Classroom, Twenty Teachers (jdargis)

During first period on a Monday morning in February, Martin and his classmates settle themselves at tables of four and immediately get to work. At the start of every class, students have “flex time” to check homework or work on quiz corrections or a warm-up problem that builds upon the previous day’s work. Ms. Zunkiewicz circles the room, asking quiet questions to keep conversations moving. “How are we doing here? This is all you’ve got?” she teases. “Talk about it. Think about it.”

From Montreal to Minnesota, by Inland Sea (jdargis)

It was 5 p.m. on a warm June day. The sun was still high overhead and the air smelled like river water and algae. Fluorescent lights gave the interior of the ship a pale blue hue. The halls were timeless in a way that any steel room, like a prison cell, is timeless. My cabin was on the third floor, starboard side. It was surprisingly large. The queen-size bed could have been transplanted from a Comfort Inn. The separate sitting area had a chipboard desk and mini-fridge, and there was an en suite bathroom by the foot of the bed. The walls were covered with white plastic panels. The curtains were a kind of shiny plastic I had never seen before. Behind them, two oversized portholes looked out on a constantly moving scene.

In a major shift, city to launch zoned-collection system for private carting industry (jdargis)

Zone collection essentially means the city will be divided into zones and contractors will be allowed to bid on specific sectors. Now, a single city block can be serviced by more than a dozen different companies, leading to inefficient routes, excessive pollution and traffic.

Perhaps the most dramatic conclusion in the report is that a zoned-collection system would result in a 49 percent to 68 percent reduction in vehicle emissions and a 42 percent to 64 percent reduction in the industry's greenhouse gas emissions.

The Netherlands is considering a ban on selling gas-powered cars in the next 10 years (jdargis)

Jan Vos, the main politician behind the bill, believes the ban will likely become law, according to Yale Climate Connections. Though he admits that the ban alone won’t be enough to phase out petrol and diesel cars. Electric cars to also be affordable to all customers if the government is to enforce the ban.

The Netherlands already has one of the lowest levels of CO2 emissions from new cars in the European Union. The country has seen a recent surge in electric car sales, which reached an all-time high last December.

In Austin, A New Mobile Farmers Market Will Travel to Food Deserts (jdargis)

At Farmshare Austin, the mobile market also provides a learning opportunity. Founded in 2013 to train the next generation of farmers in central Texas and to address local food access issues, among other objectives, the organization operates a 20-week organic farming program called “Farmer Starter” in Garfield, about 20 minutes southeast of Austin. There, students learn how to manage a sustainable farming business, and those same trainees will staff the mobile market as part of their coursework.

A biofortified rice high in iron and zinc is set to combat hidden hunger in developing countries (Arthur Robey)

In results recently published in Scientific Reports, an open access journal from prestigious scientific publishers Nature, Dr Johnson and colleagues describe how they were able to grow iron and zinc biofortified rice plants in the field. Rice grains usually contain just 2-5 parts per million (ppm) of iron. The researchers were aiming to increase that to at least 13 ppm to address iron deficiencies in rice-based diets. They managed to get to 15 ppm. Similarly, they had been targeting to increase the amount of zinc from 16 ppm to 28 ppm, but they managed to get to 45 ppm.

Something new in the chill, salt air: Hope (jdargis)

For cod fishermen in New England, where federal authorities two years ago declared a similar moratorium on commercial catches, Newfoundland’s experience provides lessons in the consequences of poor management, the possible impact of climate change, the long years — even decades — it can take for the population to rebound.

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Mouse City

One wonders if perhaps global leaders did not digest the implications of studies such as these long ago.

You'd have to be particularly dense to not realize the implications of resource limits and population.  The powers that be are certainly not entirely composed of dense people.


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US hedge fund giant warns of 'biggest bond bubble in history'

CompaniesRBS to impose negative rates on some big business customers

Financial Times - ‎3 hours ago‎
The state-backed lender has written to customers in its investment banking division to warn that it will impose negative interest rates from Monday, according to a letter seen by the Financial Times. One banker briefed with the plan said the negative ...

US hedge fund giant warns of 'biggest bond bubble in history'

Telegraph.co.uk - ‎3 hours ago‎
The boss of a giant US hedge fund manager has warned his investors he now regards the global bond market as “broken” and expects price falls when they come to be “surprising, sudden, intense, and large”. Paul Singer, manager of the $28bn (£21bn ...

German Postbank scraps free accounts for millions of customers

Reuters-5 hours ago
... free current accounts for millions of customers in an effort to offset the burden of the European Central Bank's negative interest rates. "The market environment ...

As Japanese bond investors hunt yields, hurricanes may be worth ...

The Japan Times-5 hours ago
Japan's bond investors are so desperate for yield that more and more of them are putting money in notes from insurers whose value can be wiped out by ...

Desperate investors turn to US junk bond market

Financial Times-21 hours ago
... and the average yield of the Barclays Multiverse bond index is close to just 1.4 per cent, as central bank bond-buying and negative interest rates have stoked ...

Japan sinking deeper into de-facto helicopter money

Reuters - ‎9 hours ago‎
The term 'helicopter money', where a central bank directly finances government spending by underwriting bonds, was coined by American economist Milton Friedman and gained prominence when former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cited ...

China falls back on fiscal stimulus to revive growth in ailing ...

South China Morning Post-10 hours ago
Beijing has fallen back on its old trick of fiscal stimulus in an attempt to revive economic growth in northeast China, the country's rust belt that is falling into ...

Japan's economic woes deepen as manufacturers' mood hits 3-yr low

Reuters-8 hours ago
TOKYO, Aug 19 Japanese manufacturers' mood soured in August to its lowest since 2013 when the central bank embarked on aggressive monetary easing, ...

Bank of Japan Keeps Traders Guessing on When It Buys Stock ETFs

Bloomberg - ‎12 hours ago‎
The BOJ tends to step in on days where stocks fall before the break. When signs emerged that officials had stood pat, the equity gauge extended declines, ending the day down 1.6 percent. While the central bank doesn't say whether it bought ETFs until ...

Nigeria central bank says Skye Bank safe, no need for panic withdrawals

The Africa Report - ‎Aug 18, 2016‎
Skye's non-performing loans had mounted to 13 percent of total loans at the end of last year, well above the central bank target of less than 5 percent while its capital ratio was 10.4 percent last year, compared with an industry standard of 16 percent ...

Treasury to Sell $175 Billion of Debt

Wall Street Journal-19 hours ago
The Treasury Department will auction $175 billion in securities next week, comprising $122 billion in new debt and $53 billion in previously sold debt. Details (all ...

BIS Flags Emerging-Market Risks as $340 Billion of Debt Matures

Bloomberg-20 hours ago
About $340 billion of debt is maturing between this year and 2018, the Basel, Switzerland-based institute said in a report Thursday. The total payments due each ...

Australia press: Debt could blow out by more than $100 billion if ...

Nasdaq-14 hours ago
Australia's debt could blow out by more than $100 billion if the budget is wrong in its prediction that the economy will return to pre-crisis growth and the Turnbull ...

Puerto Rico associations file suit to block power rate hike

Daily Mail - ‎21 hours ago‎
The lawsuit takes aim at a recently imposed transition charge of 3.1 cents per kilowatt hour that will pay for new bonds issued under a proposed $9 billion debt restructuring at Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority. That new charge is a key ...

Singapore Defaults Boost Calls for Aid as Oil Firms Falter

Bloomberg-12 hours ago

It posted a deficit of S$4.88 billion in 2015. The marine and offshore industry, which includes the world's two biggest oil rig builders Keppel Corp. and Sembcorp ..

Pemex Woes Snowball as Cash Crunch Deepens Production Plunge

Bloomberg-20 hours ago
... Pemex pension liabilities and transferred 47 billion pesos in bonds known as ... Petroleo Brasileiro SA and the $1 billion dollar deficit for Argentina's YPF SA, ...

EconomyPortuguese 10-year bond yields head towards 3%

Financial Times - ‎4 hours ago‎
Any further move to downgrade Portugal would heap pressure on Lisbon's Socialist-led government, which needs to carry out a fresh set of budget cuts to satisfy EU budget rules in the autumn and is battling with persistently sluggish growth and a still ...

China's Secret Lists of Zombie Borrowers Leave Banks in the Dark

Bloomberg-Aug 18, 2016
For creditors, including banks and bondholders, the prospect of defaults makes it ... by cleaning up zombie companies and implementing debt-to-equity swaps.


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Bank of Ireland has started

Bank of Ireland has started charging negative interest rates ( amounts over 10 million euro )

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Re: Mouse City
cmartenson wrote:

One wonders if perhaps global leaders did not digest the implications of studies such as these long ago.

You'd have to be particularly dense to not realize the implications of resource limits and population.  The powers that be are certainly not entirely composed of dense people.


The only way to "retain a balance with Nature" is to use free market principles with NO government subsidies or central bank.   There is no way to top->down manage harmony with Nature because Nature is decentralized and constantly evolving.

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