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Daily Digest 8/15 - Collapse Fatigue, Is America Any Safer?

Monday, August 15, 2016, 6:53 AM


Collapse Fatigue (CleanEnergyFan)

Similar in structure to the world we are now rejecting, the alternative herd has many factions, some quite cohesive, others more fractured and splintered. There are survivalists, preppers, the woo-woo crowd, the intellectuals, the political activists, the militants and so on. There appear to be an unlimited number of cubbyholes where all sorts of kooks, geeks, homesteaders, healers and revolutionaries hang out. Just when you think you've seen it all, you see another.

Some Small-Business Owners Trim Expansion Plans, Cite New Labor Law (CleanEnergyFan)

The change could pull franchisers—ranging from big brand companies such as McDonald’s Corp. and Golden Corral Corp. to smaller operations—into labor disputes involving workers at their networks of independent owner-operators, or franchisees. The brand companies face the risk of having to pay back wages to workers fired for protesting low pay or trying to join a union; the companies also could be swept into collective-bargaining talks alongside store owners they say have total control over the workers at the stores.

Is America Any Safer? (jdargis)

Have we adjusted, politically and emotionally, so that we can make rational decisions as a government and as a people to deal with the ongoing threat? Not yet. In a bitterly divided democracy, where attention spans are short and civic engagement is low and the potential for oversimplification and governing-by-headlines is high, that is hardly a surprise.

7 Robots that are replacing farm workers around the world (Wendy SD)

In the future, robots will increasingly replace farm workers, using artificial intelligence to plant, grow and harvest our food. In fact, many farms are already using fleets of robots, which can tend to fruits and veggies more efficiently than a human can. Here's a look at seven machines that are currently aiding farmers around the world.

Doug Casey: This Will Finish the Destruction of the American Middle Class (Herman J.)

“Learn to speculate, because they’re going to be creating a lot more bubbles in the future.”

The Numbers Behind Japan's Sputtering Economy (jdargis)

Growth in the first three months of the year was faster than expected, with an expansion of 1.7 percent in annualized, price-adjusted terms. But in the months after that, slowing growth in China and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union weighed on the economy, and investors flocked to the Japanese currency, causing it to gain strength — and sap momentum from the Japanese economy.

How Hyperloop One Went Off the Rails (jdargis)

Startups, including success stories Facebook and Twitter, often suffer founder clashes, executive churn, and squabbles over equity. But at Hyperloop One, a high-profile company spawned from an idea by Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, things got very toxic, very fast. The dueling lawsuits and lurid accusations threaten to sully the company's idealistic mission to create a new form of transportation.

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The Bank of Japan's Unstoppable Rise to Shareholder No. 1

Fiscal Stimulus Revisited

Bloomberg - ‎8 hours ago‎
Budget deficits may be coming out of retirement. With economies all over the world growing too slowly and little scope left for new monetary stimulus, governments are turning their attention back to fiscal policy. This shift in thinking is overdue. In ...

Bubble risk as "tourist" investors flood into emerging market debt

Yahoo Finance-1 hour ago
... the average 340 basis-point premium the CEMBI pays over U.S. Treasuries ... week of corporate defaults in China, where 14 percent of debt is estimated to be ...

Chinese 10-Year Bond Yield Falls to Decade Low After Data: Chart

Bloomberg-9 hours ago
Evidence of faltering growth in China's economy is providing fresh impetus for the nation's sovereign debt rally. Data Friday showed factory output, retail sales ...

China stocks close at 7-month highs on stimulus hopes

Reuters-7 hours ago
China stocks close at 7-month highs on stimulus hopes ... investors bet that disappointing economic data for July would prod Beijing to unleash fresh stimulus.

Euro zone bond yields hold near lows as data fuels stimulus bets

Yahoo Finance-2 hours ago
LONDON, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Euro zone government bond yields held around record lows as weak economic data kept the onus on central banks to provide ...

China shares hit seven-month high; world yields keep falling

Reuters-7 hours ago
CSI300 jumped 3.3 percent to a seven-month high amid speculation more stimulus would be forthcoming from Beijing after a raft of weaker-than-expected July ...

More provinces report pension shortages

China.org.cn-7 hours ago
Heilongjiang had a deficit of 18.3 billion yuan (US$2.76 billion) in its corporate pension fund, whereas the deficit was 10.5 billion yuan (US$1.58 billion), and 4.1 ...

There's a 'Negative Feedback Loop' Bedevilling U.K. Pension Funds

Bloomberg-1 hour ago
... and spur investors to match their ballooning liabilities with longer-dated assets, creating further demand for sovereign debt and pushing yields even lower.

British Millennials Are 'Collateral Damage' as Pension Gap Grows

Bloomberg-8 hours ago
... 40 percent in the two months through July, following the vote to leave the European Union and the central bank's subsequent decision to increase quantitative ...

Younger generation in UK face overwhelming pensions bill, says ...

The Guardian-20 hours ago
Angus Hanton, the co-founder of IF, said: “Public sector pensions represent one of the largest unfunded burdens for younger taxpayers, who will not retire at the ...

Japan's economic growth weaker than forecast

BBC News - ‎13 hours ago‎
On top of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's fiscal stimulus, Japan's central bank is running negative interest rates and an unprecedented asset-purchase programme. Timothy Graf, head of macro strategy at State Street Global Markets said Japan's growth ...

Helicopter money in Japan a daily affair

THE BUSINESS TIMES - ‎17 hours ago‎
"The BOJ already owns 3 per cent of free floating shares in the market," says Mr Sasaki referring to stocks that are not cross-held among firms and financial institutions. "This proportion could reach 5 per cent in a year; the BOJ could be regarded as ...

IMF Wants Japan to Boost Wages Using Nixon Strategy in Reverse

Bloomberg-17 hours ago
It's also the lending agency's answer to exhortations by some economists that Japan launch so-called helicopter money -- direct central bank financing of the ...

The Bank of Japan's Unstoppable Rise to Shareholder No. 1

Bloomberg - ‎Aug 14, 2016‎
Estimates of the central bank's underlying holdings can be gleaned from the BOJ's public records, regulatory filings by companies and ETF managers, and statistics from the Investment Trusts Association of Japan. Forecasts of the BOJ's future ...

Crude slump sees oil majors' debt burden double to $138 billion

San Antonio Express-News (subscription)-16 hours ago

As crude trades well below $50 a barrel, the oil giants have seen their debt double to a combined $138 billion, spurring concerns they'll need to keep slashing .

Moody's: Huge debt wave approaching drillers and service firms

Petro Global News-2 hours ago

According to a report published by Moody's Tuesday, nearly $110 billion of debt associated with oilfield services and drilling (OFS) companies will mature over ..

Commodity Prices Boost Miners' Efforts to Unload Mountain of Debt

Wall Street Journal-2 hours ago
By the end of 2013, the world's top five mining companies had nearly US$120 billion in net debt on their books, roughly five times more than a decade earlier.

Nigeria seeks additional $21bn loan from China

TODAY.ng-21 hours ago
The country already owes the Chinese bank more than $1.8 billion. As at December 2015, Nigeria had accumulated external debt worth more than $10.9 billion.

Philippines' Duterte Proposes 12% Boost in 2017 Budget Spending

Bloomberg-5 hours ago

This would almost quadruple the 121.7 billion peso deficit recorded in 2015. ... to Duterte's own office in 2017 would increase to 20 billion pesos ($430 million) ..

Russia's Only Escape From Its Budget Pain Is Economic Growth

Bloomberg-18 hours ago
Finance Ministry data due this week will show the seven-month deficit widened ... long-term outlays for social spending such as supporting the pension system.

Young Germans will have to work till 69, Bundesbank warns

Financial Times-38 minutes ago
... to 67 by 2029. But economists at the influential Bundesbank have said that is unlikely to meet the cost of financing pensions for the rising number of retirees.

State Employees Will See Healthcare Costs Rise In 2017 (Oklahoma)

KGOU-18 hours ago

A state panel recommended across-the-board rate increases Thursday for state employees' health insurance next year. The increases range from 6 percent to ..

Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines

New York Times-16 hours ago
Carlos Raphael, right, and his crew in July, mining for gold at the Cuatro Muertos, or Four Dead Men, an illegal mine near Las Claritas, Venezuela, that is 15 ...

The market in a minute: When fundamentals don't seem to matter

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A world at war

A war is underway, and we are losing


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Get out there and vote

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