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Daily Digest 7/24 - Record Global Temps Continue, Is 2016 The Worst Year Ever?

Sunday, July 24, 2016, 9:24 AM


Uncle Sam Wants You — Or at Least Your Genetic and Lifestyle Information (jdargis)

Government scientists want a million volunteers to share the secrets of their genes and lives for a research project into the causes and cures of disease.

Notes from Cleveland: The Two-Part Rebellion (jdargis)

Cruz left the stage to a cascade of boos, having delivered the longest suicide note in American political history. If Cruz fancied himself following Ronald Reagan in 1976, the runner-up who overshadowed the party nominee in a rousing convention speech that propelled him four years later to the nomination, he might reflect on the fact that Reagan endorsed Gerald Ford.

Thick And Fast (jdargis)

1MDB was launched in 2009, the year Mr Najib became prime minister. It was supposed to bring investment to Malaysia by forging partnerships with foreign firms. But by 2014 it was struggling to service debts of more than $11 billion. Questions about it multiplied last year when it was discovered that around $700m had entered Mr Najib’s bank accounts shortly before a close election in 2013. (Mr Najib says the money was not related to 1MDB, but was a perfectly legal, personal donation from a Saudi royal, much of which has been returned. Malaysia’s attorney-general agrees.)

Is 2016 The Worst Year In History? (jdargis)

There are plenty of “bad years” in the history of the universe, but the worst year in human history would probably be the year humans came closest to extinction (thus far). One year, around 72,000 B.C., there was a volcanic super-eruption on the island of Sumatra in present-day Indonesia. The explosion was massive. Where there was once a mountain, there is now a lake. It exploded with the force of 1.5 million Hiroshima-size bombs. Rock and magma were hurled continental distances. A layer of volcanic ash approximately 15 centimeters (about six inches) thick settled over Asia with traces as far as our homeland in East Africa. The skies darkened and global temperatures fell.

The Reasons Why Exhaustion And Burnout Are So Common (jdargis)

There is no doubt that exhaustion is a pressing concern today, with some particularly startling figures emerging from emotionally draining sectors such as healthcare. A study of German doctors found that nearly 50% of physicians appeared to be suffering ‘burnout’, reporting, for instance, that they feel tired during every single hour of the day and that the mere thought of work in the morning left them feeling exhausted. Interestingly, men and women seem to deal with burnout in different ways: one recent Finnish survey found that male employees reporting exhaustion were far more likely to take extended sick leave than burned out women, for instance.

Summer-on-Steroids Kicks Off With Record Global Temperatures (jdargis)

Last year’s massive El Niño warming pattern in the Pacific Ocean is over, but unprecedented heat remains across the planet. The extremes of recent months are such that we’re only halfway into 2016 and there’s already a greater than 99 percent likelihood that this year will be the hottest on record, according to Gavin Schmidt, who directs NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. NASA and NOAA maintain independent records of the Earth’s temperatures, but they both agree that last month was a scorcher.

California Wildfire Spreads Across 20,000 Acres, Prompting Evacuations (jdargis)

The evacuations encompassed about 1,500 homes, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. One structure was reported destroyed and 100 commercial buildings were threatened. Ten percent of the fire had been contained, the Forest Service said Saturday night.

No information on injuries was immediately available.

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 Here’s GMO’s latest 7-year asset class forecast:


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[64] Chris Martenson Predicts Oil Supply Shortage

albert lu of power & market report interviews chris at freedom fest:

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Not a single reported walker bite after Spain pays them €300mn

Cash-Strapped Governments Enjoy a Windfall in Low Borrowing Costs

Wall Street Journal-53 minutes ago
... billion ($93.3 billion) and 9 trillion yen ($84.8 billion) worth of assets monthly, ... Still, supporting the market for government debt became its primary mission ...

Heavy debt loads could slow energy's recovery

Houston Chronicle-Jul 23, 2016
Four years later, the company had spent more than $1 billion on equipment and other capital investments as it rode the shale boom, piling up debt along the way ...

Even Record Bond Defaults Can't Stop China Yield Hunters' Buying

Bloomberg-1 hour ago
Seven-year corporate debt with AA- ratings, considered junk level in China, had ... at Fullgoal Fund Management Co., which oversees 168 billion yuan of assets.

Spain's cash-strapped pensions system paid out €300mn to dead ...

RT-19 hours ago
... the social security system which has been undergoing a biggest deficit in its history this year. Last week the INSS has been forced to borrow some €8.7 billion ...

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