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    Daily Digest 9/9 – How a Manhattan Scion Built a Rural Empire, Why Economic Collapse Will Precede Climate Collapse

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    Monday, September 9, 2019, 8:38 AM


Biggest Inflation in the History of History Coming – Bill Holter (pinecarr)

Holter says a failure to deliver is not a maybe but a sure thing. Holter says, “Whether it is this year or the first few months of next year, it doesn’t matter. It is going to happen. I can basically guarantee there is going to be a failure to deliver, and that failure to deliver is going to unmask and scare the crap out of the entire fractional reserve banking system and the fractional reserve commodity system. The whole thing is going to come down in a panic because somebody gets a failure to deliver. If you listen to what Trump is saying, he wants a lower dollar. How much of a lower dollar does he want? He’s talking about debasing the currency to make the debt payable. That is the most palatable way for any government to pay debt and that is to debase the currency and pay it off in monkey money.”

There Will Be Blood: How a Manhattan Scion Built a Rural Empire (Sparky1)

Over the past two decades, Soloviev has acquired 325,000 acres—a little less than half the area of Rhode Island, or almost 400 Central Parks—enough to make him America’s 31st-largest land owner, according to the Land Report and data compiled by Bloomberg. Soloviev said that includes 135,000 acres of cropland in Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico, and about 190,000 acres of grass for his grazing cattle.

In a Mexican border town, Central Americans returned by the U.S. are systematically targeted by kidnappers seeking ransom (Sparky1)

The pastor entered the twilight world of Mexico’s “disappeared” — officially 37,000 and growing, with Tamaulipas state leading Mexico in the grisly statistic. Federal and state police are investigating what happened to Mendez, said Ivan Moyle, a spokesman for the Tamaulipas prosecutor’s office, who declined to comment further.

China’s trade with US shrinks as tariff war worsens (Sparky1)

U.S.-Chinese negotiations broke down in May over how to enforce any agreement. Beijing says Trump’s punitive tariffs must be lifted once an agreement takes effect. Washington says some must stay to ensure Beijing carries out any promises it makes.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed in June to resume negotiations, though neither side shifted its position. Talks in Shanghai in July ended with no indication of progress.

Trump says he canceled secret Camp David meeting with Taliban leaders (TS)

CNN military analyst John Kirby, a retired Navy rear admiral and former State Department and Pentagon spokesman, called the news “stunning,” saying this would give the Taliban “a boost of political legitimacy that they don’t deserve at this stage in negotiations and would be a huge propaganda victory for them, not to mention a slap at the Afghan government and President Ghani.”

Why Economic Collapse Will Precede Climate Collapse (Joseph G.)

Lost in this new awareness, however, is that our global industrial economy is once again teetering on the edge of what will be a long drawn-out but ultimately permanent collapse. That’s a concern because if the more pervasive effects of economic collapse come first, there’s a good chance climate collapse will once again be ignored as our attention focuses on the more immediate existential crisis of economic suffering.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as clashes erupt after thousands appeal to Trump (Sparky1)

Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city. They waved the Stars and Stripes and placards demanding democracy.

“Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” they shouted before handing over petitions at the U.S. Consulate. “Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong.”

There’s a Simple Way to Lose Weight And Keep It Off, According to Science (Thomas R.)

Our recent research has shown that overeating is poorly detected in humans, even when energy intake is increased to provide an excess of more than 1,000 calories per day.

In this study, overeating with 150 percent of the required daily calories did not change the appetite of participants.

Manager: Trump family building ‘dynasty’ for decades to come (Sparky1)

He told reporters after the speech, “I just think they are a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with … amazing capabilities.”

Parscale’s speech was a highlight of the weekend GOP conclave, in which party delegates sought to map out an election strategy in an increasingly Democratic state that Trump lost by over 4 million votes in 2016. Polls show the president remains widely unpopular outside California’s depleted GOP ranks.

Many older Americans aren’t prepared for emergencies like Hurricane Dorian (Sparky1)

Less than half have signed up for emergency warning systems offered by their community, which can provide crucial information in a crisis, according to the National Poll on Healthy Aging by the Institute Healthcare Policy and Innovation at the University of Michigan.

Here’s Who Owns the Most Land in America (Sparky1)

The top 100 private landowners have property in 39 states for any number of purposes—investment, conservation, tax benefits or just the bragging rights that come with owning big pieces of America. This map shows approximately 35 million acres of their holdings, or 87% of the total, across 31 states, based on a Bloomberg analysis of local property records and data from Pitney Bowes and Acre Value.

Saudi king replaces energy minister, naming one of his sons (Sparky1)

Al-Falih was removed just days ago from his post as board chairman of Aramco, a company that he once ran as chief executive. Al-Falih’s Cabinet portfolio was also curtailed last month when mining and industry were spun off from his purview into a new ministry, in an attempt to focus on more effectively attracting foreign direct investment into these sectors.

Catalytic Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Pure Liquid Fuel (David B.)

Wang, who joined Rice’s Brown School of Engineering in January, and his group pursue technologies that turn greenhouse gases into useful products. In tests, the new electrocatalyst reached an energy conversion efficiency of about 42%. That means nearly half of the electrical energy can be stored in formic acid as liquid fuel.

Wisconsin Farm Loan Delinquencies Jump To Levels Not Seen Since 2001 (Don R.)

New data on farm bailout payments through mid-May showed Wisconsin farmers received the short end of the stick. Their payments in the first government bailout were the smallest than any other state. This pushed many farmers into bankruptcies as incomes collapsed, some resorted to more leverage earlier this year, with hopes that the trade war would be resolved by late summer. As of September, there’s no end in sight, despite the meeting next month – but even then, a no-deal scenario will likely play out as the Chinese will wait until after the 2020 election to make a deal. To make matters worse, China has halted all purchases of agriculture products from the US, which has dramatically affected Wisconsin farmers and could lead to a jump in the rate of delinquent farm loans in 2020.

Oceanic and radiative forcing of medieval megadroughts in the American Southwest (newsbuoy)

Here, we use a newly available reconstruction product in tandem with a global forcing estimate to directly test the association between Southwest megadroughts and the larger oceanic and radiative forcing conditions. The Paleo Hydrodynamics Data Assimilation product (PHYDA) is a physically and internally consistent reconstruction product that provides gridded hydroclimate and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) globally over the Common era in addition to hydroclimatically relevant dynamical indices.

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    Catalytic Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas

    Thanks David B for pointing this out.
    Most of the "gee whiz we can solve our energy problems from this great idea" no-problem-science-will-save-us mass media articles are not worth looking at, but this is intriguing because the basic problems of scale up and how to use seem to be addressed.  Many are wishing for the hold grail of solar electric to hydrogen from water to make hydrogen fuel to replace batteries, which unfortunately increase EROI by about 5-10 fold.  But this reported compromise of making formic acid from electricity with CO2 at 40 efficiency seems like a nice intermediate solution for the short term.  Downside/limitation: this is a pie in the sky research result where some bismuth catalyst is combined with ion exchange membranes in a (looks like) 2 inch square "reactor" benchtop "let's test this idea" apparatus.  Although this is just another benchtop observation, it is interesting that they avoided use of salt in water to get hydrogen fixation reduction of the CO2 carrier and have proposed a scale up and alternative to the salt-in-water approach for energy storage of hydrogen (compounds) from solar/wind.
    (by the way, anyone interested in a group (eg. skype) discussion of renewable energy and EROI, based on Charlie Hall's work)


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