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    Daily Digest 9/6 — Food Production in the UK at Risk of Moving Overseas; B.C. Food Prices to Rise…

    by Whitney

    Monday, September 6, 2021, 9:37 AM


Food production in the UK at risk of moving overseas, warns industry – BBC

Food manufacturing in the UK is under such strain due to staff shortages that some production may have to move out of the country, a retail group has said.  Andrew Opie from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said shortages of HGV drivers and other supply chain staff meant that the sector was “just on the edge of coping” right now.  He warned the Christmas period would be “incredibly challenging” in some areas.  Factories cannot recruit enough staff, he said, adding: “We are struggling.”

Mr Opie, the BRC’s director of food and sustainability, was speaking at a special session of the UK Trade and Business Commission, an independent group of business representatives and MPs looking to make recommendations to the government.  Asked about the impact of driver shortages, Mr Opie told the commission it was incredibly challenging for the industry, but said he was more concerned about shortages in manufacturing and food processing.

‘Perfect storm’ will cause B.C. food prices to rise – Vancouver Sun

Challenges faced by B.C. farmers this summer aren’t unique and could have significant impacts on province’s food-supply system.

Beef giant Brazil halts China exports after confirming two mad cow disease cases – Reuters

Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter, has suspended beef exports to its No. 1 customer China after confirming two cases of “atypical” mad cow disease in two separate domestic meat plants, the agriculture ministry said on Saturday.

The suspension, which is part of an animal health pact agreed between China and Brazil and is designed to allow Beijing time to take stock of the problem, begins immediately, the ministry said in a statement. China will decide when to begin importing again, it added.


‘Everything is Gone’ New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Devastated by Hurricane Ida – AgWeb

After severe weather associated with the remnants of Hurricane Ida sweeping through the Northeast, a tornado touched down in Mullica Hills, New Jersey, devastating the state’s largest dairy farm, Wellacrest Farms.

The Eachus family owns and operates Wellacrest Farms, home to 1,400 Holsteins cows. The family says they are still trying to process what quickly unfolded and the damage left behind.

“You see this out West. You never think it’s going to be in your backyard,” says owner Marianne Eachus. “The devastation is just … everything is gone.”

The National Weather Service has confirmed five tornadoes touched down in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania Wednesday evening during the fierce thunderstorms that were triggered by the leftovers of Hurricane Ida.

First came the frost and drought. Now comes the rise in food prices – Fortune

Wild weather, labor and equipment shortages, and a snarled global supply chain have hit everything from chips to cooking equipment—and food. Now, around the globe, prices for staple commodities from beef to wheat to sugar and vegetable oil are steadily rising, fueled by a mix of drought, fires, frost—and COVID-19 labor shortages.

Prices globally are up nearly 33% since the same period last year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s monthly food price index, released on Thursday. From July, prices are up by over 3%. Overall, this year the FAO’s index puts food prices at levels not seen since 2011, the peak of rising prices spurred by weather shocks and high oil prices, that fueled a global food price crisis and famously resulted in widespread protests ahead of the Arab Spring.

This year the FAO pointed to a seemingly perfect storm of disruption, but weather seemed to be the most common denominator. It has disrupted crops from Brazil to Kazakhstan, offering a worrying picture of how multiyear droughts and freak events can exacerbate underlying vulnerabilities in the global food system.


Ontarians will have to show proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering indoor businesses such as restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, theatres and banquet and meeting halls.

Premier Doug Ford unveiled the plan on Wednesday, saying the new rules were needed to blunt the effects of the pandemic’s continuing fourth wave. Hours later, Ontario’s independent COVID-19 Science Advisory Table published new modelling that warned the more transmissible Delta variant could see cases skyrocket, especially among the unvaccinated, affecting all age groups and “with the potential to exceed ICU capacity” as school and other activities resume this fall.

UK Minister Says Minors Can Get COVID Vaccine Jab Without Parental Consent – ZeroHedge

COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi told the Times radio that British teenagers would still be allowed to get a COVID-19 vaccination, even if their parents objected, as long as they consented to the jab.

Zahawi explained that thanks to its long history of carrying out school-related vaccinations, that the NHS is well-equipped to make these types of decisions. So long as the clinicians on hand determine that the teen is mentally competent to make a decision related to vaccination, then they would be free to move ahead and administer one, Zahawi explained.

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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 11:32am

    One Jab To Rule Them All...

    One Jab To Rule Them All...

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    Food manufacturing in the UK under strain.

    I don't buy the story that it's just due to lockdowns & Brexit etc.

    Blue-collar workers were made to be bear the brunt of covid - while their white-collar counterparts were allowed to work from home etc.. My hunch is that there could be a labour shortage due to working-class people being exposed to high viral loads & also spoonfed a lot of anti-mask/virus-denial material (a PSYOP backfired?).

    Remember that the UK GOV did nothing to stop the virus initially - masks were not widely seen until the end of July 2020 - good indoor ventilation/filtration is only just starting to be taken seriously.


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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 1:11pm



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    Kathy said:

    I have to admit if I were s blue collar worker forced to work/mask to protect the community, lost wages when I got Covid and quarantined to then be forced to get a vaccine to protect all the people that got paid to goto zoom calls, becasue they didn’t want to recognize natural immunity, I’d be pretty mad.

    Disclaimer - I realize that is a crazy run on sentence that could be worded better.

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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 2:02pm



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    BC rising strong!


    BRITISH COLUMBIA (LifeSiteNews) – Many businesses in the province of British Columbia (BC) are fighting back against a soon-to-be-implemented COVID-19 vaccine passport program.

    The private Facebook group called BC Businesses Against Health Pass currently boasts nearly 114,000 members, gaining a large following in a short time frame after going live on August 24.

    The group say they are “for people to compile a list of businesses that believe a Health Passport in BC is unconstitutional.”

    We believe in medical privacy, and your own personal choice. Our Charter Rights and Freedoms are inalienable, and paramount. Let’s all stand together, and stand for a free Canada and support the businesses that share our values,” says the group’s about page. ...


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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 2:07pm



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    Well, well, a new big brother way to use vax passports


    Vaccine Choice Canada, [06.09.21 09:32]
    [Forwarded from RT]
    [ Photo ]
    “Fundamental Breach of Trust”: Rogue Aussie Cops Tried to Access QR Check-in Data at Least SIX Times

    Australia’s privacy watchdog has called for all police forces to be BANNED from accessing information from QR codes check-ins after officers sought to use the contact-tracing data on at least 6 occasions to solve unrelated crimes.

    Queensland Police managed to gain access to QR data via a search warrant, Western Australia used its data twice WITHOUT a warrant before the state banned access, while Victoria Police were rebuffed on 3 occasions. NSW, South Australia and Northern Territory have ruled out using the app data for police use.

    Liberal MP Tim Wilson said, “we were told QR check-ins were for health purposes only, if they are now being used for law enforcement it is a fundamental breach of trust.”

    As if we needed any more reasons to resist the mandates... 🙄

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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 2:55pm



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    Federal court will hear Rebel News suit against Turdeau tomorrow


    We're suing Justin Trudeau.

    The Federal Court of Canada just granted us permission to have a 3-hour emergency hearing tomorrow.

    The case is of great public interest, so we're asking the court to put the hearing on a video livestream, so you can watch.

    It's a constitutional challenge to Trudeau's hand-picked election debates commission, that just BANNED eleven Rebel News journalists from even attending this week's leaders' debates.

    Trudeau is terrified that he'll finally have to answer questions from real reporters who aren't taking his bail-out money — so he has banned us, but only us.

    He's a censor. He's a bully. And if he gets away with this, he'll do it again and again to any journalist he doesn't like.

    Freedom of the press truly is at stake. ...


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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 5:04pm



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    VTGothic said:

    @Kathy wrote

    My hunch is that there could be a labour shortage due to working-class people being exposed to high viral loads & also spoonfed a lot of anti-mask/virus-denial material (a PSYOP backfired?).

    I'm having trouble making sense of that. Maybe things are different in UK than here in Vermont, USA. I live among a lot of blue collar workers. It is my experience that they are not feeling "spoonfed a lot of anti-mask/virus denial material," but the opposite. Our officials and media spoonfeed everyone a lot of fear that not masking or getting the jab is a sure road to your own and your neighbor's death.

    Many made pragmatic decisions to skip the mask thing because as people who actually labor, restricting their breathing made no sense and would have cut into their ability to do their jobs - jobs most working class people cannot afford to skip - unless the government puts them on the dole. Plus, a lot of it is done outdoors anyhow.

    By the way, I find it very hard to spot a mask being worn effectively. Almost every mask out there is now some kind of designer mask. They fit loosely, not snugly; and often slide off the wearer's nose as they're shopping or talking. Those masks are useless as virus blocks. They're just talismans.

    I'm done masking. I'll trust to a good terrain and good overall health to see me through. As one wag put it:

    Did you hear the joke about Covid?

    99.997% didn't get it.

    As for labor shortages: in the US it's because people have decided to stop working. One way and another they're getting by without bothering. So we have signs up all over our local towns, some with elevated hourly wages and pretty robust sign-on bonuses. I even saw a McDonalds sign promising pay tomorrow for work today! Sounds like they know there are eligible people out there, they just can't figure out how to entice them back to work.

    Max Keiser quipped:

    It's the cantillon effect trickling down. The working people have seen how the Fed prints money and hands it to the point zero, zero one percent. Now they've had a taste of it themselves - getting money handed to them for doing nothing just like the elites - and they don't see why they shouldn't get more of it. Why should it always go to the richest of the rich?

    I think he's on to something. Maybe he's wrong in the particulars, but I think he's got the general vector figured out.

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  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021 - 7:09pm

    One Jab To Rule Them All...

    One Jab To Rule Them All...

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    "It is my experience that they are not feeling "spoonfed a lot of anti-mask/virus denial material," but the opposite."

    So most people then go to seek out an alternative perspective - which is also controlled..... Classic PSYOPs.

    I understand there are arguments against masks - but blue-collars here were fed a lot of 'fakedemic' material which has stuck.... The State initially wanted a covert policy of 'herd immunity' - hence encouraging certain people to go out & catch it etc. My friends' youtube feeds were full of virus denial material (no fear porn for them in the first 6 months of the pandemic).

    I'm starting to see blue collars messed up from 'mild covid' & my local paper ran an article just today, now blaming poor health & bad working conditions for the absence of transport workers - but never mentioning covid or jab injury. Hmm.



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  • Tue, Sep 07, 2021 - 12:11am



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    jab on top of COVID-recovery

    Yeah so teasing out the effects of the jab on top of COVID-recovery would be difficult - even harder if you aren't trying, or are deliberately concealing it.

    Cloth masks are placebo-effect-only devices in terms of wearer-protection.  I'm not going to denigrate the placebo effect, it is very strong, but for those who aren't true believers, the placebo-masks provide no positive impact for the wearer at all.  The N95s might do something more for the wearer - its too bad we don't have a Big Mask RCT to tell us.  "Fauci Science": wear your placebo-mask because I tell you to.

    We really need a large retrospective on your blue collar workers - who got COVID & recovered, vs who got COVID & recovered, then got the mandatory-jab-to-drink-at-pubs, and compare how both groups are doing.

    I'd be willing to bet that group #2 is doing worse than group #1.

    I'm also (reasonably) convinced that the long term COVID issues can and will be sorted out, but that at the moment, they are definitely unpleasant.  Those "stuck S1 proteins in the monocytes" cause ongoing inflammation and they don't seem to go away by themselves in many people.

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