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    Daily Digest 9/5 -‘Only A Matter Of Time’ Before Negative Rates Hit U.S., Modern Survivalist Currency Crisis Ongoing

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    Thursday, September 5, 2019, 4:58 AM


Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ says he has found the next market bubble (Adam)

“Like most bubbles, the longer it goes on, the worse the crash will be,” Burry said. “This is very much like the bubble in synthetic asset-backed CDOs before the Great Financial Crisis in that price-setting in that market was not done by fundamental security-level analysis, but by massive capital flows based on Nobel-approved models of risk that proved to be untrue.”

Alan Greenspan says it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before negative rates spread to the US (Sparky1)

There are currently more than $16 trillion in negative-yielding debt instruments around the world as central banks try to ease monetary conditions to sustain the global economy. The 10-year sovereign bonds in Belgium, Germany, France and Japan — among others — are trading with a negative rate.

Pentagon to notify lawmakers of delayed military projects to pay for border barrier (tmn)

Under the declaration, about $3.6 billion designated for military construction projects would be rerouted for border barrier construction. Of that, about $1.8 billion would be taken from military projects overseas, while the other half would come from projects in the continental United States and territories, according to one of the congressional officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the announcement was not public.

Modern Survivalist Currency Crisis Ongoing | Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre (pinecarr)

This week we speak with a man who lived through that experience, has since immigrated away from the devaluating situation, and is a three-time published author. He helps readers and his youtube channel viewers, to better understand common sense ways for safely surviving through a severe financial crisis, even while living in a major metropolitan area.

The Deadly Race (jdargis)

In its relentless push for e-commerce dominance, Amazon has built a huge logistics operation in recent years to get more goods to customers’ homes in less and less time. As it moves to reduce its reliance on legacy carriers like United Parcel Service, the retailer has created a network of contractors across the country that allows the company to expand and shrink the delivery force as needed, while avoiding the costs of taking on permanent employees.

Busting The Myth Of The World’s Hottest Electric Car Market (Thomas R.)

Norway’s cold weather makes the country one of the least suitable markets for electric cars since freezing temperatures tend to reduce an EV range by up to 40%. This fact alone makes Norway a less likely market for wide EV adoption. EVs high price tag, range limitations, slow charging time and limited second market makes them a niche product in many markets, said another way, EVs practical inferiority to internal combustion engine (ICE) cars has discouraged their adoption at a wide scale.

Wall Street Gears Up For Onslaught Of Oil & Gas Bankruptcies (Thomas R.)

Private companies and smaller drillers have felt the most pain thus far. These companies “collectively generate a large portion of U.S. oil,” and their distress is indicative of wider distress throughout U.S. shale.

Patrick Hughes, a partner at Haynes & Boone said: “They were able to hang in there for a while, but now their debt levels are just too high and they’re going to have to take their medicine.”

5 Takeaways From the Democrats’ Climate Town Hall (jdargis)

And Isaac Larkin, a 27-year-old Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern, caused a stir when he asked former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., “How can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow you are holding a high-dollar fund-raiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive?”

Special Feature: Safire Project 2019 Update (Arthur Robey)

For three years the SAFIRE Project team has been holding back so as not to overstate what has been happening in the SAFIRE lab. The SAFIRE Project is now able to make a number of definitive statements supported by concrete evidence, statements about: energy production; transmutation/creation of elements; remediation of radioactive materials; and the sun and interstellar medium – “If the process used to create the SAFIRE sun turns out to be similar to the process that creates the real sun … and stars … the scientific community would have a field day with door opening.”

Hurricane Dorian threatens the US after devastating the Bahamas (tmn)

The airport has been too dangerous to enter so far, as it is littered with metal and concrete – and no one has been able to come to do a damage assessment, he reported.

He said it’s been impossible to imagine a plane landing or taking off, marking a key challenge for the isolated island, where the airport is a vital link to the rest of the world.

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