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    Daily Digest 9/28 – Good News Friday: How To Make Your House Tornado-Resistant, The End Of HIV?

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, September 28, 2018, 4:04 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Disneyland Resort hotel workers approve a new contract with a $15-an-hour minimum wage (Thomas R.)

The agreement that was voted on over the weekend raises the starting salary to a minimum of $15 an hour, starting in January, up from $13.25, and pays workers a $1,000 bonus that was promised after the Republican tax plan was approved last year.

Housekeepers’ minimum hourly pay rises to $15.80 immediately, Disneyland Resort said in a statement late Sunday. Starting pay for that job had been $11 an hour.

Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet (Adam)

“One of the reasons for the decline is that the married population is getting older and more highly educated,” Cohen said. Fewer people are getting married, and those who do are the sort of people who are least likely to get divorced, he said. “Marriage is more and more an achievement of status, rather than something that people do regardless of how they’re doing.”

The end of HIV transmission in the U.S.: A once-unthinkable dream becomes an openly discussed goal (tmn)

Fauci and other health experts are quick to point out that the goal of stopping transmission entirely is largely theoretical. There will always be some new cases, and the barriers to providing treatment to existing cases remain significant. There are still just under 40,000 people in the U.S. each year contracting HIV. As Fauci put it: “We live in a real world, we don’t live in a theoretical world.”

A paralyzed man walks, with assistance, thanks to a new therapy that reactivates the spinal cord (Thomas R.)

Jered Chinnock has been paralyzed and unable to walk for the last five years after a tragic snowmobile accident. Now there is hope. A new therapy, developed in collaboration between Mayo Clinic and UCLA, uses an implanted electrode to reactivate spinal cord circuits. The experts claim this is the first documented case of something like this happening. Patients at other institutions have also seen benefits from this therapy, and although more work needs to be done, it seems promising.

There’s now a giant net collecting garbage in space and it’s as cool as it sounds. (jdargis)

If you’ve seen the film “Gravity” you have an idea of just how problematic, and even deadly, just a small amount of space debris can be when it accelerates to incredible speeds in our planet’s orbit. That junk poses a very real threat to the International Space Station, the Hubble Telescope and other projects.

The Man Behind the Scooter Revolution (tmn)

Ouboter first intended to market the scooters to adults, as an urban last-mile transportation solution. In 1998, he says, he was in talks with Mercedes-Benz, working on a deal to outfit the company’s Smart cars with scooters, with the notion that commuters would use them to scoot to transit stops or other destinations from distant parking lots. And when his micros swept Japan in 1999, a lot of the first users were urban subway riders.

Decentralized Microgridding Can Provide 90% of a Neighborhood’s Energy Needs, Study Finds (Paul D.)

According to the new report, titled New Strategies For Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems, by 2050 almost half of all EU households will produce renewable energy. Of these, more than a third will participate in a local energy community. In this context, the microgrid opportunity could be a game changer.

How your house can resist tornadoes the Three Little Pigs way (Paul D.)

It takes about 50 to 70 of these metal straps to secure a house roof. “You can gun-nail them in. We estimate it as two hours of work for a single person.”

Scientists Wiped Out a Mosquito Population by Hacking Their DNA With CRISPR (Adam)

The researchers added these genetically altered mosquitoes to a caged population of 450 unaltered male and female mosquitoes to reproduce with them. The hack worked: Subsequent generations of females exhibited male and female characteristics, couldn’t bite, and couldn’t lay eggs. By the eighth generation, there were no longer any females in the population at all.

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  • Fri, Sep 28, 2018 - 1:02pm


    David Huang

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    Is wiping out mosquitoes a good thing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of mosquitoes.  A late season hatching around here has made it nearly impossible for me to do anything outdoors at a time of the year when it’s usually blissfully mosquitoe free.  I’m not happy about this.
    However, is the article about gene hacking mosquitoes to entirely kill off populations really “good news”?  They even state in the article that they probably won’t know what unexpected reprecussions it would cause in the wild until they release it into the wild.  Sure they are annoying and feed on us, but aren’t they also kinda a fundemental insect species many other creature rely on as a food source?  I’ve always seen them as a sort of ironic circle of life species, predator for humans, but prey for many others like birds, bats, and frogs.  Wouldn’t trying to kill them off to extinction be a bit like trying to eliminate all plankton from the oceans?
    It’s an important article, but I don’t think I’d file it under “Good News Friday.”

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  • Sat, Sep 29, 2018 - 6:50am

    robie robinson

    robie robinson

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    ...and in Dublin VA

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