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    Daily Digest 9/27 – Table Is Set For The Next Financial Crisis, Air Pollution Kills 10m Per Year

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, September 27, 2015, 3:43 PM


Pope Addresses the United Nations (jdargis)

Pope Francis addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, ahead of the official opening of its 70th session.

The Table Is Set For The Next Financial Crisis (richcabot)

The millions in upfront fees, along with their lack of conscience in bribing Moody’s and S&P to get AAA ratings on toxic waste, while selling the derivatives to clients and shorting them at the same time, in order to enrich executives with multi-million dollar compensation packages, overrode any thoughts of risk management, consequences, or the impact on homeowners, investors, or taxpayers. The housing boom began as a natural reaction to the Federal Reserve suppressing interest rates to, at the time, ridiculously low levels from 2001 through 2004 (child’s play compared to the last six years).

Poll finds almost a third of Americans would support a military coup (richcabot)

The overall numbers increased when participants were “asked whether they would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution”. 43% said yes to this, and 29% said no.

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government (richcabot)

In addition to the CIA’s efforts, there is a much more scrutinized and far more publicized program by the Department of Defense to train “moderate rebels,” of which only a few dozen actually saw battle. The Pentagon program, which began earlier this year and is charged with fighting ISIS (rather than Syrian government forces), is separate from the covert CIA operation. It has, by all accounts, been an abysmal failure.

ACCC set to investigate whether Australia’s banks are acting unlawfully by blacklisting Bitcoin traders (Abandon Ship)

“They are clearly competitors to their business model, albeit small ones at this stage, and there are clear laws that we’ve got against businesses refusing to supply other businesses if they do so for an anti-competitive purpose.”

Mr Canavan said he called for the investigation because he believed there had been a coordinated attack on the digital currency industry.

If a Mainstream Reporter Told the Truth the Pillars of Reality Would Crumble (pinecarr)

In the summer of 2009, the world was agog as a sweeping pandemic called Swine Flu invaded their lives. The virus said to be responsible for this catastrophe was H1N1.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whose job was to report numbers of cases, claimed there were roughly ten thousand Swine Flu victims in America.

Refugee Crisis in Syria Raises Fears in South Carolina (jeanine)

None of Syria’s four million refugees have been resettled in this part of South Carolina in the last year, according to the State Department. Since May, a Christian nonprofit group, World Relief, has placed 32 refugees in the region, but most of them were Christians fleeing troubled countries like Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

New global data suggests air pollution kills 10 million people per year (jdargis)

The authors estimate that the effects of particle pollutants killed 3.15 million individuals in 2010, with strokes (cerebrovascular disease) and heart attacks (ischemic heart disease) contributing most heavily. Analysis of ozone related mortality revealed a total estimate of 3.30 million people dying prematurely in 2010. An additional 3.54 million deaths per year are attributed to indoor air pollution caused by the use of solid fuels such as coal.

Study: Loss of Dairy Farm Immigrant Workers Would Double Retail Milk Prices (jdargis)

The survey conducted last fall, was an update to the 2009 study. Comparing the two surveys showed the number of immigrants working on dairy farms increased by 35 percent, or nearly 20,000, in six years. The portion of the milk supply coming from farms with immigrant labor increased by 27 percent.

California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Thousands Of Fish Dead (richcabot)

As CBS reports, the Mountain Meadows reservoir also known as Walker Lake, a popular fishing hole just west of Susanville, ran dry literally overnight, killing thousands of fish and leaving residents looking for answers.

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