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    Daily Digest 9/25 – Good News Friday: Pope Francis’ Message To Congress, Alpacas Help The Mentally Ill

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, September 25, 2015, 2:58 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit Could Benefit Both Left and Right (jdargis)

“We are fully expecting that there will be some messages with which we may respectfully disagree or have differences, but that on many of the big-ticket items” the pope’s “essential messages will resonate very much with the president’s agenda,” said Charles Kupchan, an adviser to Mr. Obama. “And in that respect, we are hoping that his moral authority helps us advance many of the items that we take to be very high on our policy agenda.”

Transcript: Read the Speech Pope Francis Gave to Congress (jdargis)

Today I would like not only to address you, but through you the entire people of the United States. Here, together with their representatives, I would like to take this opportunity to dialogue with the many thousands of men and women who strive each day to do an honest day’s work, to bring home their daily bread, to save money and – one step at a time – to build a better life for their families. These are men and women who are not concerned simply with paying their taxes, but in their own quiet way sustain the life of society. They generate solidarity by their actions, and they create organizations which offer a helping hand to those most in need.

Francis and Sophie’s secret: girl who hugged pope delivers immigration plea (jdargis)

Her letter, handed to Francis by security after their embrace, asked him to call on US lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform so she and her family could stop living in fear of deportation.

“I want to tell you that my heart is sad,” Sophie said, reciting to the Guardian from memory the letter she had memorized in Spanish and English, just before she met the pope.

GOP lawmakers: Boehner to step down end of October (Nate)

Conservatives have demanded that any legislation to keep the government operating past next Wednesday’s deadline strip Planned Parenthood of government funds, an argument rejected by the more pragmatic lawmakers. The dispute has threatened Boehner’s speakership and roiled the GOP caucus.

Some conservatives welcomed his announcement.

The Good Soldier: Why a Suicidal Officer Had to Go AWOL to Save His Life (jdargis)

In a matter of days, Lawrence Franks would be someone else — who, he didn’t know. But he was tired of being himself. He hated being an officer. More than that, he felt unworthy. Every day was a struggle to maintain the facade, to find reasons not to die. It had been that way nearly as long as he could remember, and it had gotten worse since he arrived at Fort Drum in upstate New York. “I just need to get away,” he’d written Carney that night. “I’m too weak inside.” He’d hidden his agony from everyone. Still, it was a miracle that no one had realized it — or maybe they had, he wasn’t sure. What he did know was that if he stayed one more minute on base he would shoot himself.

Best Gold Stocks for this Rally. Speedo for Sept 24, Fall Rally Beginning Says Cartel Buster (denali)

This is represents a time where GDX gave us the first BUY signal since 2014, rendered yesterday. Since this is the more powerful, weekly chart of Breadth, not price, it does not show well here. But it is clear, the move has printed and has room for its LEGS to RUN.

China to announce cap-and-trade program, U.S. says (jdargis)

Joining forces on the issue even as they are bitterly divided on others, Obama and Xi will spotlight the shared determination of the leaders of the world’s two largest economies to forge a climate-change accord in Paris in December that commits every country to curbing their emissions.

A rechargeable battery to power a home from rooftop solar panels (Arthur Robey)

“This is chemistry I’d be happy to put in my basement,” says Michael J. Aziz, Gene and Tracy Sykes Professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and project Principal Investigator. “The non-toxicity and cheap, abundant materials placed in water solution mean that it’s safe—it can’t catch on fire—and that’s huge when you’re storing large amounts of electrical energy anywhere near people.”

At This New Jersey Farm, Alpacas Help the Mentally Ill (jdargis)

At a time when alpacas could fetch thousands of dollars in sales, the animals were purchased by Fountain House to breed and sell, and the staff entered them into shows and competitions, which helped increase sales. Around 2008, when the breeding market faced a downturn, the organization turned to selling the alpacas’ fiber to ensure the animals’ financial viability.

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