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    Daily Digest 9/14 – Without Knowledge of the Past There is No Future, Rationale For Owning Gold

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    Saturday, September 14, 2013, 2:47 PM


Without Knowledge of the Past There is No Future (Wim G.)

Examples of historical transitions are the demographical transition and the transition from coal to natural gas which caused transition in the use of energy. A transition process is not fixed from the start because during the transition processes will adapt to the new situation. A transition is not dogmatic.

Rationale For Owning Gold In The Coming Deflationary Bust (Taki T.)

Investor and economic scholar Marc Faber takes the deflationary idea one step further. In a recent interview (see video below) he appears convinced that a deflationary bust is inevitable. The only uncertaintly appears to be timing. In his own words: “It could happen tomorrow, in five or ten years time.”

Saudis join Twitter campaign for higher pay (westcoastjan)

The campaign, which seeks to persuade King Abdullah to issue a decree increasing salaries, has highlighted the problem of poverty in Saudi Arabia and the concentration of its massive oil wealth in the hands of a few.

Stephen Hawking’s on the team – but why no Bruce Willis? World’s biggest brains get together to work out how to save us all from the end of the world (Dana T.)

“But we are less secure than we think. It seems to me that our political masters, should worry far more about scenarios that have thankfully not yet happened – events that could arise as unexpectedly as the 2008 financial crisis, but which could cause world-wide disruption,” he said.

U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Secure Syria’s Chemical Arms (jdargis)

Security will be a major worry for the inspectors who are tasked with implementing the agreement; no precedent exists for inspection, removal and destruction of a large chemical weapons stockpile during a raging civil war. Mr. Lavrov said the agreement would require the cooperation of Syrian rebels and not just the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Much of the Syrian opposition is bitter about President Obama’s decision to shelve the threat of military action and to negotiate with Russia, which is a major arms supplier to the Assad government.

An Adage Adjustment for Investors at Retirement (jdargis)

Portfolios that started with about 20 to 40 percent in stocks at retirement, and then gradually increased to about 50 or 60 percent, lasted longer than those with static mixes or those that shed stocks over time, according to the study. (The average target-date retirement fund for people in and near retirement holds about 48.3 percent in stocks, according to Morningstar.)

Judge Blocks Shipment of Oil Equipment Through Idaho Forest (jdargis)

The equipment supplier, Resources Conservation Company International, an affiliate of General Electric, said in a statement that the injunction delayed delivery of machinery that could save billions of gallons a year in water, which is used in vast amounts in the type of oil recovery used at the tar sands. The company also said it was reviewing its options. “There are significant environmental benefits associated with these particular shipments,” the company said.

E.P.A. Is Expected to Set Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions by New Power Plants (jdargis)

Carbon-capture technology has been proven to work in trials. But the industry says that the infrastructure to ship and store such vast deposits of carbon does not exist, and that the technology is in any case so costly that it would make new coal plants economically unfeasible.

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