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    Daily Digest 8/9 – The New Housing Crisis, Are Devastating Wildfires A New Normal?

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, August 9, 2018, 2:55 PM


Happy, Healthy Economy (Sparky1)

There was a dark side to the Progressive Era—middle-class reformers often adopted patronizing attitudes toward the poor; in their zeal to root out corruption in elections, white, native-born Progressives overturned political machines that were among the few ways immigrants achieved power; they supported literacy tests that disenfranchised black voters; and many backed eugenics, helping to legitimize the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of “unfit” people. The evils done in the name of social improvement should remind us that the voices of the most vulnerable must always be heard when developing policy geared toward making everyone’s lives better.

The New Housing Crisis: Shut Out Of The Market (Sparky1)

Home construction per household is now at its lowest levels in nearly six decades, according to researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This isn’t just a problem in San Francisco or New York, where home prices and rents have gone sky-high. It is also a problem in midsized, fast-growing cities farther inland, like Des Moines, Iowa; Durham, N.C.; and Boise, Idaho. In Boise, an analysis by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development showed there is a demand for more than 10 times the number of homes being built right now.

Credit-Card Backlash Mounts as Kroger Weighs Expanding Visa Ban (Sparky1)

Visa and American Express Co. were the worst performers in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday, with each dropping more than 2 percent. Mastercard declined for a third day in a row, the stock’s longest losing streak since May.

Still, the world’s largest payments networks continue to benefit from a global shift away from cash to electronic payments. Visa has climbed 20 percent this year as Mastercard rose 31 percent, outpacing the 12 percent gain by the S&P 500 Information Technology Index.

This surgeon wants to offer cheap MRIs. A state law is getting in his way. (blackeagle)

Singh ran into the state’s “certificate of need” law, which prohibited him from buying a permanent MRI machine, which meant his office couldn’t always offer patients one of the most important imaging services in medicine. He has resorted to renting a mobile MRI machine a couple of days a week. But it will cost him a lot more over time than a permanent machine would, and five days a week, his office can’t perform MRIs.

America might be ready for democratic socialism. It’s not ready for the bill. (Thomas R.)

To begin with the necessary context: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) assumes a baseline budget deficit of $12.4 trillion over the next decade (assuming current laws continue). And even these projections assume that last year’s tax cuts expire on schedule, though they may well be renewed, and that the recent two-year discretionary spending hike is not renewed in 2020. Most of this deficit is driven by the escalating Social Security and Medicare system deficits.

Tokyo Medical School: Sorry, We Did Lower Women’s Entrance-Exam Scores (Thomas R.)

Tokyo Medical School apologized for systematically lowering the scores of women who took its entrance exam, while also admitting it raised the numbers on several applicants who made donations. “To those persons whom we have caused tremendous hardship, especially female candidates whom we have hurt, we will do everything we can,” acting university President Keisuke Miyazawa said at a news conference. “This discrimination against women is something that should have never happened. We will abolish it,” said another official.

The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War (Stabu)

California today provides a model for America as a whole. This model of politics and government is by no means perfect, but it is far ahead of the nation in coming to terms with the inexorable digital, global, sustainable transformation of our era. It is a thriving work in progress that gives hope that America can pull out of the political mess we’re in. California today provides a playbook for America’s new way forward. It’s worth contemplating as we enter 2018, which will be a critical election year.

Venezuela Attack Highlights Vulnerability to Drone Assassins (Thomas R.)

Two drones rigged with explosives detonated near Maduro while he delivered a speech in Caracas on Saturday, causing a panic in a military parade. Maduro, who was unharmed, claimed afterward that the attack was an assassination plot backed by political rivals. Venezuelan officials said two small unmanned aircraft were each carrying a kilogram of C-4 plastic explosive, and that six people were arrested.

Idaho’s startup hub? Turns out it’s Coeur d’Alene (Thomas R.)

“Four years ago, we set out to create Coeur d’Alene to be just that place where startups could flourish,” said Chris Cochran, chief operating officer for the Innovation Collective, a Coeur d’Alene incubator that he calls an “economic transformation agency.” The organization has 77 free events a year for entrepreneurs, ranging from monthly “fireside chats” to semimonthly “coffee and concepts” discussions that let local entrepreneurs share stories and ask for help. Out of that group, “we’ve seen nine LLCs formed in the past three years,” he said.

Ancient lake reveals clues to what killed the Mayans (Sparky1)

With samples taken from the sediment deposited under Lake Chichancanab, scientists were able to confirm a 41 to 54 percent decrease in annual precipitation over the span of 200 years. During peak drought conditions, there was nearly a 70 percent rainfall decrease, according to the study. Humidity also declined between 2 and 7 percent during that time.

Fort Knox Gold? (GE Christenson)

In round numbers the cost of “defense” for wars, military hardware, armed forces and bases around the world has been several times the interest expense for the past 50 years.

The German Government Pays for 3 Week Vacation for Refugees to Go Home (Thomas R.)

I searched to see if I could find any article on the subject. I found how most are trying to cover the practice up. There were reports that a German Federal Employment Office spokesman said: “There are such cases.” Some stories are trying to deny the issue which was first reported by the leading German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, Refugees go on vacation, where they are allegedly persecuted which reinforces the growing problem caused by the fact refugees are allowed to leave the country for 21 days a year but are not obliged to say where they are going. Migrants are protected and are entitled to “privacy”.

Malaria’s ticking time bomb (tmn)

In 2015, reports of drug resistance prompted the governments of five countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion — Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar — to pledge to banish P. falciparum from the region by 2025. Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), the countries drew up plans and budgets. This year, the nations’ governments have committed US$41 million towards the effort; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria also backed elimination efforts in the region, with a 3-year, $243-million grant. Donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Asian Development Bank will add more than $20 million to the fight this year.

Scourge of superbugs killing Malawi’s babies (Thomas R.)

Babies, especially those born prematurely, are especially vulnerable to infection, as their immune systems haven’t developed properly. Doctors suspected that Abigail had sepsis, a serious and potentially fatal condition in which bacteria get into the bloodstream. In response, the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, and organs begin to shut down.

How long will $1 million last you in retirement? Report says it depends on the state (Thomas R.)

GoBankingRates compared average expenses for people age 65 and older, including groceries, housing, utilities, transportation and health care, in every state to come up with how long a nest egg of $1 million would really last during retirement. The report did not take into account investment income over that period.

The Origins of Our Second Civil War (Thomas R.)

Ideologies and apologies accumulated to justify the new divide. In a reversal of cause and effect, losers, crazies, clingers, American “East Germans,” and deplorables themselves were blamed for driving industries out of their neighborhoods (as if the characters out of Duck Dynasty or Ax Men turned off potential employers). Or, more charitably to the elites, the muscular classes were too racist, xenophobic, or dense to get with the globalist agenda, and deserved the ostracism and isolation they suffered from the new “world is flat” community. London and New York shared far more cultural affinities than did New York and Salt Lake City.

Hydrogen fuel breakthrough in Queensland could fire up massive new export market (ezlxq1949)

“We are certainly the first to demonstrate the production of very clean hydrogen from ammonia,” Dr Dolan said.

“Today is the very first time in the world that hydrogen cars have been fuelled with a fuel derived from ammonia — carbon-free fuel.”

Billions of dollars in food wasted annually thanks to “use by” date on food labels (Thomas R.)

Working from this, Wilson devised an experiment that involved placing differently worded date labels — such as “use by,” “best by” and “fresh by”— on salad greens, yogurt and cereal. The 200 participants of the study asked to examine the labels on the foods and then state how much of each product they expected their respective households to consume. In almost every case, the participants said that they were more willing to throw out food if it had the “use by” phrase.

Are devastating wildfires a new normal? “It’s actually worse than that,” climate scientist says (Thomas R.)

“A new normal makes it sound like we’ve arrived in a new position and that’s where we’re going to be,” said Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric science and the director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University. “But if we continue to burn fossil fuels and put carbon pollution into the atmosphere, we are going to continue to warm the surface of the Earth. We’re going to get worse and worse droughts and heat waves and superstorms and floods and wildfires.”

California fires: See how smoke is spreading across the West (tmn)

By Tuesday morning, the Mendocino Complex Fire, burning mostly in grasslands around Clear Lake, had charred 290,692 acres — an area larger than the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento combined — making it the largest wildfire in recorded California history.

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  • Thu, Aug 09, 2018 - 7:37am



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    Why your health-care costs are so high — even if you're insured

    Why your healthcare costs are so high — even if you’re insured

    CNBC-22 hours ago
    Having health insurance shields you from the full brunt of medical expenses, but it’s no guarantee that your costs will be low. Nevertheless, healthcare bills still …

    The Big, Dangerous Bubble in Corporate Debt

    New York Times-8 minutes ago
    And right now, the debt market is broadcasting a dangerous message: Investors, …. Its debt load has increased to $11.3 billion, seven times its cash flow.


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  • Thu, Aug 09, 2018 - 9:18am



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    Fort Knox Gold

    The value of gold will never be adjusted correctly until the United States moves away from a debt based monetary system. And the people in charge of that will never let that happen.

    A gold standard will never be allowed to return. It might happen after a global systemic failure of the current monetary system occurs. But “they” are going to attempt to keep that from happening too, by continuing to print money.

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  • Thu, Aug 09, 2018 - 9:34am



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    Disturbing: Robots with Human Rights in Coeur d'Alene?

    “How did Coeur d’Alene do it? By deciding to focus on artificial intelligence and robotics, Cochran said”.
    “In addition, Coeur d’Alene passed an ordinance that made it the first city in the world to allow the public free use of robots on any piece of public property with the same rights as human beings, Cochran said. Starship Technologies, an Estonia-based robot delivery company founded by two co-founders of Skype, accordingly tested its products in Coeur d’Alene, he said”.
    “Now, Coeur d’Alene has an annual robotics festival with more than 1,000 attendees and 25 experts flown in from companies ranging from “organizations nobody’s ever heard of” to giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Cochran said.”
    Wow, am I the only one to find this deeply disturbing?? Coeur d’Alene and humanity may be “transformed” in very unexpected ways while sliding down this slippery slope….

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