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    Daily Digest 8/8 – Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply, When Will The Jenga Economy Fall?

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    Thursday, August 8, 2019, 7:49 AM



When Will The Jenga Economy Fall? (pinecarr)

ITM Trading is comprised of Precious Metals and Economic Experts. We are not financial planners, nor do we do general financial consulting. We are Gold & Silver Strategists. We sell Gold & Silver to Strategic Investors who want to protect their wealth with the proper types, dates, and qualities of precious metals.

China’s Yuan Breaks the 7 to $1 Band–The Global Currency War Has Begun (rcbaker)

China is of course allowing the devaluation to occur. Previously, it was entering money markets to buy Yuan in order to keep it from devaluing. Now it’s just allowing the process to occur. This is China’s response to Trump’s imposing an additional 10% tariffs on $300 billion of China imports last week. It signals that the ‘trade’ war (now becoming an economic war) has moved beyond tariffs.

The Trade War Isn’t The Only Reason For The Dow’s Big Drop (Thomas R.)

China can also attempt to retaliate, even though its ability to do so is limited because it doesn’t buy that many American goods. And even China’s tariffs on U.S. agriculture are more complicated than the media would have you believe. For example, China restricted U.S. pork imports since 2011 by spuriously claiming U.S. pork is unsafe. And because African swine fever (ASF) is wiping out China’s pig population, and pigs eat soybean meal, China is demanding less soybeans generally, even from Brazil.

Walgreens to close 200 US stores (Sparky1)

“As previously announced, we are undertaking a transformational cost management program to accelerate the ongoing transformation of our business, enable investments in key areas and to become a more efficient enterprise,” the company said in a statement.

The case for why stocks could climb 20% (Sparky1)

Belski will talk about this with CNN Business correspondent Alison Kosik on the “Markets Now” live show Wednesday at 12:45 pm ET. Kosik will also be joined by Amy Shecter, the CEO of on-demand beauty services company GlamSquad, to discuss the firm’s partnership with CVS (CVS) and the state of the fashion industry.

Half of young Americans say college is too expensive and no longer necessary (lambertad)

About one in five Gen Z and young millennials say they may choose not to go to college. Many others see a less conventional path through education as a good idea. Over 30% of Gen Z — and 18% of young millennials — said they have considered taking a gap year between high school and college.

The Coming Economic Dark Ages (James W.)

Those of you who placed a short position on sterling, following my Brexit post on 26th May, would be enjoying a decent return now that GBP/USD has collapsed from 1.27 to 1.22. However, going into a sterling short at this point is probably too late given that in the event of a no-deal/hard Brexit (not a given!) sterling is likely to fall to 1.15. The risks of an unexpected bounce in sterling should the UK avoid a hard Brexit makes this an unsuitable trade to recommend from a risk versus reward perspective.

Short-seller Carson Block just called this Woodford-backed firm ‘Enron-esque’ — and the stock plunged 51% (Thomas R.)

Block’s Muddy Waters research firm published a report accusing Burford of manipulating performance metrics, misleading investors, lacking portfolio strength, being short of cash, and misgoverning its business. It announced it was shorting the company’s shares “because it is a poor business masquerading as a great one.” It described Burford as a “perfect storm for an accounting fiasco” and said its “governance strictures are laughter inducing.”

Robbers steal $2.5 million in coins from Mexico’s mint in daylight heist (Sparky1)

Initial investigations revealed that security protocols were not followed and the guard and two other staff members who were working at the time have been taken in for questioning, according to a statement from Mexico City’s Secretariat of Public Security.

‘Anxiety Fills the Air.’ What It’s Like Inside Kashmir When All Communication With the Outside World Is Cut Off (Sparky1)

Since Sunday, Delhi has entirely shut down the Internet, landline and mobile networks in the India-controlled part of the Himalayan region of Kashmir — leaving some 7 million people stranded without any way to contact family and friends. In an unprecedented bid to clamp down on its part of the disputed territory, the Indian government has closed schools, banned public meetings, and barricaded roads and neighborhoods in Srinagar, the region’s largest city that lies in the Kashmir Valley.

Uganda Launches Largest Trial of Experimental Ebola Vaccine As Outbreak Spreads in Neighboring Congo (Sparky1)

Already more than 180,000 people in Congo’s yearlong outbreak have received an experimental but effective Merck vaccine, but health experts worry about the availability of doses as the virus now spreads in a major city, Goma, along the Rwanda border. The wife and 1-year-old daughter of the man who died this week of Ebola in Goma now have the disease.

Michael Pento: ‘Massive Interest Rate Shock’ Will Blow Up Markets (Herman J.)

“I think gold goes to an all-time-high in the next 16 to 18 months.”

Gold Prices – The Next Five Years (GE Christenson)

Crude oil prices rise and fall. They traded below $11 in 1998, reached $147 in 2008, but moved below $30 in 2016. Mid-East tensions and inflationary expectations are rising. It’s reasonable to expect crude oil prices will not fall much from current levels and might rise considerably.

Philippines declares a national dengue epidemic after 622 deaths (Sparky1)

“It is important that a national epidemic be declared in these areas to identify where a localized response is needed, and to enable the local government units to use their Quick Response Fund to address the epidemic situation,” said Health Secretary Francisco Duque in the statement.

Globalists Have Set Operation ‘Blame The Populists’ In Motion (thc0655)

The Fed followed its rate adjustment “disappointment” with a large dump of assets from its balance sheet – around $36 billion total in July. With no certainty of new stimulus in the near term, and no certainty of further rate cuts this year, stocks were pummeled, and this is a downtrend that is probably going to continue for the rest of the year (with pauses and dead cat bounces mixed in). Of course, the banking elites have a plan and they intend populists to help them, wittingly or unwittingly.

How a Record-Breaking Solar Storm Ignited a Vietnam War Mystery (Sparky1)

Declassified files are showing researchers the unpredictable nature of the Sun and helping them work towards predicting the next big solar storm.

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting South… So What Now? (Sparky1)

Elements is more than just a science show. It’s your science-loving best friend, tasked with keeping you updated and interested on all the compelling, innovative and groundbreaking science happening all around us. Join our passionate hosts as they help break down and present fascinating science, from quarks to quantum theory and beyond.

Air Pollution in World: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map (blackeagle)

The GAIA air quality monitoring stations are using high-tech laser particle sensors to measure in real-time PM2.5 pollution, which is one of the most harmful air pollutants.

“Worst Year Ever”: China’s Ban On US Ag Products Will Be A Death Blow For Countless Farms (Don R.)

When the Chinese announced that they were going to completely stop buying U.S. agricultural products, it sent shockwaves across the middle portion of the country. According to the executive vice president of the American Farm Bureau, our farmers and ranchers will now be facing “just a really tough, tough time”…

Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns (Sparky1)

The report also offered a measure of hope, laying out pathways to addressing the looming food crisis, though they would require a major re-evaluation of land use and agriculture worldwide as well as consumer behavior. Proposals include increasing the productivity of land, wasting less food and persuading more people to shift their diets away from cattle and other types of meat.

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  • Thu, Aug 08, 2019 - 3:12pm



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    Dr. Andrew Glikson interview; how to talk to people about the dire evidence without declarations

    Kevin and Guy were joined by Dr. Andrew Glikson, Visiting Fellow at Australian National University. Dr Glikson is renowned geologist who has written widely about previous mass extinction events on Earth.


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  • Thu, Aug 08, 2019 - 3:34pm



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    Red Flag Laws

    Civilian gun ownership is a thorny issue with many axes of consideration.  A couple come to mind.

    1.  The balance of power between the individual and the state.

    2.  The balance of power between citizens (for example: between 2 neighbors who disagree about a fence line).

    3.  Self protection against criminal acts.  (with many special situations:  singles bars, public concerts, home invasion, assaults on the street, assaults while traveling, assaults while hiking in the wilderness, mass shooting in public places, churches, etc.)

    There are some people that I would not want to be armed.  The agitated, furious, jilted lovers, angry, on methamaphetamines, manic illness off medicines, dark and malevolent personalities, sociopaths, etc.

    With Red Flag laws, the issue is Do I trust ‘the state’ to play the role of the protector of public safety by removing firearms from dangerous individual’s possession?

    Could this process be captured by special interests or a political faction, who might selectively apply the laws to weaken political opponents?  One example:  Selective application of firearm laws was the backbone of racial domination in Georgia.

    It is too bad that there is not a trusted entity who could wisely make these decisions.

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  • Fri, Aug 09, 2019 - 6:32am



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    Red Flag Laws: Deranged people

    The problem is that humans can get stressed out and overwhelmed even without being clinically “deranged.”

    As the economy crumbles, there will be lots more of people near the overwhelmed point.

    Some who carry the “deranged” label, say due to a suicide attempt as a teenager resulting in psychiatric hospitalization, are years later, as steady and “normal” and anyone else.

    And some are intelligent with good judgment, though depressed, and pose no harm to others.  They may wish to protect themselves and family from street crime and home invasions with a firearm, too.

    People of different personalities perceive others as deeply wrong and maybe deranged.  Like a liberal looking at “deranged Trump supporters” and the conservative viewing “brain dead libertards,” etc. etc.

    When someone comes from a very different perspective we often think “WTF is wrong with you!”

    So “deranged” is often in the eye of the beholder.  (The first tier memes in spiral dynamics see their own viewpoint as “the right one.”  Second tier thinking is comfortable with multiple view points.)

    I don’t trust that the Red Flag Laws will be implemented in a wise or just manor.


    A full blown tyrannical structure just cannot be implemented while the population is armed.  Removing guns from citizens is the highest priority for those who would dominate the masses.

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  • Fri, Aug 09, 2019 - 11:17am

    Reply to #3


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    Red flag laws and political oppression


    The history of psychiatry is tied directly to the political.

    I have seen a person suffering from schizophrenia to such a degree that they were sure that MTV® video stars were stealing songs directly from their brain and that they were also a surgeon who regularly performed operations on world leaders and stored their organs in the freezer for safe keeping.

    If no one has ever told you that there are human organs belonging to world leaders in their fridge in a completely matter-of-fact “would you like a glass of water” voice, well, all I can tell you is that my first thought was one of complete disbelief that I had heard them right.  Yes, I asked for them to repeat that statement.  Twice.

    I walked over and checked their freezer.   Thankfully the only things in it were some frozen pizzas and ancient ice cubes.  I assure you I was talking to their shrink that afternoon and they were involuntarily committed by 5PM.  They were helped, and after being put on some appropriately industrial levels of anti-psychotic medication, did okay enough to be released back into the wild.  As long as they stayed on their meds.

    I know that there are actually crazy people that really need help.

    But I also know this:  psychiatry is still the most politically abused medical profession.

    Examples of political abuse of psychiatry?  There are many.  When I mentioned this topic to The Mrs., she immediately said, “the Soviet Union.”  And that’s the example I thought of first, too.  The Soviets systematically used diagnosis of psychological disorders such as “philosophical intoxication” and “sluggish schizophrenia” to put people who didn’t like Marxism into mental institutions.  And, no, those diagnoses aren’t lame jokes – those were really Soviet-era diagnoses.

    How many were caught up in the psychological gulags?

    We really don’t know since those records are still secret, but in 1978 at least 4.5 million Soviet citizens were listed as having mental health problems.  In 1988, perhaps thinking that they might face their own version of Soviet Nuremburg Trials for Crimes Against Humanity, Soviet leaders had over 800,000 thousand patients removed from the list of the mentally ill.  Paperwork error, surely?…

    Besides being oppressive, the Red Flag laws would not have helped in latest shootings – these people lawfully and legally got their rifles.  But they will form the basis for taking away guns for . . .

    • Conspiracy Theories – Believing anything other than the Official Narrative® will become a basis for exclusion of lawful firearms ownership, despite the fact that throughout history, many conspiracy theories have been proven true. Google® MKULTRA.    That happened.  But the FBI® is now warning that you are a danger if you don’t believe the Official Narrative©.
    • Antisocial Behavior – Ever not want to hang around people? You’re antisocial, and that’s dangerous, citizen.  No AR for you!
    • Websites Visited – Going to unapproved sites? Thinking unapproved thoughts?  Glockblock™!
    • Comments Made When You Were 16 – Wow, did you really say that maybe the Crusades weren’t all bad? No pew-pew for you, hater.
    • Not Believing in the Easter Bunny Socialism – Well, I think I covered that above.

    The irony is this will have the impact of keeping people away from mental health professionals.  This will keep people from seeking help when they’re a little depressed, because the consequences of having a “health record” might prevent them from future opportunity – the only safe way to live life would be to stay away from health professionals – and not answer certain questions your M.D. might have for you with a polite BFYTW when asked why you’re not answering.  Oh, but that probably puts you on the antisocial list.

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