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    Daily Digest 8/4 – The Politics Of Europe’s Summer Holidays, Life In A Toxic Country

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, August 4, 2013, 4:12 PM


Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library (jdargis)

The library even has an acoustically separated lounge for teens as well as 6 teen computer labs, 16 public meeting spaces, 14 public study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 children’s computer labs and 2 genealogy computer labs. Other new features include self check-out units, an auditorium, an art gallery, a used bookstore and a cafe.

Vamos a la playa (jdargis)

Europeans say their choice to take more leisure rather than income is part of a social model that is fairer, healthier and happier than America’s. They think America is the anomaly: the only country in the rich world without statutory paid holidays. Three-quarters of American workers get paid leave of, on average, just 21 days a year including public holidays, compared with anything between 20 and 40 or more days in Europe. But it is harder to defend the notion of enlightened leisure when taxes are being raised, salaries cut and civil servants sacked. Why should vacations be immune from austerity? Workers might rather lose holidays than their income or their jobs.

Energy East Pipeline: Building a Nation on a Nightmare (westcoastjan)

This project would also greatly increase the ongoing injustices being done to First Nations communities that are at ground zero of the tar sands horror story and bring some of those injustices to other communities right across Canada. The Beaver Lake Cree cite over 20,000 Treaty Rights violations on their traditional territory alone, and that’s without a new 1.1 million barrel a day tar sands pipeline.

But it goes deeper than that.

Milestone Claimed in Creating Fuel From Waste (jdargis)

The plant, which uses methane gas from a nearby landfill, has faced a variety of problems. One was getting the methane, which is a greenhouse gas if released unburned, to the plant’s boilers. (The plan is to eventually run the plant on garbage that now goes to landfills.) Another problem was its reliance on the electrical grid.

Irish battle over plans for Aran giant salmon farm (westcoastjan)

“Whole families are going – I’ve had people coming down here looking for work, their parents have come down here after and asked me have I any job that will give their son a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I think that is very sad and I think those people deserve a chance.”

BIM says there is surging global demand – particularly in growth economies like China and India – but that Ireland is way behind.

As Cost of Importing Food Soars, Jamaica Turns to the Earth (jdargis)

Jamaica started earlier than most. A decade ago, the government unveiled a national food security campaign with the slogan “grow what we eat, eat what we grow.” Grocery stores now identify local produce with large stickers and prominent displays.

Life In A Toxic Country (jdargis)

The environmental hazards here are legion, and the consequences might not manifest themselves for years or even decades. The risks are magnified for young children. Expatriate workers confronted with the decision of whether to live in Beijing weigh these factors, perhaps more than at any time in recent decades. But for now, a correspondent’s job in China is still rewarding, and so I am toughing it out a while longer. So is my wife, Tini, who has worked for more than a dozen years as a journalist in Asia and has studied Chinese. That means we are subjecting our 9-month-old daughter to the same risks that are striking fear into residents of cities across northern China, and grappling with the guilt of doing so.

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    Arthur Robey

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    World Government.

    I'll stick with Asimov's opinion. We will have world government. Not because anyone is cunning enough to make himself Numero Uno, but because of the Internet.

    When every currency dies a World Government will emerge, just like our brains emerged from the primordial ooze at the bottom of a warm sea.

    Did you know that there is mycelial mat under the ocean's muddy floor that covers the entire sphere?

    There was wild speculation that Thought happens in the Brain. But it was hard to prove because the brain just sits there doing nothing. So does the mycelium mat.

    Funny thing though. Under a microscope they look awefully similar.

    Can you spot which one is which?

    And here is the Internet,

    Can anyone else see something emerging? Or is it just me? Self-similarity.

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    The Bard.


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