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    Daily Digest 8/31 – Central Banks As Income Inequality Engines, Congress Cementing Trump’s Anti-Climate Orders Into Law

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, August 31, 2017, 3:36 PM


Central Banks as Engines of Income Inequality and Financial Crisis (Jerry C.)

Although the crisis at the time was deeply influenced by the crash of residential housing in the US. Few US homeowners were bailed out, unlike the big banks, insurance companies, auto companies, and other businesses. More than 14 million US homeowners were allowed to foreclose on their homes. A mere $25 billion was provided to rescue homeowners, and most of that going to bank mortgage servicing companies who were supposed to refinance their mortgages but didn’t. More than $10 trillion conservatively was provided to financial institutions, banks and shadow banks, and big corporations, and foreign banks by US policy makers in the government and at the US central bank, the Federal Reserve. $25 billion for 14 million vs. more than $10 trillion for capitalists and investors.

How Inflation Could Be Caused in 15 Minutes (thc0655)

The second reason for the absence of inflation is that the world has been confronting powerful deflationary headwinds, principally demographics and technology. The rate of increase of global population peaked in 1995. Today populations are in decline in Japan, Russia and Europe. They are also stagnant elsewhere outside of Africa and the Middle East.

Fewer people means less aggregate demand for goods and services. Improved technology and efficiencies from predictive analytics have lowered the cost of everything from inventories to transportation. This combination of less demand and greater efficiency results in lower prices.

Hmm… Corporate Media Now Turning On Antifa As Police Militarization Increases (Afridev)

On seeing this, readers who oppose Antifa may be thinking “Good! I’m glad those thugs are finally facing some backlash and condemnation after being coddled by the liberal media all this time,” while Antifa supporters may point at the fact that the media is now paying less attention to the threat of white supremacists in America than to the people standing up to them. In my opinion neither of these takes reflect the full picture of what we’re seeing here, though.

Researchers hack a self-driving car by putting stickers on street signs (lambertad)

Tarek El-Gaaly, senior research scientist at autonomous driving startup Voyage, tells Car and Driver that there are solutions for these sorts of attacks, though, that can be incorporated into autonomous driving systems. Context is one fix, and a car could be able to tell if it misidentified a sign based on, say, its location, and know that it shouldn’t go highway speeds in an urban area. “In addition,” he said, “many self-driving vehicles today are equipped with multiple sensors, so failsafes can be built in using multiple cameras and lidar sensors.”

Inside China’s $43 Billion Bid for Food Security (Uncletommy)

Beyond that, ChemChina’s purchase of Syngenta provides valuable insight about China’s broader view of its future. The deal signals important trends in the country’s policy on innovation, biotechnology, intellectual property, and globalization. “This acquisition is very probative of what’s happening in China,” says Robert Kuhn, a longtime China expert. “It really defines the frontier.” It’s also the latest step in a national strategy that could change food supplies and costs worldwide.

Eight Days To Destruction (GE Christenson)

His description of coming economic destruction parallels the devastation in Houston. If you live in the flood zones, you’ll see vast destruction. Higher areas will get rained on but could be virtually untouched by the massive destruction.

New Law in North Carolina Bans Latest Scientific Predictions of Sea-Level Rise (blackeagle)

Tom Thompson, president of NC-20, a coastal development group and a key supporter of the law, said the science used to make the 39-inch prediction was flawed, and added that the resources commission failed to consider the economic consequences of preparing the coast for a one-meter rise in sea level, under which up to 2,000 square miles would be threatened.

How Congress Is Cementing Trump’s Anti-Climate Orders into Law (blackeagle)

“They are … covering their bases by trying to legislate the rolling back of these safeguards because the process to repeal, undo or rewrite a regulation is as lengthy as the public process that helped establish the standard in the first place,” explained Melinda Pierce, chief lobbyist for the Sierra Club. “And, of course, any attempt to roll back environmental or public health standards can and will be challenged in court.”

On Roads Turned Waterways, Volunteers Improvise to Save the Trapped and Desperate (Diane E.)

Alongside a massive local, state and federal disaster response was an equally massive volunteer rescue effort that operated with little official guidance.

Farming giant sued for $150M in unpaid bills (Don R.)

CHS claimed it fronted capital to the Boersens’ businesses and that the farms failed to comply with the repayment agreement. CHS said the Boersens lied about their harvests in 2016 and used some of the borrowed money to purchase a personal residence.

Other debtors filing suit included Deere & Company, Hoekstra Electrical, CNH Industrial Capital, The Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co. and Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Those suits total around $3 million in damages, though some didn’t yet seek a firm dollar amount.

A Worldview Apart: Walter Poleman on Having a Sense of Place (Eric G.)

Walter Poleman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Vermont, and directs the PLACE (Place-based Landscape Analysis and Community Engagement) program, among other academic and administrative duties. He is an ecologist by training, and teaches applied ecology in a variety of contexts at UVM as well as other educational institutions.

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  • Thu, Aug 31, 2017 - 5:40pm



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    Dr Zac Bush - Gut/Brain Injury: How, why, and what you can do ab

    Dr Zac Bush – Gut/Brain Injury: How, why, and what you can do about it
    Amazon sells the Restore for Gut Health product.

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  • Thu, Aug 31, 2017 - 11:45pm

    Reply to #1


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    Great find


    Great find, very interesting presentation. Many connections made concerning health and some other changes in the environment/ society.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Fri, Sep 01, 2017 - 6:23am



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    Rating agencies warn on failure to raise US debt limit

    Rating agencies warn on failure to raise US debt limit

    Financial Times19 hours ago
    Analysts with rival Fitch warned last week that a failure to raise the debt ceiling in a … S&P chief US economist Beth Ann Bovino said a default on US government …

    High cost of living forces San Jose State professor to live in car

    SFGate14 hours ago
    “I’m $143,000 in debt. And I’m in my 50s. … Shame on people who want to continue to live in their little bubble world,” James-Penney said. “Take the time to find …

    This grim map shows all the places working-class Americans can’t …

    MarketWatchAug 31, 2017
    In the chart below, each bubble represents a city. … 10 most populated cities where a working class family can enjoy a decent living without taking on more debt.

    White House vows quick action as Harvey aid estimates soar, debt

    The Japan Times12 hours ago
    While the details are still unknown, U.S. taxpayers are likely to face a bill for Harvey near the $110.2 billion for 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Exact estimates on the …

    Junk Bonds Face Wave of Supply Just as Investors Turn Sour

    Bloomberg8 hours ago
    September is typically among the busiest periods of the year for debt sales, posing … Neavin suggested the market can absorb some $25 billion in new supply of …

    Canadians are borrowing against real estate at the fastest pace ever

    Business InsiderAug 31, 2017
    Over $313.66 billion in real estate was used to secure loans, up 3.43% from the … loans obtained for business reasons, and take a peek at higher risk debt.

    Obesity report: One-third of US adults are beyond overweight

    CBS News35 minutes ago
    The report released by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood … costs the nation more than $150 billion in preventable health care costs and …

    Emanuel says property tax hike needed to avoid CPS ‘train wreck’

    Chicago Sun-Times19 hours ago
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday he signed off on yet another massive property tax increase for teacher pensions to avoid a “train wreck” at the Chicago …

    As crisis deepens in Venezuela, fleeing students flood classrooms in …

    The Seattle Times11 hours ago
    Antonio Bonaduce, an 18-year-old recent arrival from Venezuela, speaks about his experience so far attending Ronald W. Reagan Doral Senior High School as …


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  • Fri, Sep 01, 2017 - 3:25pm



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    Dr Zachary Bush

    PP, Please reach out to Dr Zach Bush for a podcast or Webinar.  



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  • Fri, Sep 01, 2017 - 5:18pm



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    Dr. Zach Bush

    Second this request. Systems thinking as it applies to nutrition, the gut microbiome and allopathic medicine.

    Watched Bush interviewed in Epi 1 (which Kugs linked to the other day) and Epi 9 both available here for the duration of the weekend for free. (Am curious about the rest of the series, too, but can’t vouch for it because I haven’t watched it yet.)

    Not news to most here at but glyphosate is really, really nasty shit.


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