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    Daily Digest 8/29 – Waste Into Waistcoats, The Green Rebuilding of New Orleans

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, August 29, 2015, 3:47 PM


Gold Is the Best Insurance for Your Portfolio (Tiffany B.)

I’ll admit that Trump’s gold ain’t much of a hoard (for a billionaire). But how much do all of Trump’s GOP rivals own? Or Hillary and Bernie Sander? I’ll give you a hint, based on the publicly available data: If you don’t own any gold yourself and buy even a few ounces … you’ll possess more than all of them put together.

Consumer Anxiety in China Undermines Government’s Economic Plans (jdargis)

Many young middle-class Chinese who grew up during the nation’s glittering boom years, when double-digit growth was the norm, are suddenly confronting the shadow of an economic slowdown, and even hints of austerity.

Homes for the homeless (jdargis)

In every housing market, minimum wage is not enough to afford the average two-bedroom rental. Federal and state programmes to support and serve the mentally ill have been all but entirely dismantled. And the highest prison incarceration rate in the world has only further destabilised poor communities. For the most part, homelessness has been approached as a natural and inevitable plight of contemporary urbanity: a thing to be managed, not fixed.

Waste into Waistcoats: 3 Ways We’re Recycling Slaughterhouse Scraps (jdargis)

The process of turning slaughterhouse waste into biofuel has been around for awhile, but there are some newer innovations worth a look. Scientists at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have developed a faster and less wasteful way to convert alligator fat into biofuel. Alligator farming has been growing rapidly across the Southeastern United States, and with that comes a lot of waste—15 million pounds per year, according to The New York Times. The new technique uses a continuous reactor instead of a batch reactor, speeding up processing, and doesn’t require a catalyst, which leads to less waste. The researchers are looking into whether other animal fats, such as chicken, pork, and beef, can be converted to biofuel through the same method.

In Alaska, Obama Will Be in Middle of Oil and Climate Change Battle (jdargis)

“I’d show him the number of employees we’ve laid off, the troopers we’ve laid off, the trooper stations we’ve closed, the brand-new helicopters that we’re putting into storage — taking the blades off because we can’t afford to operate them on search and rescue,” said Mr. Walker, a former lawyer and businessman who was elected last year as a political independent. “It’s real, and it’s not a slight adjustment.”

Federal judge blocks Obama’s water rule (thc0655)

“While the exact amount of land that would be subject to the increase is hotly disputed, the agencies admit to an increase in control over those traditional state-regulated waters of between 2.84 to 4.65 percent. Immediately upon the rule taking effect, the rule will irreparably diminish the states’ power over their waters,” he continued, calling the Obama administration’s interpretation of its jurisdiction “exceptionally expansive.”

The states and the federal government argued over how to judge the likelihood that opponents of the rule would win their case. But Erickson decided that the regulation is not likely to stand up to full court consideration.

The Green Rebuilding of Post-Katrina New Orleans (drbost)

‘Green building means lower bills, fewer trips to the hospital for children with asthma’

Would warming stop after greenhouse gas emissions end? Not quite (jdargis)

Using their model, they simulated a scenario in which CO2 emissions grew 1 percent each year for 100 years, raising the atmospheric concentration from 286 to 745 parts per million, and raising temperature by 2 degrees Celsius. At that point, CO2 emissions dropped to zero. Then, they simulated nine more centuries, watching atmospheric CO2 drop back to 476 parts per million as it gradually moved into the ocean and natural reservoirs on land.

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