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    Daily Digest 8/27 – Trump, Brexit, And The Overthrow Of The Elites, Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, August 27, 2016, 1:50 PM


Viktor Shvets: ‘The Private Sector Will Never Recover’ (Don R.)

Do you feel something is wrong with the United States and the global economy? Despite a respectable recovery and low unemployment, many people aren’t happy with their current economic situation or their outlook for the future. From rising prices for basic necessities or schooling, to harsh competition and low pay for lower income jobs to negative interest rates—the poor and the middle class all have their problems to deal with.

Why Millennials, by the Numbers, Can’t & Won’t Grow the US Out of Trouble (Chris H.)

It is true that there are more Millenials than Boomers. But to compare apples to apples, I’ll compare the two groups as they made their way through the 15-34yr/old population segment (kinda like tracking the Mississippi river around about Davenport, Iowa to know what downstream communities like St. Louis, Memphis, and eventually New Orleans should expect). When the Boomers exited this segment in 1981 (heading for adult prime time), they numbered about 81 million. Likewise, the Millenials are now making their transition to adulthood and they number about 88m. Or simply put, there are about 6.7 million more Millenials than Boomers (comparing peak to peak).

Are Emerging Markets About To Switch US Treasuries For SDR Bonds? (westcoastjan)

As official foreign exchange reserves are diversified from US Treasuries to SDR bonds this risk is minimized. This SDR diversification serves the purpose of both China (and other emerging markets) and the United States. The US is in a situation where increasing interest rates will cause large ripples in the international monetary and financial systems. This could potentially even lead to a financial crisis in China.

WikiLeaks Plays Doctor, Gives Hillary Clinton Fake Disease (Arthur Robey)

There is one problem, however: “Decision fatigue” is not an illness. It is a consumer behavior term for the feeling you get when you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at, say, Costco.

In one of the most famous papers on decision fatigue, subjects—or maybe we should call them sufferers—are observed on their “willpower to resist the Mars bars and Skittles” at the supermarket.

Warning: Trudeau has allowed banks to seize your money if economy fails (Wendy SD)

It’s what they did in Cyprus three years ago, when bankers there made risky loans to Greece. In a back-room deal, politicians and bankers decided to pay off the bank debts by just seizing 10% of everyone’s deposits.

Robert Kiyosaki interview: If you’re saving money or investing in stocks right now “you’re crazy” (Herman J.)

“When you’re still saving money when interest rates are negative, you’re crazy. If you’re still investing in the stock market when there is no connection between stock prices and the reality of the underlying fundamentals, you’re crazy.”

Next Economy: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World? (westcoastjan)

Jennifer Hinton and her co-author Donnie Maclurcan foresee an emerging economic alternative to state socialism and corporate capitalism: not-for-profit enterprise as the primary mode of business. Though many instinctively equate not-for-profits with charitable “nonprofits,” Hinton and Maclurcan argue any business can operate successfully without external shareholders.

In their view, big global trends favour not-for-profit enterprises. Is it likely that not-for-profit businesses will increasingly outcompete for-profit companies in the coming decades? Could a world dominated by not-for-profit business truly result in less inequality and a better life for every citizen?

Trump, Brexit, and the Overthrow of the Elites (jdargis)

The technocratic policy agenda that has been pushed by governments of left and right for decades, that is uncritical of globalization, that prioritizes efficiency over all concerns, that is callous about the individual consequences of that — people have had enough of that. That’s far more consequential than whichever candidate ends up with whichever job in politics.

Meet DevBot, a self-driving electric racing car (jdargis)

DevBot also has a cockpit for a human driver, unlike the Robocars, but it does have the same powertrain, sensor suite, processors, and communication systems as the forthcoming autonomous race cars. DevBot is also fully electric, suggesting the handiwork of Drayson Racing Technologies. Several years ago, Drayson converted its Lola B10 Le Mans Prototype racer from internal combustion to electric power and has been involved in developing the technology used by Formula E.

EV Revolution Set To Cripple More Than Just The Oil Industry (Josh O.)

Take the electricity sector as an example, which is flipping from being an industry based on huge power plants that provide baseload power with peaker plants to provide supply during peak times, to a power sector that relies much more heavily on disparate sources that depend on “forecast-and-balance” services. That is a jumbled way of saying that the electricity grid is changing fast because of clean energy – for decades the grid has hardly changed, but electrical equipment is becoming cleaner, more digitized, and won’t necessarily resemble what it has in the past.

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    Zero Hedge Devotees:

    Aside from Ivanjiiski,Backshall and the usual blog submissions can anyone tell me if any new Tylers have been added to the stable?

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    Interesting articles, westcoastjan

    Thanks for posting.  What a concept, not-for-profit enterprise. I love the examples in the article that shows how it has already been used to preserve the integrity and motivations of the original idea being pursued.  Almost enough to give one hope…

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    Reluctant Preppers: Home Sweet Survival Home

    From Reluctant Preppers, at

    Published on Aug 16, 2016

    So you’re concerned about the risk to your family from severe weather threats and the growing specter of financial disaster and systemic social collapse. Survival expert and legendary author, J Wayne Fears, draws on decades of real-world and hands-on experience to reveal his proven recipe for how to build or renovate your home to provide a comfortable modern residence that can help support and shelter your family through whatever natural or man-made disaster may come our way.

    IN THIS INTERVIEW: Location, Location, Location: Why a rural hideaway is important for both its intrinsic assets, as well as the mindset and skills of neighbors, yet can still be accessible to amenities. Severe Weather Threats: How to design or upgrade your home to mitigate the most serious risks likely in your area. Backup Power: How much is enough? What to connect to backup power? How to minimize your home’s energy consumption in an emergency? Stored fuel for long-term emergencies, hidden for privacy & safety. Food Storage – space needed, facilities for emergency cooking, and wild game harvesting/processing. Water: How to establish a multi-level capability so you can provide plenty of water, which is essential to life and urgently needed throughout emergencies. Storage and Outdoor essentials shop – for those activities you want to keep outside the house but sheltered, private, and safe. Security- Where to store firearms so they are secret, accessible, and child-safe, how to make your house defensible even within. For more information, go to:

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    The Myth of Violent Societies.

    James DeMeo's Saharasia is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behavior and social violence around the world which has ever been undertaken. The findings summarized in Prof. DeMeo's book cover the entire globe, from early prehistory into modern times, integrating on world-maps a full sweep of standard research data from the fields of archaeology and history, plus an in-depth cross-cultural review and mapping of data from over 1000 distinctly different human societies, from standard anthropological data bases. It employed standard cross-cultural correlation tables on over 60 different variables, plus geographical mapping and quadruple blind research procedures to insure objectivity, and all the basic starting assumptions are clearly elucidated in advance. – See more at:

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