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    Daily Digest 8/22 – The Inflation Imperative, Workers’ Hours Are More Unpredictable Than Ever

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, August 22, 2016, 4:50 PM


Worker Hours Are More Unpredictable Than Ever (jdargis)

Labor activists have historically pushed for both more hours and more consistent hours. Hourly workers often have a hard enough time cobbling together a full-time schedule. Unpredictable schedules can make it even more difficult for workers to plan their lives (and livelihoods). “Being able to schedule around obligations has a huge impact on well being,” said Finnigan.

As Homeless Find Refuge in Forests, ‘Anger Is Palpable’ in Nearby Towns (jdargis)

Some residents have begun taking photographs of hitchhikers or videotaping confrontations with homeless people camping in the woods and posting them online, including on a private Facebook page created recently called Peak to Peak Forest Watch. Some say the campers have cursed at them for driving past without picking them up, or yelled at them while they were cycling or hiking. They say they no longer feel comfortable in some parts of the woods.

Obama’s Market Meltdown (jdargis)

The cycle has historically shown that whenever we are in the eighth term of a U.S. presidency, stocks underperform, and often underperform big time — typically down roughly 15%.

Given the sustained rally thus far in 2016, it means the last three and a half months could see the broader markets take a real nosedive. Take a look.

The Inflation Imperative (GE Christenson)

“Given the nonsustainability of sovereign debt under current monetary regimes and the necessity for global inflation, there are three possible endgame scenarios facing us now.”

Obama Readies One Last Push for Trans-Pacific Partnership (jdargis)

Republicans do not want to provoke attacks from their presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, who called the trade accord “a rape of our country,” or hurt other Republican candidates. Mr. Obama does not want to make trouble for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, who has struggled to persuade voters of her sincerity in switching from support of the pact to opposition. This month, during an economic address in Michigan, she declared, “I oppose it now, I’ll oppose it after the election and I’ll oppose it as president.”

Uber Aims for an Edge in the Race for a Self-Driving Future (jdargis)

Suddenly, it seems, both Silicon Valley and Detroit are doubling down on their bets for autonomous vehicles. And in what could emerge as a self-driving-car arms race, the players are investing in, or partnering with, or buying outright the specialty companies most focused on the requisite hardware, software and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Consumers seem to like environment-friendly options if they’re available (jdargis)

In terms of ridesharing experiments, the researchers looked at consumers’ willingness to purchase carbon offsets when using Uber. Using the experimental data from this trial, they found that the majority of consumers would be willing to add a few extra dollars on to their Uber bill to cover the environmental cost of their rides. Many consumers also reported that they would think more highly of Uber if it offered the option to purchase carbon offsets for their rides. Based on the experimental data, it appears if Uber were to add this option, consumers would be likely to pay extra to be environmentally friendly, and would be more satisfied with their Uber experience.

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