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    Daily Digest 8/20 – Going Off-Grid In Comfort, Did China Kick-Start A New Gold Bull Market?

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, August 20, 2015, 1:49 PM


Greece pays ECB on maturing government bond- govt source (jdargis)

The first tranche amounts to 13 billion euros, of which about 12 billion euros will be used to pay down debt, including an earlier bridge loan and the maturing Greek government bond held by the ECB.

The initial tranche was paid in cash. Another 10 billion euros for the recapitalisation of banks was sent to a segregated account in the form of ESM notes.

Warren Buffett’s favourite valuation measure signals stock markets are overvalued (Aaron M.)

In an interview with Fortune magazine in 2001 Mr Buffett said: “It is probably the best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment. And as you can see, nearly two years ago (before the tech crash) the ratio rose to an unprecedented level. That should have been a very strong warning signal.”

Military May Be Engaged in Illegal Psychological Operations and Propaganda Against U.S. Citizens (time2help)

This is not the first account of possibly improper use of intelligence operations against U.S. citizens. One day before Rolling Stone reported that Lt. Gen. Caldwell commanded the execution of an illegal PSYOP campaign against U.S. senators, Information Week published an article revealing that the Air Force sought a contractor to deploy false identities on social media sites like Facebook to disseminate DOD propaganda to civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is problematic because there is nothing to protect Americans from this type of propaganda when they use social media sites that are targeted by the Air Force. Congress should review all U.S. intelligence operations that might target or impact Americans.

Beginning of a Breakdown in International Trade-Hugo Salinas Price (pinecarr)

It’s not just Greece or the European Union. Salinas Price, an 83 year old billionaire, says, “The world has never been in such a plight. The world has never gotten into such a situation—never. The United States receives goods from China and sends them dollars, and they can send them any amount of dollars.

There is no longer balanced trade in the world. There are imbalances that are built into the system. What that has lead up to is this present chaos. This is going to come apart in a very ugly way sooner or later.”

A New Ally in the Battle for Being Sovereign (Tiffany B.)

I received my first exposure to the stock market at age 6, when my dad showed me how to read the stock tables published in the back of the newspaper. I started investing for real in my late 20s, using the skills I learned as a local reporter, and later as a correspondent for many years at PBS Nightly Business Report: Keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas and new trends, research thoroughly and look for the winners and the losers in every story. What better way is there to invest or speculate?

Did China Kick-Start A New Bull Market In Gold? (Taki T.)

To make that point, you have to look at the big picture. China is a country focused on the very long term. In order to understand their standpoint, you need to take a similar view. The chart below (courtesy of Sharelynx) illustrates the very long term plan of China when it comes to their currency. Any coincidence their gold reserves started to grow exponentially since the great financial crash?

Silver – More Evidence of a Price Bottom (GE Christenson)

Perhaps more useful is the same data but plotted as the silver to gold ratio. The ratio and the price of silver correlate well. Purple lines indicate trend line resistance. The dashed green arrow is my estimate of future price direction for silver.

The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space – Part 3 (thc0655)

Financial crisis, for instance, will be profoundly destabilizing, and is going to precipitate very significant, and very negative, social consequences that are likely to impact on the functioning of the energy industry. A liquidity crunch will cause purchasing power to collapse, greatly reducing demand at personal, industrial and national scales. With production geared to previous levels of demand, it will feel like a supply glut, meaning that prices will plummet.

Going off-grid without sacrificing comfort (Brian B.)

Their home is just that, a cozy, two-storey with all the creature comforts. They enjoy TV, Internet, fridge and freezer, washer and dryer, daily hot showers, microwave, even a bread maker, just like the rest of us. They also now enjoy not receiving that monthly statement from the electric company.

Fukushima fishing cooperative allowed Tepco to discharge the contaminated groundwater to the sea (locksmithuk)

The groundwater to be discharged is pumped up beside the reactor buildings. From Tepco’s data of 8/11/2015, Cs-134/137 density of the pumped water was 238,000 Bq/m3. Tepco states they’ll “filter” the pumped water before discharging but their nuclide analysis data covers only Cesium-134/137 and Iodine-131. The density of other nuclides such as Sr-90 is not announced.

If You Spill Water On This Book, That's A Good Thing (jdargis)

When people in a community in Bangladesh peeked through a microscope at water teeming with bacteria, they had a glimpse into what was making some of their community members sick. When they looked again, after the water had trickled through a page of the book, they saw clear, pristine water. "One woman said, 'If my husband doesn't want to buy it, I would write poetry and sell it so I could buy it myself,' " says Dankovich, a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.

EPA Cracking Down On U.S. Methane Waste (Tom K.)

Although the oil and gas industry opposes the move (and environmental groups welcome it) the technology to cut down on methane emissions appears relatively straightforward and compliance with EPA’s rules should not be too difficult.

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