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    Daily Digest 8/2 – More Americans Living In Their Vehicles, What Is West Nile Virus?

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    Thursday, August 2, 2018, 3:42 PM


Deadly riots rock Zimbabwe’s capital as vote results delayed (TS)

The riots surged up to the fence of the Rainbow Towers Hotel & and Conference Centre, where the electoral commission has been announcing results and many international election observers are staying. Inside the main gate, a water cannon mounted on a police vehicle blasted protesters who hurled rocks that bounced off its armored plating.

Senate rejects effort to beef up states’ election security spending (TS)

“The president is not going to act. The duty has fallen to us. Let’s not after an election find out that this country was defenseless against attacks from Russia and say oh, gosh, we should have done something,” Leahy said.

The Senate fight over election security comes as lawmakers are signaling that they are increasingly concerned that Russia will try to interfere in the 2018 election.

More Americans are living in their vehicles (Sparky1)

“Much like outdoor camping and sleeping bans, city-wide restrictions on living in vehicles may leave no lawful place where homeless people may live in a community,” NLCHP said in a recent report. “Bans that permit vehicle impoundment, or that result in impoundment flowing from unpaid tickets or other enforcement of such bans, can cause homeless people to lose their shelter, transportation, and personal belongings in one fell swoop – with no realistic option to retrieve or replace them.”

Two NY Lawyers Describe Chaos of Reuniting Migrant Children With Parents (jdargis)

Today is the deadline for the federal government to reunite more than 2,500 migrant children who were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Hundreds were sent to foster care agencies in New York, and they’re now being represented for free by various attorneys lawyers. WNYC’s Beth Fertig spoke to two lawyers at The Door, a social service agency for kids. In this interview, Eve Stotland and Kaavya Viswanathan explained how several of their young clients are still very much in limbo just hours before the reunification deadline.

Ancient Dollars and Gold Bullion (GE Christenson)

When insanity and delusions persist, there are reasons. One might think the powers-that-be prefer a flawed system that enriches them at the expense of the savers, pension plans, taxpayers and future workers. Whatever the reason, the process continues. Devalue the dollar, increase prices, pretend and extend, and work the scam.

Why We’re Sharing 3 Million Russian Troll Tweets (tmn)

FiveThirtyEight has obtained nearly 3 million tweets from accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency. To our knowledge, it’s the fullest empirical record to date of Russian trolls’ actions on social media, showing a relentless and systematic onslaught. In concert with the researchers who first pulled the tweets, FiveThirtyEight is uploading them to GitHub so that others can explore the data for themselves.

Dr. Anthony Jay – Estrogenics (yogmonster)

Testosterone and estrogen are intricately connected. Obviously, I read a lot about that. But just to give you guys some range, to give you and your listeners some range, estrogen in men is about 20 nanograms per liter. It fluxes a little bit but, I mean, plus or minus ten, plus or minus 20, whatever, 20. Women also have about 20 nanograms per liter, which certainly surprises you a little bit, but they range up to about 400, 20 to 400 depending on the time of the month.

Surprise Crude Oil Inventory Build Sends Prices Lower (Thomas R.)

US crude oil production as estimated by the Energy Information Administration hit a new high last week, finally hitting the 11 million bpd mark for the week ending July 20. US production had stagnated for multiple weeks at 10.9 million bpd in prior weeks, based on weekly estimates provided by the EIA.

N.J. nuclear plant could be gone decades sooner than first thought (Thomas R.)

The sale is expected to close in the third quarter of 2019 after clearing all regulatory hurdles, officials said in the joint announcement. They did not disclose a price for the deal.

What is West Nile virus? 3 things to know about the mosquito-spread ailment (Thomas R.)

Most people who are infected do not experience symptoms, the CDC warns. However, a small percentage of people — roughly 1 in 5 — develop a fever and may additionally experience headaches, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, or a rash, among other signs of the virus.

Even rarer, about 1 in 150 people who are infected with West Nile virus can develop a serious illness — such as inflammation of the spinal cord or brain — the CDC said.

Surrounded by fire, California politicians question links to climate change (tmn)

“Experience is an important part of determining one’s belief on climate change, but not necessarily the determining one,” said Christopher Borick, director of the National Surveys on Energy and Environment, which has carried out long-term studies on attitudes to climate change and other environmental issues.

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  • Thu, Aug 02, 2018 - 11:41am



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    Sleeping in your car? Ask Jeff Bezos for help!

    It helps to have some support from Mom and Dad.

    "According to her account, the ensuing battle over access to workers compensation left Ms Allen homeless, sleeping in her car in the carpark of the Amazon fulfilment centre."

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  • Fri, Aug 03, 2018 - 3:03am



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    "Disposible President" Theory

    This is the last paragraphs of The Saker's analysis of the options for attacking Iran by the AngloZionist Empire.  Slightly off the main topic of the essay, which is an analysis of weapon systems and numbers, it pertains to the role that Trump is playing in the global political game, something that is confusing for me.

    Trump as the “disposable President” for the Neocons?

    The Neocons hate Trump, but they also own him.  The best example of this kind of “ownership” is the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem which was an incredibly stupid act, but one which the Israel Lobby demanded.  The same goes for the US reneging on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or, for that matter, the current stream of threats against Iran.  It appears that the Neocons have a basic strategy which goes like this: “we hate Trump and everything he represents, but we also control him; let’s use him to do all the crazy stuff no sane US President would ever do, and then let’s use the fallout of these crazy decisions and blame it all on Trump; this way we get all that we want and we get to destroy Trump in the process only to replace him with one of “our guys” when the time is right.   Again, the real goal of an attack on Iran would be to bomb Iran back into a pre-revolutionary era and to punish the Iranian people for supporting the “wrong” regime thus daring to defy the AngloZionist Empire.  The Neocons could use Trump as a “disposable President” who could be blamed for the ensuing chaos and political disaster while accomplishing one of the most important political objectives of Israel: laying waste to Iran.  For the Neocons, this is a win-win situation: if things go well (however unlikely that is), they can take all the credit and still control Trump like a puppet, and if things don’t go well, Iran is in ruins, Trump is blamed for  a stupid and crazy war, and the Clinton gang will be poised to come back to power.
    The biggest loser in such a scenario would, of course, be the people of Iran. But the US military will not fare well either. For one thing, a plan to just “lay waste” to Iran has no viable exit strategy, especially not a short-term one, while the US military has no stomach for long conflicts (Afghanistan and Iraq are bad enough). Furthermore, once the USA destroys most of what can be destroyed the initiative will be in the Iranians’ hands and time will be on their side. In 2006 the Israelis had to fold after 33 days only, how much time will the US need before having to declare victory and leave? If the war spreads to, say, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria, then will the US even have the option to just leave? What about the Israelis – what options will they have once missiles start hitting them (not only Iranian missiles but probably also Hezbollah missiles from Lebanon!)?
    Former Mossad head Meir Dagan was fully correct when he stated that a military attack on Iran was “the stupidest thing I have ever heard”.  Alas, the Neocons have never been too bright, and stupid stuff is what they mostly do.  All we can hope for is that somebody in the USA will find a way to stop them and avert another immoral, bloody, useless and potentially very dangerous war.

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