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    Daily Digest 8/15 – Collapse Fatigue, Is America Any Safer?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, August 15, 2016, 11:53 AM


Collapse Fatigue (CleanEnergyFan)

Similar in structure to the world we are now rejecting, the alternative herd has many factions, some quite cohesive, others more fractured and splintered. There are survivalists, preppers, the woo-woo crowd, the intellectuals, the political activists, the militants and so on. There appear to be an unlimited number of cubbyholes where all sorts of kooks, geeks, homesteaders, healers and revolutionaries hang out. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see another.

Some Small-Business Owners Trim Expansion Plans, Cite New Labor Law (CleanEnergyFan)

The change could pull franchisers—ranging from big brand companies such as McDonald’s Corp. and Golden Corral Corp. to smaller operations—into labor disputes involving workers at their networks of independent owner-operators, or franchisees. The brand companies face the risk of having to pay back wages to workers fired for protesting low pay or trying to join a union; the companies also could be swept into collective-bargaining talks alongside store owners they say have total control over the workers at the stores.

Is America Any Safer? (jdargis)

Have we adjusted, politically and emotionally, so that we can make rational decisions as a government and as a people to deal with the ongoing threat? Not yet. In a bitterly divided democracy, where attention spans are short and civic engagement is low and the potential for oversimplification and governing-by-headlines is high, that is hardly a surprise.

7 Robots that are replacing farm workers around the world (Wendy SD)

In the future, robots will increasingly replace farm workers, using artificial intelligence to plant, grow and harvest our food. In fact, many farms are already using fleets of robots, which can tend to fruits and veggies more efficiently than a human can. Here’s a look at seven machines that are currently aiding farmers around the world.

Doug Casey: This Will Finish the Destruction of the American Middle Class (Herman J.)

“Learn to speculate, because they’re going to be creating a lot more bubbles in the future.”

The Numbers Behind Japan’s Sputtering Economy (jdargis)

Growth in the first three months of the year was faster than expected, with an expansion of 1.7 percent in annualized, price-adjusted terms. But in the months after that, slowing growth in China and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union weighed on the economy, and investors flocked to the Japanese currency, causing it to gain strength — and sap momentum from the Japanese economy.

How Hyperloop One Went Off the Rails (jdargis)

Startups, including success stories Facebook and Twitter, often suffer founder clashes, executive churn, and squabbles over equity. But at Hyperloop One, a high-profile company spawned from an idea by Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, things got very toxic, very fast. The dueling lawsuits and lurid accusations threaten to sully the company’s idealistic mission to create a new form of transportation.

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