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    Daily Digest 8/10 – Tracing Ebola’s Breakout, What’s the Worst Place to Be When the Power Goes Out?

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, August 10, 2014, 2:52 PM


Kurdish Forces Confront ISIS Fighters as U.S. Airstrikes Continue (jdargis)

American military officials said that four American airstrikes on Saturday hit ISIS positions near Mount Sinjar, where tens of thousands of members of the Yazidi minority had fled before the ISIS advance.

American officials said the strikes were compelled by the militants’ vow to kill the Yazidis, whom the Sunni extremists regard as apostates.

For Refugees on Mountain, ‘No Water, Nothing’ (jdargis)

As many as 40,000 people are trapped on Mount Sinjar and some 200,000 have fled to other parts of northern Iraq. American planes have dropped enough food and water for about 8,000 people in the area. Most of the refugees are Yazidis, members of a religious minority group allied with the Kurds, from towns at the foot of the mountain range.

Obama signals long U.S. military role in Iraq (jdargis)

The Islamic State is accused of attempting to perpetrate a genocide against the Yazidis and the group has threatened to advance on Erbil, where American military advisers and diplomats are stationed. The U.S. has conducted three rounds of airstrikes aimed at halting further moves toward the Kurdish capital.

Obama has pledged only limited involvement and insisted American combat troops won’t return to fight in Iraq. But he refused on Saturday to set an end-date for U.S. military operations. Instead, the White House is pressing Iraqi leaders to form a new government that can unite the country’s disparate groups and more effectively counter the militants

What’s the Worst Place to Be When the Power Goes Out? (jdargis)

On July 30, a major technical issue resulted in the station losing its electrical and heating supply for 19 hours. It is too early to speculate on why the systems failed. Power, heating, and some services like the cooking ranges and email are back online. Some equipment will have got very cold and needs to be warmed up very slowly.

Tracing Ebola’s Breakout to an African 2-Year-Old (jdargis)

Now, with 1,779 cases, including 961 deaths and a small cluster in Nigeria, the outbreak is out of control and still getting worse. Not only is it the largest ever, but it also seems likely to surpass all two dozen previous known Ebola outbreaks combined. Epidemiologists predict it will take months to control, perhaps many months, and a spokesman for the World Health Organization said thousands more health workers were needed to fight it.

American Horror, Ivy League Edition (jdargis)

Together, these three books make a persuasive case that the Ivy League is, collectively, a moribund institution, a triumph of marketing whose allure far exceeds its social utility. After all, if our finest colleges can neither turn relatively privileged men like Lohse into models of society nor vault someone like Peace out of the urban destitution from which he’d so nearly escaped, then what are they good for? Perhaps what Will Hunting says to a pompous Harvard scholar is really true: “You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on an education you coulda’ picked up for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library.” Except, of course, an Ivy League education has become even more obscenely expensive in the 17 years since Good Will Hunting romanticized Southie autodidactism.

China Loosens Monetary Conditions in Test of Credit Power (jdargis)

“The central bank worries more about inflation and financial risks, but the government is worried more about growth and employment,” said Ding Shuang, senior China economist at Citigroup Inc. (C) in Hong Kong. “Growth will rebound in the second half, so that will give the central bank some support in not expanding credit and liquidity further.”

With Premier Li Keqiang saying he wants financing charges cut for some sectors to support growth, “the central bank will still be under pressure, not necessarily to expand credit, but to lower lending costs,” Ding said.

Japan Prepares To Release Thousands Of Tons Of Fukushima Groundwater Into The Pacific (pinecarr)

The spin: dumping “decontaminated” water into the ocean is an improvement because Fukushima is already leaking some 200 tons of contaminated ground water per day into the ocean. So why not slap a “treated” sticker on the water and just dump it all. It’s not as if the idiotic plan lifted straight from Game of Thrones, which Japan came up with last year to encase Fukushima in a frozen sarcophagus had any chance of working. So now it is straight to what anyone with a functioning frontal lobe said would happen anyway: thousands if not millions of tons of radioactive water will enter the Pacific anyway. Only this time TEPCO is at least pretending to care about the truth and/or the environment.

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