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    Daily Digest 8/1 – Cashing In On Donated Dead, Stock Buybacks Reaching Dangerous Levels

    by Daily Digest

    Thursday, August 1, 2019, 5:30 AM


Trump says he will seek U.S. trade accord with Brazil (Sparky1)

“Brazil is a big trading partner. They charge us a lot of tariffs, but other than that we love the relationship,” Trump told reporters, citing what he called his great relationship with Brazil and praising Bolsonaro.

Stock buybacks are reaching dangerous levels (Aaron M.)

Borrowing money could make sense right now given extremely low interest rates driven by easy money from global central banks. The Federal Reserve is widely expected to lower interest rates on Wednesday for the first time in nearly 11 years to boost growth and firm up soft inflation.

Sign of the times: China’s capital orders Arabic, Muslim symbols taken down (Sparky1)

“They said this is foreign culture and you should use more Chinese culture,” said the manager, who, like all restaurant owners and employees who spoke to Reuters, declined to give his name due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The campaign against Arabic script and Islamic images marks a new phase of a drive that has gained momentum since 2016, aimed at ensuring religions conform with mainstream Chinese culture.

New protest erupts as Hong Kong charges 44 activists with rioting (Sparky1)

Besides calling for the extradition bill to be scrapped, rather than its suspension so far, protesters have also demanded the resignation of city leader Carrie Lam, an independent inquiry into the police’s handling of the crisis and the unconditional release of all those arrested.

Trump administration to reduce length of opioid prescriptions for federal employees (tmn)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that overdose deaths appear to have declined last year for the first time in nearly three decades. Data show nearly 68,000 reported deaths in 2018 as compared to more than 70,000 in 2017. The latest numbers are still considered provisional, but government experts expect the final tally will end up below 69,000 deaths.

Looking for work? Your next job interview might just come by text message (thc0655)

For Barnes, after a little research to confirm the recruiter’s identity, that text exchange began his hiring journey – covering his qualifications, availability and even his salary requirements. It was well into the process that he finally got to connect with his prospective bosses in person.

The Body Trade: Cashing In On Donated Dead (Sparky1)

Army officials involved in the project said they never received the consent forms that donors or their families had signed. Rather, the officials said they relied on assurances from BRC that families had agreed to let the bodies be used in such experiments.

1-year-old daughter of Congo man who died of Ebola has virus (Sparky1)

The man in his 40s was a miner returning from an area of northeastern Ituri province, Mongwalu, where no Ebola cases in this outbreak have been recorded, WHO said. He was exposed to the virus along the roughly 300-mile-long (490-kilometer) route from Komanda to Goma as he took motor taxis over a number of days through the densely populated region at the heart of the outbreak.

World’s Newest Offshore Oil Boom Struck By Political Turmoil (Michael S.)

Guyana will have to review all royalties for future oil contracts, and expects them to be higher than current rates, Mark Bynoe, director at Guyana’s Department of Energy, told Reuters in early July.

The country aims to hold a new licensing round in 2020 and expects the new licenses that will be awarded to be under the new royalty terms, according to the Guyanese official, who said that the new oil royalty regime would not affect existing contracts.

North Korea launches two short-range ballistic missiles, South Korea says (tmn)

The Blue House, the South Korean presidential office, said in a statement Wednesday that officials had held an emergency National Security Council meeting this morning.

All spent nuclear fuel in the U.S. will soon end up in one place (Sparky1)

Now, another potential storage site has emerged to store spent fuel rods from U.S. power plants. Holtec International, a corporation that specializes in managing spent nuclear fuel, has purchased 1,000 acres of desert in southeastern New Mexico for a “consolidated interim storage facility,” with plans to house 120,000 metric tons of nuclear waste over 40 years, at least initially.

37 people injured from explosion at ExxonMobil plant in Baytown; shelter-in-place lifted (Sparky1)

The 37 people were taken to an off-site clinic, said Jason Duncan, plant manager at ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant. He described the injuries as all minor first-degree burns and non-life-threatening and that no one has been hospitalized.

He also said the company has not detected any adverse impact to the community.

Secret Russian Nuclear Accident Caused a Huge Radiation Cloud to Blanket Europe, Scientists Claim (Sparky1)

The cloud—of radioactive ruthenium-106—sat above parts of Europe for weeks with levels of radiation fluctuating. It eventually cleared and radiation levels returned to normal. French and German authorities quickly determined that Russia was the most likely source. Though Russian officials acknowledged the heightened radiation, they dismissed any suggestion that the source was within the country.

Mekong River at its lowest in 100 years, threatening food supply (Sparky1)

Many rice farmers in the region have been unable to plant their main crop, raising fears of a heavily diminished harvest this fall. Less water flow could also have a devastating impact on fish reproduction in the Mekong River basin. This is normally the time when fish use rising water levels as a cue to spawn and to disperse their young, but there is little evidence of this happening so far this year.

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  • Thu, Aug 01, 2019 - 6:42pm



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    Tony had a rough day

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  • Thu, Aug 01, 2019 - 7:35pm

    Reply to #1


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    That was really disturbing....

    Thanks for sharing this, Time2help. Unfortunately, this video reinforces all my fears and cautions given to my now adult autistic son to NEVER run, resist, or do any erratic movements if he encounters law enforcement.

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  • Fri, Aug 02, 2019 - 7:45pm



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    compromising positions

    Unfortunately, for certain individuals with certain conditions, positioning them in a particular way can compromise respiratory function in a way that can be fatal.  Being positioned prone, face down,  with arms restrained behind the back, and someone’s weight on your posterior thoracic cage can lead to suffocation.  Someone with vertebral artery compromise with their cervical spine in held near end range rotation can experience compromised blood circulation to the brain.  Someone held in an inverted position long enough will die.  This is what happened to a NJ State Trooper years ago who slid in a crevice in a cave in the head down position.  He died before they could extract him.

    Even someone held in an upright position for long enough with restrained limbs can die.  This is the principle behind the slow, agonizing death caused by crucifixion.  The human body is designed for movement, whether extrinsic or intrinsic.  Totally constraining movement can be lethal, especially when thoracic cage excursion is restricted.  Very sad.

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