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    Daily Digest 7/4 – How To Deal With North Korea, The Addictive Origins Of Agriculture

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, July 4, 2017, 3:48 PM


North Korea Claims Success in Long-Range Missile Test (jdargis)

The missile test adds a volatile new element to the Trump administration’s efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, which have included naval drills off the Korean Peninsula and pressure on China, Pyongyang’s longtime ally. In a blunt phone call on Sunday, President Trump warned President Xi Jinping of China that the United States was prepared to act alone against North Korea.

How To Deal With North Korea (jdargis)

The myth holds that Korea and the Kim dynasty are one and the same. It is built almost entirely on the promise of standing up to a powerful and menacing foreign enemy. The more looming the threat—and Trump excels at looming—the better the narrative works for Kim Jong Un. Nukes are needed to repel this threat. They are the linchpin of North Korea’s defensive strategy, the single weapon standing between barbarian hordes and the glorious destiny of the Korean people—all of them, North and South.

A Wisconsin Republican Looks Back With Regret at Voter ID and Redistricting Fights (jdargis)

Schulz was in office for the birth of the efforts to tighten voting procedures and often present for the Republican deliberations about their aims. Schultz, before leaving office, voted for the initial voting measures, a decision he came to regret. He opposed some of the subsequent measures as litigation over the issues made their way through the courts and his career wound down.

War or Recession Might Be Needed to Break Low-Vol, Goldman Says (jdargis)

“Volatility spikes have been hard to predict as they often occur after unpredictable major geopolitical events, such as wars and terror attacks, or adverse economic or financial shocks and so-called ‘unknown unknowns’ (e.g. Black Monday in 1987),” London-based Mueller-Glissmann and Rizzi said. “Recessions and a slowing business cycle have historically resulted in a high vol regime across assets.”

This Supermajor Is Leading The Charge On Renewables

Total is leading what looks to be a wave of giant oil companies investing in the competition. Last year they spent nearly €1bn on buying a battery manufacturer, a move that Total chairman and chief executive Patrick Pouyanné said would “allow us to complement our portfolio with electricity storage solutions, a key component of the future growth of renewable energy”.

Climate change could exacerbate economic inequalities in the U.S. (Yoxa)

Researchers created a computer program called SEAGLAS that combined several climate simulations to forecast U.S. climate until 2100, assuming greenhouse gas emissions keep ramping up. Then, using data from previous studies on how temperature and rainfall affect several economic factors — including crop yields, crime rates and energy expenditures — SEAGLAS predicted how the economy of each of the 3,143 counties in the United States would fare.

Unique coral reef at risk as oil companies plan to drill near Amazon river (jdargis)

Reef structures in the area to be drilled “present possibilities of being impacted by oil”, the study said. In winter that possibility could be as high as 30.33%, while in summer, 20.93%, the study produced for Total by companies Proceano and AECOM said.

The Addictive Origins of Agriculture (Eric G.)

In this episode of A Worldview Apart, I explore the origins of one of the fundamental practices underlying modern civilization: agriculture. In particular I investigate a controversial theory that states that ancient people’s adoption of agriculture, including the cultivation of cereal grains and the herding of mammals for meat and milk, was driven by the pursuit of opioid chemicals found in cereal grains and milk.

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    New focus for "Black Lives Matter"?

    Imperialism can take on many different forms, but eventually it comes around, essentially, to oppression of those without the means to survive. As the inequality between those that have and those that have not continues, I fear that we are slipping slowly back into a time when climate and the conditions it may bring will change our perceptions of what the words “equity” and “equality” mean.
    After the fireworks are  over and the barbeque grill is cleaned, perhaps we should pause and remember why people risk their lives to get on squalid, leaky boats and venture into the unknown for a better life. Unfortunately, many didn’t have that choice. Independence is the exception, not the rule and it behooves us not to forget it.

    “. . .many from Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia — are either rounded up in the streets by armed groups, or held captive by the very smugglers who brought them to the country in the first place.”

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