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    Daily Digest 7/31 – Foods Of The Future, How A Tech Meltdown Could Be Contained

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    Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 1:35 PM


How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies (tmn)

Political espionage happens here, too. China, for example, is certainly out to steal U.S. technology secrets, noted former intelligence officials, but it also is heavily invested in traditional political intelligence gathering, influence and perception-management operations in California. Former intelligence officials told me that Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the source reported back to China about local politics. (A spokesperson for Feinstein said the office doesn’t comment on personnel matters or investigations, but noted that no Feinstein staffer in California has ever had a security clearance.)

Here’s how much money Americans think is enough to live comfortably (Thomas R.)

“How do you determine how much money you need?” Torabi asked Cramer. While it’s different for everybody, Cramer offered a general rule of thumb: First, determine what expenses or extravagances are important to you. Next, aim for the income required to spend without guilt on those extravagances, and then be more restrained in other areas of your life.

Here’s What We’ve Lost in the Past Decade (thc0655)

The cost of gaining tribal encouragement is essentially zero, while the risk of ostracism from the tribe is high. In a society with so few positive social structures, the self-referentially toxic digital tribe may be the primary social structure for atomized “consumers” in a dysfunctional system dominated by a rigged “market” and a central state that no longer needs the consent of the governed.

Russia dumped 84% of its American debt. What that means (Thomas R.)

That’s because investors — particularly life insurers and pension funds that serve aging baby boomers — have a big appetite for fixed income. Treasury rates quickly descended back below 3% because demand for bonds continued to grow.

How a tech meltdown could be contained (Thomas R.)

Because the tech sector comprises a quarter of the total market capitalization of the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.58% the broader market may find it difficult to advance if the industry turns decisively lower. The only way it may be able to avoid widespread pain is if health care, consumer discretionary, industrials and financials — which comprise half of the market — ignore the tech woes and continue to advance.

U.S. states make last-minute legal bid to halt 3-D online guns (TS)

In a statement on Monday, the State Department said that the decision to settle the case was made in the interests of the security and foreign policy of the United States and in consultation with the Justice Department.

The Justice Department declined to comment.

Urgent: This is How Bankers’ New SDR Crypto Blockchain Will Enslave Humanity (thc0655)

Meanwhile, we will “covertly” introduce a new digital asset protocol that will grow exponentially and address many of the shortcomings of the current banking system so as to promote early adopters to spread the use of our digital cash system (cashless society). People would start trumpeting the virtues of using this government-free monetary system and all the while the government would be acting as if it did not condone the use of it.

Harley-Davidson Unveils Barrage of New Bikes, Including Sleek Electric Model (Thomas R.)

In response, Harley is developing new models for markets where it should have already been anyway. The streetfighter muscle bike is a segment that Harley created with the original Sportster, before that model became trapped by nostalgia as a perpetual vintage bike. Now, Harley plans a true Streetfighter that can contend with bikes like the Ducati Monster and Triumph Speed Triple, along with the Yamaha V-Max.

Off Your Mental Game? You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated (Thomas R.)

“We find that when people are mildly dehydrated they really don’t do as well on tasks that require complex processing or on tasks that require a lot of their attention,” says Mindy Millard-Stafford, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology. She published an analysis of the evidence this month, based on 33 studies.

Declining fuel reserves prompts Turnbull government security review (ezlxq1949)

In an opinion piece for Fairfax Media, Mr Frydenberg stressed fuel is sourced from multiple countries: crude oil is imported from 21 countries and refined product from 47. No one nation provides more than 20 per cent of total petroleum imports.

Tesla keeps finding ways to keep Wall Street happy, and cash in the bank (Thomas R.)

There’s nothing wrong with a company pulling out the stops to fortify its finances. Yet nature of these maneuvers underlies the vulnerability of Tesla’s position as it struggles to turn consistent profits. Its strategy of delivering impressive products months late, and over budget, has worked well as long as investors have been willing to fund Tesla’s losses. Yet the company has always pulled through by slogging through “production hell” or securing almost $1 billion of what in effect are no-interest loans from the 450,000 or so people willing to put down deposits on a Tesla. If credit markets freeze or Tesla is hit with an expensive recall, the carmaker could face a severe cash crunch, plummeting share price, and—potentially—bankruptcy. Eventually it can’t get by on window dressing. It’s going to need to be a manufacturer that can deliver cars and profits consistently.

Siberian Worms Survived More Than 30,000 Years Stuck in Permafrost (Thomas R.)

In a new paper, published in Doklody Biological Sciences, the scientists describe how they analyzed 300 samples of permafrost. Of those, only two samples had viable nematodes in them. One came from the squirrel burrow; another came from a different permafrost deposit, part of a core drilling near the Alazeya River. That sample was about 42,000 years old.

Foods of the Future: What Will We Be Eating? (Thomas R.)

Harpaz predicts our reliance on genetic engineering will continue to increase as we strive to feed a growing, hungry world. Crops will be made more resistant to pests and viruses, he says, but food will look the same as it does today. Harpaz predicts a focus on function over form. “Functional foods,” like their natural counterparts (think fish rich in omega-3s), will be designed to provide added value to health-conscious consumers. This will be done not only through biotechnology, but through diet trends that contribute to better health. “There will be a focus on foods that animals eat – since that is a reflection of what we ultimately eat.”

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