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    Daily Digest 7/30 – How To Sell Gold, Backyard Chickens Can Be Health Risk

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    Monday, July 30, 2018, 3:48 PM


A Surveillance State Unlike Any the World Has Ever Seen (Sparky1)

Journalists are not immune to their attentions. No sooner have we arrived than two police officers insist on sitting down with us for a “talk.” The next day in our hotel, one of them emerges from a room on our floor. When we take a walk through the city in the morning, we’re followed by several plain-clothes officers. Eventually, we’re being tailed by some eight people and three cars, including a black Honda with a covered license plate — apparently the secret police. Occasionally, our minders seem to be leaving us alone, but already awaiting us at the next intersection are the surveillance cameras that reach into every last corner of Kashgar’s inner city. The minute we strike up conversation with anyone, officials appear and start interrogating them.

Robert Fisk: “I Traced Al-Qaeda Missile Casings In Syria Back To Their Original Sellers” (Sparky1)

The past year especially has seen an uptick in such systematic attempts to trace foreign-supplied weapons on the Syrian battlefield, most of them recovered from internationally designated terrorists groups (even ISIS), back to their origination points. We’ve previously detailed a number of these reports, for example: Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights as well as Weapons Went From The CIA To ISIS In Less Than Two Months — the latter based on extensive arms tracking and field forensics research produced by Conflict Armament Research (CAR).

Would You Pay $1 Billion for This View? (Thomas R.)

Aaron Kirman of Pacific Union Real Estate, the listing agent, recently drove a couple of visitors around the property, reeling off its numerous highlights and noting more than once that it was large enough to hold all of both Disneyland and California Adventure, another Disney park. (The site, which is in an area of Los Angeles known as Beverly Hills Post Office and has been newly branded as the Mountain of Beverly Hills, comes with permission to build nearly 1.5 million square feet of living space across multiple buildings.)

California farmers and Mexican cheese sales: US trade war takes a toll (Sparky1)

After several years of showing little if any profit, Mancebo said he had been looking forward to a turnaround in prices that might have netted his operation $50,000 to $80,000 a month later this year, allowing him to break even for 2018.

“Most months I don’t make anything, so to take that, it’s a considerable loss at this time,” said Mancebo, whose support for Trump has been undiminished despite the effect of the trade policies.

Buy gold, they say – but how do you sell it? (Thomas R.)

One attraction of gold is that it is a tangible asset that is expected to hold its value if the stock market crashes or inflation takes off. However, an investment intended to be used as protection against extreme events has little use unless it can be sold easily.

Gold is having an ugly year, but ‘this bloodbath is leading to a buying opportunity’ (Thomas R.)

According to the CFTC’s CoT data, managed money short positions have outweighed long positions for four weeks now, amounting to a near-record short position. Traditionally, it’s the opposite; gold sits in a net long position, meaning managed money longs outnumber shorts. We’ve only seen this kind of pattern twice, and both times, gold has rallied.

Politicians Angry After Amazon Facial Recognition AI Falsely Matches 28 Congress Members to Criminals (Thomas R.)

Sen. Edward Markey and Reps. Luis Gutiérrez and Mark DeSaulnier wrote a letter adressed to Bezos citing the results of ACLU’s recent test and demanding the halt of Rekognition as well as details on where the technology is currently in use. Sens. Ron Wyden, Cory Booker, and Ed Markey published another letter addressed to Chief of Police Jeffrey Smith requesting a review of the 39 law-enforcement agencies regarding their use of facial recognition and their policies for preventing abuse and misuse.

How and when should I move to a safer retirement portfolio? (Thomas R.)

Unfortunately, whether due to complacency, failure to comprehend the risk they’re taking or some other reason, many people fail to dial back their stock holdings as they enter the home stretch to retirement. For example, an Employee Benefit Research Institute report found that prior to the financial crisis, when stock prices plummeted nearly 60%, more than 40% of 401(k) participants between the ages of 56 and 65 had over 70% of their account in stocks and nearly 25% had more than 90% in equities.

European and American Views on Genetically Modified Foods (Thomas R.)

Some of the most successful varieties of GM crops in the United States have been corn and soybeans designed to be resistant to glyphosphate, a herbicide better known by its trade name, RoundUp. The company that produces RoundUp, Monsanto, created genetically engineered varieties of corn, soybean, and a few other crops that would survive being sprayed by the herbicide, allowing farmers to spray their fields extensively with the herbicide to destroy weeds.

Indonesia earthquake in popular tourist area results in multiple deaths, over 160 people injured (Thomas R.)

“People in East Lombok and Mataram felt the strong quake for 10 seconds; residents were panicking and running outside of their homes,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency, according to Sky News.

Gibraltar United to Become First Football Club to Pay Players In Cryptocurrency (Thomas R.)

Danny Stroud, head of partnerships for the London Football Exchange, said the exchange is interested in having a token-based football community to allow clubs to interact directly with fans without friction.

The exchange has also arranged to introduce cryptocurrency to the Bari, an Italian club, and Alcobendas, a Madrid based club. The agreements will reduce merchandise and ticket prices and will provide a chance for fans to purchase equity in the clubs.

Crude Oil – A Market With Wild Potential These Days (Thomas R.)

After trading at $107.73 per barrel in June 2014, the price of oil plunged on the back of increasing U.S. shale production and lethargic economic conditions around the world. The price fell steadily until it found a bottom in February 2016 at $26.05 per barrel, a drop of 75.8% in twenty-one months. Since then, the path of least resistance of the price of the energy commodity has been higher.

Coke, Meth And Booze: The Flip Side Of The Permian Oil Boom (Michael S.)

Drugs are easily accessible in the Permian, which is close to highways and to Mexico. For oil field workers making six-figure salaries, money is not a problem to buy all kinds of illegal substances to shoot, snort and swallow to get through 24-hour-plus shifts. The physically exhaustive work also sometimes causes aches for workers, making them susceptible to getting hooked on prescription painkillers.

Video: The Surprising Reality Of Depression And Suicide Among Farmers (Don R.)

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has responded by providing mental health services to farmers and their families.

Humans Have Changed Earth’s Seasons For The First Time, Study Shows (blackeagle)

While warming is famously global, summers in the troposphere are heating faster than winters, in a way physics would dictate if greenhouse gases were the culprit.

The satellite data and computer models for seasonal temperature change used by the study agree with each other even more closely than they do when gauging average annual temperature.

The American South Will Bear the Worst of Climate Change’s Costs (blackeagle)

Overall, the paper finds that climate change will cost the United States 1.2 percent of its GDP for every additional degree Celsius of warming, though that figure is somewhat uncertain. If global temperatures rise by four degrees Celsius by 2100—which is very roughly where the current terms of the Paris Agreement would put the planet—U.S. GDP could shrink anywhere between 1.6 and 5.6 percent.

The billionaire behind the world’s first genetically modified salmon (Thomas R.)

At least five of the 121,000 tons of salmon farmed in Canada last year was genetically modified, engineered to grow faster and with less food. To shoppers – given no prior warning or labelling information – the product would be impossible to distinguish from regular salmon. Labeling for genetically modified foods is not required by law in the US or Canada.

How to keep pests out of your home (Sparky1)

This is why it’s important to wash your produce as soon as you bring it in the door. A simple mixture of water and baking soda will not only remove eggs, but it will also remove pesticides. Just fill your kitchen sink with water and sprinkle some baking soda in it. Let the produce sit in the mixture for 8 minutes.

Why backyard chickens are a health risk (Sparky1)

Symptoms of salmonella begin 12 to 72 hours after a person is infected and include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramping. This can last about four to seven days, and most individuals recover without treatment. However, those who develop severe diarrhea may need to be hospitalized. Thirty-four people have been hospitalized as part of this latest outbreak.

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