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    Daily Digest 7/3 – CA Set to Go Big on Climate, Why is Canada’s 150th Birthday Controversial?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, July 3, 2017, 2:28 PM


Silicon Valley Begins to Crack Visibly (Adam)

LeEco was going to get into nearly everything, including electric cars in the US. It was going to build its global headquarters on it and hire 12,000 people. Then came reality. Earlier this year, LeEco in turn scuttled those plans and pulled back from the US, claiming that it had run into a cash crunch. It has since been trying to sell the property. There will be a buyer eventually, as always, but maybe not at $250 million.

The History of America’s Independence Day (jdargis)

On July 8, 1776, the first public readings of the Declaration were held in Philadelphia’s Independence Square to the ringing of bells and band music. One year later, on July 4, 1777, Philadelphia marked Independence Day by adjourning Congress and celebrating with bonfires, bells and fireworks.

Why is Canada’s 150th birthday controversial? (TMN)

Yet for the 1.4m First Nation, Inuit and Métis, the land’s original inhabitants, there is nothing to celebrate. “Canada 150 is so insulting,” says Pam Palmater, a Mi’kmaw lawyer and university professor. “We’ve been here for tens of thousands of years.” Their grievances go well beyond a dispute over dates. After the Dominion of Canada was formed in 1867 the new government continued colonial policies that seized their land and put them on reserves. Worse, the government tried to eradicate their culture and language by taking indigenous children from their homes and putting them in “residential schools”. First Nations could not hire a lawyer to defend their land claims until 1951. Those on reserves (some gave up their status and moved to cities) were not allowed to vote until 1960.

Federal judge in SPLC case orders drastic overhaul of Alabama prison mental health care system (jdargis)

Thompson highlighted a key issue facing the system: “persistent and severe shortages of mental-health staff and correctional staff, combined with chronic and significant overcrowding.” The judge noted that during the trial, Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn “described the prison system as wrestling with a ‘two-headed monster’: overcrowding and understaffing.”

How A Georgia Town Thwarted A Plan To Dump Tons Of Toxic Coal Ash (jdargis)

A retired high school teacher who has called Wayne County home for all of her 65 years, Riggins crafted herself a new job. She met a friend at the Cafe Euro in Jesup, the county seat, and together they began strategizing. Soon after, Riggins came up with a name for the group she would lead — No Ash At All. Soon after, No Ash At All signs poked up from yards across the county.

Scott Pruitt wants to hijack the peer-review process to push bad climate science (jdargis)

“The system they describe is precisely what scientific peer-review is,” Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, told ThinkProgress via email. “The reality is that the only thing these folks don’t like is the conclusion that the scientific community (that is, the world’s scientists, literally) has arrived at — that climate change is real, human-caused, and a threat.”

Iranian city soars to record 129 degrees: Near hottest on Earth in modern measurements (TMN)

Christopher Burt, a weather historian for Weather Underground, has exhaustively analyzed world temperature extremes and determined the 129.2 degree readings posted in Mitribah, Kuwait on July 21, 2016, and Death Valley, Calif., on June 30, 2013, are the hottest credible temperature measurements that exist in modern records.

Embracing Need for ‘WWII Style Mobilization,’ California Set to Go Big on Climate (jdargis)

The initiative City Councilman Koretz announced on Wednesday will seek to make Los Angeles carbon neutral by 2025. A Climate Justice Mobilization Working Group will also be formed, the Hollywood Patch reported, and it will “partner with the national Climate Mobilization group and try to reach the goals outlined in Canada’s LEAP Manifesto,” which Klein helped produce.

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  • Mon, Jul 03, 2017 - 6:35am



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    Venezuela lifts minimum wage for third time this year

    Venezuela lifts minimum wage for third time this year

    WKMG Orlando-12 hours ago

    But that won’t help ordinary Venezuelans. Inflation there could skyrocket 720 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. As inflation goes ..

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  • Mon, Jul 03, 2017 - 1:24pm



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    Congrats on being on the cover of Marketwatch, Chris

    Hi Chris and all,
    Congrats on making the cover of Marketwatch’s website with this article.
    Why Investors Should Brace for a Devastating Oil Shock Ahead
    News from my end: a whole lot of terracing and other landscaping as well as school gardening program development.  Garlic scape pesto was fun and so was elderberry cordial.  Thanks, Robie, for your advice in fall of 2015 regarding garlic.  It’s been a fun two first seasons!  I’ll post some garden photos later in the season.
    I’ve also been looking some at how social media changes the way we think and interact.  This relates to my general interest in how the quest for greater knowledge is handled in different arenas.
    Dave, on the trading front, things have been mostly ugly, but luckily I don’t have enough money to lose much.  Two tech shorts that were wilting have started to look viable in the last week or so. 🙂
    P.S. Why didn’t I listen to you last year, mrees!?  Just today I referred a young colleague and econ. major to the excellent blockchain dialogues here.

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  • Mon, Jul 03, 2017 - 7:17pm



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    Bad boys mess with Nasdaq computers

    Just posted from ZH this evening.
    Several major Nasdaq stocks were flash-crashed or flash-elevated to the value 123.47.
    What the heck!
    Nasdaq Triggers Market-Wide Circuit-Breaker

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  • Mon, Jul 03, 2017 - 10:37pm



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    Who knows. Maybe ask her.

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  • Tue, Jul 04, 2017 - 7:04am



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    Oh What a Headline on Bloomberg
    War or Recession Might Be Needed to Break Low-Vol, Goldman Says




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  • Tue, Jul 04, 2017 - 1:50pm



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    7/4.  3…2…1…

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