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    Daily Digest 7/16 – Beyond The Fiscal Cliff, Is it Time to Stop Worrying about Peak Oil?

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    Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 2:48 PM


Beyond The Fiscal Cliff (westcoastjan)

As we look over the fiscal cliff into our financial abyss, now is a good time to “Come Clean” about the real state of our lives, our communities, and our economy, starting with the U.S. federal finances that flow deeply and intimately throughout every aspect of our lives.

Don’t Sweat It (jdargis)

A certain class of Americans—let’s call them the brrr-geoisie—has come to see the air conditioner as a stand-in for everything that’s wrong with the country and the world. In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, cafés now throw open their windows in the dead of summer. They won’t succumb to a culture of gas-guzzling SUVs and soda-swilling layabouts! They’ll give us a place to endure the heat, to suffer the heat, to pretend to enjoy the heat, all while we sit in sweaty judgment of our neighbors. I’m working in one of these fresh-air establishments right now, my neck damp, and I’m trying to imagine the alternate universe where this place would apply the same logic in January, and shut down its furnace so we all could work as God intended.

Greece Hit by General Strike to Protest Austerity (jdargis)

The nationwide walkout, called by the country’s two main labor unions, which represent some 2.5 million workers, shut tax offices and other government services, reduced hospitals to emergency staff and disrupted travel. Trains remained in depots and international flights were suspended between noon and 4 p.m. as air traffic controllers joined the action. Public transport workers were running a reduced service to allow Greeks to join protest rallies planned for Athens and other major cities.


Last Car Plant Brings Detroit Hope and Cash (jdargis)

The profits and productivity at Jefferson North would put it on par with the most efficient luxury car plants in Germany and the best factories operated by Japanese automakers in the southern United States.

That Jefferson North is situated in one of the most impoverished parts of Detroit only made it more of a gamble for Chrysler to keep.

Is it Time to Stop Worrying about Peak Oil? (James S.)

“There is an overabundance of concern about oil depletion and not enough attention focused on the substitutes for conventional oil and other possibilities for reducing our dependence on oil,” says study co-author Adam Brandt, assistant professor of energy resources engineering at Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences.

The receding threat from ‘peak oil’ (Arthur Robey)

One leading industry figure summed up his view: “The era of cheap oil is over, but we’re a long way from peak oil – costs will go up but then technology will respond.”


Supply of the world’s favorite food is at a 12-year high (jdargis)

The type of Thai rice that is used to benchmark prices in Asia has declined 4.97% this year, as the Thai government has heavily subsidized the nation’s crop. (Prices are down substantially from the incredible highs of 2008 caused by an unfounded panic over rice shortages.)

Organic water claims misleading, says watchdog (jdargis)

“Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions that value the types of claims that directly affect the integrity of the product, such as where or how something was made, grown or produced.”
Consumers who see other brands of bottled water featuring ‘‘organic’’ claims have been urged to contact the ACCC.

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