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    Daily Digest 7/11 – India’s Worsening Drought Forces Doctors to Buy Water for Surgery, Major Market Problems Brewing

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    Thursday, July 11, 2019, 7:09 AM


Erdogan says Turkish cenbank chief ousted for refusing rate cuts: report (Sparky1)

No official reason was given for the sacking, but government sources cited Erdogan’s frustration that the bank has kept its benchmark interest rate at 24% since last September to support the ailing lira currency.

Erdogan says Turkey may face problems if central bank not overhauled: Haberturk (Sparky1)

“The central bank is the most important element in the economy’s financial pillar,” Erdogan said. “If we do not revise it completely, if we don’t put it on solid foundations, we may face living with serious problems.”

“Most importantly, he did not inspire confidence in markets. His communication with markets was not good,” he added.

Thousands of Android apps can track your phone — even if you deny permissions (

According to a study presented at PrivacyCon 2019, we’re talking about apps from the likes of Samsung and Disney that have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. They use SDKs built by Chinese search giant Baidu and an analytics firm called Salmonads that could pass your data from one app to another (and to their servers) by storing it locally on your phone first. Researchers saw that some apps using the Baidu SDK may be attempting to quietly obtain this data for their own use.

Saudi airline cancels $6B Boeing order in favor of Airbus. Who’s next? (Thomas R.)

In the case of both accidents — the first involving a Lion Air flight last October, the second of an Ethiopian Airlines flight in March — investigators have pointed the finger at software intended to prevent the plane from stalling on ascents. The system, called MCAS, was supposed to help stabilize flight trajectory but twice sent Max jets into fatal nosedives. The fleet of Max aircraft has been grounded worldwide since March, and Boeing has slowed production of the new model while its engineers work on a fix.

1,250-mile road linking Europe to China given green light (Sparky1)

In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — a global infrastructure policy aiming to build ports, roads and railways to create new trade corridors linking China to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Jim Rogers Sees Major Market Problems Brewing (Herman J.)

“Later, this year or next year when the economies around the world are getting bad, Mr. Trump is going to blame everything on the foreigners, the Chinese, the Germans, the Japanese, everybody, and then the trade war will come back and then it’s all over.”

Dead sailors stopped a ‘planetary catastrophe’ aboard a secret submarine, a top Russian naval officer said at their funeral (Thomas R.)

The July 1 incident remains a mystery, as Russia has declared the details a “state secret.” Peskov said last week that all the information about the submarine and its mission are classified at the “highest level,” ABC News reported. Even the funeral was secretive, with many in attendance refusing to show their faces or identify themselves to attending media.

Death by Asteroid: The Most Likely Ways for a Space Rock to Kill You (Thomas R.)

Rumpf and his colleagues simulated 50,000 asteroid strikes around the globe using computer models. These artificial impacts involved space rocks 50 feet to 1,300 feet wide (15 to 400 meters) — the size range that hits Earth most frequently, the scientists said.

How This Huge, Superfast Asteroid Stayed Hidden in Near-Earth Orbit (Thomas R.)

The asteroid’s elliptical orbit brings the space rock well outside of the plane on which the planets of our solar system orbit, and it gets closer than Mercury does to the sun. (Mercury is the sun’s nearest planetary neighbor.) This asteroid could have been slingshot out of the plane when it came too close to the gravitational disturbances of Venus or Mercury, according to the statement.

New York Times has 6250 Ton Cooling System, Tells People it’s Noble to Suffer w/o Air Conditioners (thc0655)

You don’t need air conditioning. But the New York Times needed your tax money to help fund its 6250 ton system.

“Fire, the saying goes, made us human. Does air-conditioning make us less so?” the Times piece asks.

California earthquake created a massive crack in the Earth visible in satellite images (Thomas R.)

The large crack extends some distance from an area that apparently held water before. The erosion patterns on the desert sand indicate that some of that water was sucked out.

The satellite image isn’t the only evidence that the region’s topography was changed by the earthquake.

Move Over San Andreas: There’s An Ominous New Fault In Town (tmn)

The results were astonishing. GPS stations indicated that only about 75 percent of the tectonic movement between the Pacific and North American Plates was actually occurring along the San Andreas Fault. Much of the remaining 25 percent was bypassing the San Andreas and roaring up the Eastern Sierra, toward Reno, along the Walker Lane. For geologists, it was like discovering that a quarter of the Mississippi River is somewhere out in Colorado.

How A Grocery Store’s Plan To Shame Customers Into Using Reusable Bags Backfired (Thomas R.)

Although the bags were meant to force customers to think twice about their plastic consumption — smaller text on the bags read, “Avoid the shame. Bring a reusable bag” — Kwen wasn’t defeated by the attention his plan got.

“The underlying thing is that it creates conversation, and that’s what we actually wanted to get across to the general public,” he says.

India’s Worsening Drought Is Forcing Doctors to Buy Water for Surgery (Sparky1)

Up north, India’s capital New Delhi has recorded the worst monsoon delay in 45 years. With piped water supply available to less than a fifth of Delhi homes, political parties have traded barbs with the state government over the lack of planning for water-truck supplies to large swathes of the city.

How the raw greed of corporate monopolists has squeezed the farming industry (Don R.)

Today, two-thirds of the world’s crop seed supply is controlled by only four private entities — with Bayer controlling a quarter to a third of the global seed market. In just two decades, U.S. farmers have seen the price of seeds for major row crops nearly quadruple, even as the pay they receive for raising those crops has plummeted.

Predatory “Green Capitalism” Is Monetizing the Air, and It’s Going to Cost You (thc0655)

The neoliberal predators have come up with a new sales pitch to cover their predation: “green capitalism,” the notion that sending all the Bad Things to the landfill and replacing them with very costly (and oh so profitable to global corporations and financiers) Good Things will magically save a status quo dependent on “Growth” while also magically reducing CO2.

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