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    Daily Digest 6/9 – The End Of Job Growth, Metal-Free Catalyst Outperforms Platinum In Fuel Cell

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    Sunday, June 9, 2013, 4:06 PM


As Home Sales Heat Up Again, Buyers Must Resort to Cold Cash (jdargis)

After saving money for years, waiting for the residential real estate market to hit bottom, buyers all over the country appear eager to get back in, lured by low interest rates and the prospect of a good deal.

Births Rise as Parents-to-Be Renew Confidence in Economy (jdargis)

The economy is slowly recovering from an economic downturn that sent the unemployment rate to a 26-year high of 10 percent in October 2009. The jobless rate has since fallen to 7.5 percent and home prices rose in the 12 months through March by the most in seven years.

Big Brother Is Listening (jdargis, from 2006)

The NSA has the ability to eavesdrop on your communications—landlines, cell phones, e-mails, BlackBerry messages, Internet searches, and more—with ease. What happens when the technology of espionage outstrips the law’s ability to protect ordinary citizens from it?

Welcome To The End Of Job Growth (jdargis)

This is a population story, not a Great Recession story. As Conor Sen points out, the prime-age labor force of 25 to 54-year-olds has been mostly flat since 2000 when we hit Peak Boomer. It's not likely to go up much now unless immigration reform happens. Indeed, the Chicago Fed figures that if immigration, which has collapsed since the collapse, rebounds to just 2008 rather than 2012 levels that trend growth will rise to 65,000 by the late 2010s.

Student Loan Rates Might Be About to Double, So Here's What It'll Cost You (jdargis)

First things first: If rates do go up on July 1, only new loans will be affected. This detail sometimes gets lost by the media, but it's crucial to remember. Old borrowers can breathe easy knowing that they'll keep on paying whatever rate they enjoy today.

Christie Shore Revival Glosses Over Towns Still Repairing (jdargis)

The governor has welcomed the U.K.’s Prince Harry to the shore in Mantoloking and Seaside, dedicated boardwalks in Belmar and Lavallette, cut a 5.5-mile ribbon in Seaside Heights and joined Obama on May 28 for a look at rebuilding efforts in Asbury Park and Point Pleasant.

“Everybody is ready to welcome America back to the Jersey shore this summer and so am I,” Christie said in Asbury Park.

Metal-free catalyst outperforms platinum in fuel cell (Arthur Robey, Ben)

The research was led by Jong-Beom Baek, director of the Interdisciplinary School of Green Energy/Low-Dimensional Carbon Materials Center at South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. Fellow authors include: In-Yup Jeon, Hyun-Jung Choi, Min Choi, Jeong-Min Seo, Sun-Min Jung, Min-Jung Kim and Neojung Park, from Ulsan; Sheng Zhang from Case Western Reserve; and Lipeng Zhang and Zhenhai Xia from North Texas.

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  • Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 2:42pm


    Arthur Robey

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    Going Up, or Going Down?

    As some wag said on the Bloomburg article on rising births in the USA

    Actually more births are recorded with impending doom scenarios

    Like this Limits to growth chart clearly shows.

    Like it or loath it, we are going to have to go to the lagrange points. There is only one way out of this trap we have made for ourselves and that is staight Up.


    Just in case you were thinking that this is some theoretical exercise in niceties, here is a Right Brain impression on just who we are talking about.

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