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    Daily Digest 6/30 – Interpol Rolls Out Voice ID Database, The New Space Arms Race

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, June 30, 2018, 12:34 PM


The New Satellite Arms Race Threatening to Explode In Space (Sparky1)

Minutes later, the radar screens began to track a growing cloud of debris—at least 3,000 pieces of shrapnel that would each, Shelton knew, spend the next several years slingshotting around Earth at speeds that could far exceed that of a bullet. Shelton was stunned. The Chinese had just shot a satellite out of the sky.

Ottawa’s push to share more border-crossing data with U.S. raising red flags over privacy (Uncletommy)

The bill quietly cleared the House last week and is awaiting Senate debate in the fall. Once enacted, it would allow the government to keep tabs on just how long someone was outside the country — information that could be used to claw back social benefits like Old Age Security (OAS), Employment Insurance (EI) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) from those who have been away too long to qualify.

Inside the White House’s Quiet Campaign to Create a Supreme Court Opening (tmn)

“Say hello to your boy,” Mr. Trump said. “Special guy.” Mr. Trump was apparently referring to Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin. The younger Mr. Kennedy spent more than a decade at Deutsche Bank, eventually rising to become the bank’s global head of real estate capital markets, and he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role.

Interpol Rolls Out International Voice Identification Database Using Samples from 192 Law Enforcement Agencies (Sparky1)

Cynthia Wong, a researcher at Human Rights Watch, warned that a broad mandate could lead to an ever-expanding collection. “There are many instances where we might consent to our voice being recorded for one purpose, but would object to using it for others, including using our voice to build and train a massive voice biometric database and recognition system,” she said. “Or perhaps we didn’t consent to our voice being recorded at all — perhaps our voice was secretly recorded or inadvertently caught in the background of a recording, but has now been placed in Interpol’s database.

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked a Personal Info Database With 340 Million Records (Sparky1)

Aside from the sheer breadth of the Exactis leak, it may be even more remarkable for its depth: Each record contains entries that go far beyond contact information and public records to include more than 400 variables on a vast range of specific characteristics: whether the person smokes, their religion, whether they have dogs or cats, and interests as varied as scuba diving and plus-size apparel. WIRED independently analyzed a sample of the data Troia shared and confirmed its authenticity, though in some cases the information is outdated or inaccurate.

‘Cash is just grief’: why shops and bars want to make you pay by card (tmn)

McCall’s Manchester coffee shop Takk takes cash. But opening Öl and a second Takk at the student-oriented Hatch was a chance to dispense with the £3,000- to £5,000-a-year in bank charges that the original Takk, like every business, incurs for depositing cash. “We pay above Living Wage [Foundation rates], but we want to pay our 25 staff more,” says McCall. The savings made by going card-only will help with that.

The Army Took Over the Spigots, Forcing Thirsty Venezuelans to Pay (Sparky1)

Last week, the president named Evelyn Vasquez, an official of state utility Hidrocapital, as the head of a new water ministry, a move he said would help achieve access and care standards laid out in the United Nations’s Millennium Development Goals. The country was supposed to have reached that landmark by 2015, but the crisis hasn’t respected bureaucratic timetables.

Martian Dust Storm Grows Global; Curiosity Captures Photos of Thickening Haze (tmn)

For NASA’s human scientists watching from the ground, Curiosity offers an unprecedented window to answer some questions. One of the biggest is: why do some Martian dust storms last for months and grow massive, while others stay small and last only a week?

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  • Sat, Jun 30, 2018 - 11:14am



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    Posts: 1920

    Schaefer Heresy Trial begins next week in Munich

    My personal value judgement is that questioning myths is of the absolute highest priority for a thinking people who wish to be free.
    [The following is adapted from Christopher Bollyn’s writing]
    The Schaeifer Herasy Trial begins next week in Munich.  Alfred and Monika Schaefer are siblings from a German-Canadian family who grew up in Alberta, Canada. Next week they will begin a court process in Munich, Germany. Monika has been jailed since January 3, 2018, charged with Volksverhetzung, or “incitement to hatred.”
    Monika supposedly committed this crime when she made a video in which she asks her Mother questions about what she knew and saw about alleged German atrocities during World War II.   She explains that she does no longer believes the holocaust myth as it is told.
    This is the video:  “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” 

    (Disclaimer:  I have not watched this video.  And I am not a historian.  But I have read summaries of multiple authors who estimate the numbers of civilians killed in different ways.  It is reasonable, in my opinion, to review information from various sources.)
    The Holocaust narrative or myth, which is taught to young students in Europe, is ITSELF an  “incitement to hatred.”  It is the foundational myth of “perpetual persecution” belief, upon which the genocide of the Palestinians is justified.  And, I have come to believe, upon which the 9/11 false flag was justified which brought the US military to fight Israel’s Arab neighbors, and to ratchet up the surveillance state in the US with the Patriot Act.
    Three years before 9-11, Phillip Zelikow was the director of the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, where he spoke about the importance of the “public myth” (he prefers the term “public presumptions” in order to avoid the negative connontations of “myth”). The following extracts of his paper give us a good idea of how Zelikow viewed the myths. 
    “Public myths” are beliefs

    (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty),  
    (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.
    (3) the sources for such myths are both personal (from direct experience) and vicarious (from books and movies,)… particularly “searing”or “molding”events take on “transcendent” power–they retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene.

    When Zelikow says these “public myths” are shared in common within the relevant political community, he means that the controlled media and politicians ALL support these myths.
    And with the Schaefer Heresy Trial, we have the criminalization of questioning this myth.
    In a recent interview, Pepe Escobar refers to a group as “The Manhattan Elite” as an aristocracy that [almost] “rules the world” through ownership of media, banking, business, acedemia and thought leaders.  This is a very intelligent and successful group.  From what I can gather, this is the same group.  The Deep State.  The neoconservatives.

    Once more, a disclaimer:
    1.  Most of the Manhattan Elite are Jewish.
    2.  Most Jewish people are not a part of the Manhattan Elite.
    3.  Not ALL of these Elite are Jewish.

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  • Sun, Jul 01, 2018 - 1:54pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    Portland Demonstrations

    ZH reports on demonstrations in Portland.  One side, the Prayer Patriots carrying flags (BLUE Meme) and the Antifa wearing black with faces hidden.
    I am very very happy to say that police confiscated weapons, clubs, knifes and pepper spray prior to allowing the two groups into proximity.
    Then when the did come into proximity, police broke them apart with tear gas when they started to get unruly.
    Nobody got knifed, beaten or shot.  
    Well done Portland Police Department!

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  • Sun, Jul 01, 2018 - 4:26pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    John Bolton's Fear: A World at Peace

    Paul Craig Roberts and The Saker look over the upcoming Trump – Putin summit from the stand point of the world’s behind the scens power brokers.  How can relationships be improved when the Manhattan Elites (the neocons) activly oppose it and their agent, John Bolton, is sitting at the table with Trump and Putin?
    The advantages of a meeting

    Putin himself sees benefits in the meeting as does Trump. Putin sees hope of improving relations between the two governments. Of course, the “strained relations” are entirely due to Washington, which has demonized both Russia and Putin with false accusations and hostile acts such as illegal sanctions. It was miscalculation for Washington to expect Russia to give up its Black Sea naval base to Washington’s coup in Ukraine.
    What can an agreement be based on? Bolton’s position has been opposed to making any agreement with Russia or cooperating with Russia in any way. From the neoconservative standpoint, Russia is in the way of US world hegemony. As the neoconservative foreign policy doctrine states, it is a principle US goal to prevent the rise of any country that could serve as a check on American unilateralismRussia is a challenge to the American World Order because Russia stands in the way of the American unipolar world.

    The problem

    Among the ruling interests in the US, one interest even more powerful than the Israel Lobby—the Deep State of the military/security complex— there is enormous fear that an uncontrollable President Trump at the upcoming Putin/Trump summit will make an agreement that will bring to an end the demonizing of Russia that serves to protect the enormous budget and power of the military-security complex.
    You can see the Deep State’s fear in the editorials that the Deep State handed to the Washington Post (June 29) and New York Times (June 29), two of the Deep State’s megaphones, but no longer believed by the vast majority of the American people.  The two editorials share the same points and phrases.  They repeat the disproven lies about Russia as if blatant, obvious lies are hard facts.
    Both accuse President Trump of “kowtowing to the Kremlin.”  Kowtowing, of course, is not a Donald Trump characteristic.
    The Deep State editorial handed to the WaPo reads: “THE REASONS for the tension between the United States and Russia are well-established. Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine, instigated a war in eastern Ukraine, intervened to save the dictatorship of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, interfered in the U.S. presidential election campaign to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump, poisoned a former intelligence officer on British soil and continues to meddle in the elections of other democracies.”
    The WaPo’s opening paragraph is a collection of all the blatant lies assembled by the Deep State for its Propaganda Ministry. 

    But Putin is underpressure from the Russian version of the deep state, called the Atlanticist Integrationsists.

    While the Washington Post and New York Times are telling us that if Trump meets with Putin, Trump will sell out US national security, The Saker says that Putin finds himself in a similar box, only it doesn’t come from the national security interest, but from the Russian Fifth Column, the Atlanticist Integrationists whose front man is the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, who represents the rich Russian elite whose wealth is based on stolen assets during the Yeltsin years enabled by Washington.  [SP note–8 of the 9 Russian Oligarchs are Jewish.  It was financing from western Jewish bankers that allowed these Russians to buy state assets under Yeltsin privitization program. and here]  These elites, The Saker concludes, impose constraints on Putin that put Russian sovereignty at risk. Economically, it is more important to these elites for financial reasons to be part of Washington’s empire than to be a sovereign country. 
    I find The Saker’s explanation the best I have read of the constraints on Putin that limit his ability to represent Russian national interests.

    And last, a picture of John Bolton waking up from a nightmare:

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  • Mon, Jul 02, 2018 - 2:11pm



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    Ron Paul on Trump-Putin Summit

    Today, the Ron Paul Institute posts his thoughts on the Trump-Putin Summit.  They sound a lot like PCR’s comments posted here yesterday.
    The neoconservatives and the liberal left anti-Trumpers have joined forces.

    President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Moscow last week organizing what promises to be an historic summit meeting between his boss and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bolton, who has for years demanded that the US inflict “pain” on Russia and on Putin specifically, was tasked by Trump to change his tune. …
    As could be expected given the current political climate in the US, the neoconservatives have joined up with the anti-Trump forces on the Left – and US client states overseas – to vigorously oppose any movement toward peace with Russia. The mainstream media is, as also to be expected, amplifying every objection…

    Ukraine and the British are not happy

    Bolton had hardly left Moscow when the media began its attacksUS allies are “nervous” over the planned summit, reported Reuters. They did not quote any US ally claiming to be nervous, but they did speculate that both the UK and Ukraine would not be happy were the US and Russia to improve relations. But why is that? The current Ukrainian government is only in power because the Obama Administration launched a coup against its democratically-elected president to put US puppets in charge. They’re right to be nervous. And the British government is also right to be worried. They swore that Russia was behind the “poisoning” of the Skripals without providing any evidence to back up their claims. Hundreds of Russian diplomats were expelled from Western countries on their word alone. And over the past couple of months, each of their claims has fallen short.
    At the extreme of the reaction to Bolton’s Russia trip was the US-funded think tank, the Atlantic Councilwhich is stuck in a 1950s time warp. Its resident Russia [arch neocon] “expert,” Anders Åslund….

    But, the American People Approve

    President Trump should understand that any move toward better relations with Russia has been already pre-approved by the American people. His position on Russia was well known. He campaigned very clearly on the idea that the US should end the hostility toward Russia … and find a way to work together….
    President Trump would be wise to ignore the neocon talking heads and think tank “experts” paid by defense contractors. He should ignore the “never Trumpers” who have yet to make a coherent policy argument opposing the president. The extent of their opposition to Trump seems to be “he’s mean and rude.” [SP addendum–though “mean,” “rude” and “narcisistic” may have some validity!]

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