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    Daily Digest 6/28 – Venezuela Blackout Leaves Commuters Scrambling, Edible Gardens Go To The Ballpark

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, June 28, 2014, 1:56 PM


Venezuela blackout leaves commuters scrambling, silences president (Adam)

The problems extended to Maracaibo, Venezuela’s second city, and the industrial center of Valencia.

The OPEC nation has suffered an increasing number of power outages in recent years, which critics have attributed to low electricity tariffs and limited state investment following the 2007 nationalization of the power sector.

Here’s when housing will recover — for real (jdargis)

Harvard’s Joint Center just published its annual overview of the housing market, which highlights several things that still must happen for housing to fully recover. A healthy housing market is vital to the economy because it generates spending not just on homes but on furniture, appliances and many other key categories of goods and services. If the housing market is sputtering, the overall economy is likely to do the same, and vice versa. That’s basically what has been happening.

How to mine cryptocurrency and save the planet (jdargis)

The whole thing cost around $380 (£223) to make, using a Raspberry Pi, solar panels, batteries and a touchscreen. It can be synced up with an app Auriti is in the process of making, which will encourage users to take photos of trash they see lying around on the streets and put a value on it for other miners to scrape up. It’s a nice way of spreading the word, but it means the photographer will be taking photos of trash rather than cleaning it up. A little odd, but if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, at least you’re spreading the word.

Our Economic Growth Is a Mystery. Obamacare Is the Reason. (jdargis)

The United States has overhauled its health care system, which accounts for one-sixth of the engine of the economy. But President Obama’s health reform legislation has two sets of goals. It aims to expand health coverage to millions of Americans without insurance. And it aims to make the American health care system more efficient, to force doctors and hospitals to deliver care in a more cost-effective way.

Here Are the 43,634 Properties in Detroit That Were on the Brink of Foreclosure This Year (jdargis)

This mosaic, created with images from Google Maps Street View, shows one of the many enormous challenges facing Detroit as it tries to climb out of debt. As of January, the owners of these properties collectively owed the county more than $328 million in unpaid taxes and fees. Since then, some have paid their debts, entered in payment plans or qualified for assistance. But 26,038 properties, shown with a yellow triangle, remain in jeopardy, and many are headed for public auction.

Thinking Local (jdargis)

This week, I visited the largest fuel cell power plant in the U.S. It’s in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which has fallen on hard times. The city’s landscape is dominated in part by the Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station, a 47-year-old beast of a coal-burning plant that hulks by the water and has a capacity of 400 megawatts. But under Mayor Bill Finch, Bridgeport is quietly becoming something of a demonstration site for urban energy innovation. It is covering an old landfill in solar panels, for example.

Edible Gardens Go to the Ballpark (jdargis)

Leafy greens and spindly herbs grow on aeroponic towers, a lightweight, water-wise alternative to planters. This collaboration between The San Francisco Giants and their food service partner, Bon Appétit Management Company,with designs by Blasen Landscape Architecture and EDG, are helping fans get more roughage into their game-day diet. The produce will be used in the restaurants on-site, and to power-up Giants’ players with kale salads and smoothies.

Hot Zone (jdargis)

It’s far too early, considering this is happening in real time, to figure out what is motivating ISIS and its members. Certainly, the natural resource stresses in the region make things worse. Terrorist organizations can try to control those resources and gain significant influence and power. You can’t say climate change is causing ISIS to do what it’s doing, but it [climate change] certainly has a role to play in the region.

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    NYT on health care

    Our Economic Growth Is a Mystery. Obamacare Is the Reason

    the author confuses what happened….the change in real GDP is inflation adjusted…if prices go down but units of health care delivered goes up, that would add to GDP…what happened in the first quarter was that we delivered less health care…

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