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    Daily Digest 6/25 – Land Of The Unaccountable, Are We Reaching Peak Energy Demand?

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, June 25, 2015, 3:15 PM


Schools After An Economic Collapse? (Andrew)

Schools have changed quite a bit in the last few years. I’m not yet forty and I remember a very different school environment. I would have the monthly Guns & Ammo magazine which I openly read in the classroom during breaks and by the time I was fifteen years old teachers knew that if they needed to cut something I was the kid to ask for help because I always had a folding knife with me… in the classroom.

Is It Possible to Hide From the Privacy Invasion? (Tiffany B.)

Alleged Chinese hackers stole the electronic identities of 18 million Americans recently, a number that is expected to grow as more information surfaces. Nobody knows what they were looking for — compromising information for blackmail purposes? Government security clearances? Whatever they wanted, they didn’t have to work too hard to find it. This invasion of privacy was quite simple.

America – Land Of The Free (And Entirely Unaccountable) (pinecarr)

“So to date you don’t consider anyone at OPM to be personally responsible [for the attack]?” Moran asked her. “Or is this simply a problem with the system and no one in particular is responsible?”

Archuleta responded, “I’m as angry as you are that this has happened at OPM. But cybersecurity is the responsibility of all of us.”

We Don’t Know How Bad Secret Obama Trade Deal Really Is: Ellen Brown (pinecarr)

Obama’s secret trade deals greatly helps out big banks. Brown says, “It looks to me the banking system is in control. That’s where all the big money comes from, and that’s where the two big parties got their money. It’s been this way ever since Rockefeller and Morgan back then in 1900—the Democrats and the Republicans. Brown goes on to say, “The goal here is “they” want to own everything and rent it back to us. So, law is no longer a way to protect the people. Law is now to protect the corporations and serve the corporations.”

Martin Ford, on the robots coming for your job (Arthur Robey)

The technology has moved even faster than I thought. I talked about an autonomous car back then, and it happened within a year. Same with IBM’s Watson (the computer that won the quiz show “Jeopardy” in 2011). That was pretty remarkable. But in general I haven’t changed my view that in the long term this is going to be a disruptive change and we’re going to have to do something fairly radical to adapt to it. It might be 10, 20 years, but eventually we’ll get to the point where there won’t be enough jobs for most people – average people who aren’t rocket scientists with a Ph.D. from MIT.

In Gold We Trust 2015: Gold Remains In A Secular Bull Market (Taki T.)

It seems obvious to us that the crux of the matter is the current inflationary uncovered debt money system. This system requires exponential inflation of the supply of money and credit. A consistent expansion of monetary aggregates in the traditional manner is no longer possible in the current phase. Consequently, the financial system finds itself in an increasingly unstable situation.

BP Data Suggests We Are Reaching Peak Energy Demand (thc0655)

One of our underlying problems is that energy costs have risen faster than most workers’ wages since 2000. Another underlying problem has to do with globalization. Globalization provides a temporary benefit. In the last 20 years, we greatly ramped up globalization, but we are now losing the temporary benefit globalization brings. We find we again need to deal with the limits of a finite world and the constraints such a world places on growth.

Investors Should Prepare For The Long Infrastructure Boom (Tom K.)

Even if and when investors ‘see the light,’ the hard part is knowing where to put the capital next in order generate a return on clean energy, water, and infrastructure. The New Energy complex includes leading renewable energy companies, electric transport and the development of a much smarter grid (which will include some measure of storage), where the ownership of key assets is widely distributed.

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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2015 - 4:07pm



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    Twice as many Americans forced to delay marriage,college,kids


    1. Twice as many Americans now forced to delay marriage, college, kids
    2. MERS Prompts Fiscal Stimulus in Korea as Confidence Falls
    3. Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Mounts With Key Deadline Just Week Away
    4. Muni Buyers Bedazzled by Junk-Bond Yields Let Protections Slip
    5. Sacramento region hit hard by CalPERS health plan rate hikes
    6. Greece’s businesses buckle after months on brink of bankruptcy
    7. Goldman Sees Ukraine Default in July as Debt Standoff Holds

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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2015 - 4:30pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    CHS:-Collapse Part 4: Loss of faith in public institutions


    Collapse, Part 4: Loss Of Faith In Public Institutions, by Charles Hugh Smith

    I really think that Charles has hit this issue squarely on the head.  I appreciate his historic review of the collapse of civilizations.  

    For me, the situation has moved beyond the “lack of faith” stage.  I feel a high level of certainty that many public institutions serve the elite and are integral parts of the mechanism for the stripping of wealth from the public and consolidation of power in the hands of the few.

    Nothing says this more clearly than the TPP story.  See Charles’ review linked above.

    I do not believe that it is any coincidence that domestic military exercises to control public uprisings are taking place now.  At some point the loss of faith will render “soft totalitarianism” ineffective will have to give way to hard.

    I know that most everyone here at pp understands this, too.  Big money gathers in political action committees (PACs) which fund the election of cooperative politicians who then appoint industry insiders to head the agencies that regulate those same industries.  The industries now own their own oversight process.  The marriage of big business and government.  Organized crime.



    1.  Here is a building being blown up WITH A THOUSAND HUMAN BEINGS INSIDE IT.

    2.  The CFTC serves the financial elite by enabling insiders to accumulate silver at discounted prices .

    3.  How many of us feel that firing missiles into weddings and schools in Yemen is a way to promote peace and democracy?  Here is a picture of a really fun wedding in Yemen.  Don’t you wish you could have been there to celebrate with the union of this young man and woman with food, dancing, singing, prayer — at least up until the moment that the Hellfire missile detonated?

    The MIC must generate enemies to continue harvesting taxpayer money and expanding its reach.

    I won’t even get into the military protection of the poppy fields of Afghanistan, drug smuggling as a fund raising mechanism for America’s covert agencies [Kill the Messenger] or the for profit prison industry that incarcerates vastly disproportionate numbers of young black men for simple drug possession.


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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2015 - 5:29pm


    Taz Alloway

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    Oslo creates world's first 'highway' to protect endangered bees

    From flower emblazoned cemeteries to rooftop gardens and balconies, Norway's capital Oslo is creating a "bee highway" to protect endangered pollinators essential to food production

    Oslo's "bee highway" aims to give the insects a safe passage through the city, lined with relays providing food a shelter — the first such system in the world, according to the organisers.

    Participants in the project — state bodies, companies, associations and private individuals — are invited to post their contribution on a website, which maps out the bees' route across the city.

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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2015 - 6:20pm



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    Ron Paul suspects US Fed will bail out Greece

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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2015 - 7:45pm



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    Obamacare tax increases are now locked in at least through 2016

    "After Obamacare, an extra 0.9% Medicare tax is charged on: (1) salary and/or SE income above $200,000 for an unmarried individual, (2) combined salary and/or SE income above $250,000 for a married joint-filing couple, and (3) salary and/or SE income above $125,000 for those who use married filing separate status. For self-employed individuals, the additional 0.9% Medicare tax hit comes in the form of a higher SE bill. "

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  • Sun, Jun 28, 2015 - 1:02pm



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    The way humans get electricity

      Very pleased to see this article appear here.  

       While I agree that renewable's are going to take over the electricity markets and I like solar as the main reason, I don't agree with the timeline.  I believe that solar will become the dominant provider of electricity much faster than the article suggests.   Solar output world wide, has doubled in the last two years from 1% to 2% of total electricity production.  Were it to double again in the next two years (to 4%) it is easy to see why the article states that "coal is on the way out".   Further, if solar were to double again (in two additional years) that would show that 8% of the worlds electricity would be coming from solar. At that point, nuclear could be on its way out and I would rather see nuclear leave the stage first because of the meltdown dangers and spent rod storage problems.  Another doubling (16%) and maybe we can expect both coal and nuclear to be on their way out.  Certainly no new such plants would have to be built.  As an aside, if new electric plants are to be built, they should be of the molten salt type, powered by thorium.

       Looking around at my home I see that we have installed decorative solar lights on the street side of our house and they light up all night.  I am thinking that these will be scaled up to light the inside of a house soon.   Also I have put up solar powered electric fencing around my new 1/3 acre permaculture food forest and it is working fine.  Out in the garage is my electric motorcycle that I use to run errands around town and all of last year it was run on solar power that it got from my small solar panel, battery, and inverter assembly.

       Planning ahead a few years, sure I can see solar panels going up on our roof to provide power, but I would much rather see solar panels being designed so that they can become the roof. 

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