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    Daily Digest 6/2 – The Threat of Contagion, How Fracking Company CEOs Get Rich While Losing Billions

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, June 2, 2018, 2:21 PM


The Threat of Contagion (thc0655)

When the targeted instrument or fund is driven under, credit losses spread to a wider group of fund counterparts who then fall under suspicion themselves. Soon a market-wide liquidity panic emerges in which, “everybody wants his money back.”

The Grand Poobah Has Spoken On Gun Rights (Thomas R.)

“They kill eight, ten, twenty–more or less–people, and families mourn the loss of their dear ones,” Khamenei continued. “Why do they not stop this? The reason is that gun companies prevent this, and the US administrations are under the influence of these companies. This is a very important issue which should be addressed and pursued by the UN.”

The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary (yogmonster)

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, where every position of power is appointed by either the king or other members of the Al Saud royal family from which the nation derives its name. Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the U.S., and took the opportunity to deeply criticize the two nations' mutual foe, Iran, and its commitment to democracy weeks after it held its presidential election.

Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company Helped Shape Saudi Arabia’s Reform Movement (tmn)

The work by Cambridge’s parent, a secretive defense and intelligence contractor called SCL Group, presaged the tumultuous changes that are reshaping the kingdom. The company, now mired in scandals related to its corporate practices and the use of Facebook user data, conducted a detailed population study. It provided a psychological road map of the kingdom’s citizenry and its sentiment toward the royal family, even testing potential reform steps as they charted a path forward to preserve stability.

END OF THE WORLD: 70 percent of humanity will DIE in shock DOOMSDAY scenario (Thomas R.)

The “sobering” predictions were based on a study of the development of distant planets to map out the theoretical rise and fall of alien civilisations.

The theoretical extraterrestrials were dubbed “exo-civilisations” and the scientists believe learning from their mistakes could help humanity prevent future catastrophe on Earth.

12 Ways to Stop Wasting Money and Take Control of Your Stuff (Thomas R.)

First and foremost, being grateful—not just for possessions, but also for the people, places and simple pleasures in life—is good for the soul. But an attitude of gratitude is also a proven antidote to impulse purchasing because it creates a sense of abundance within the individual. When you’re feeling full of gratitude, you’re less likely to subconsciously try to fill emotional holes by treating yourself with gifts and accumulating more stuff.

Flip This Well: How Fracking Company CEOs Get Rich While Losing Billions (Terry L.)

Wilson made his name in the industry by doing just that three times before. He sold Hugoton Energy to fracking giant Chesapeake Energy for big profits, flipped the company 3TEC to Plains Exploration & Production and then sold his company Petrohawk to energy giant BHP. The latter sale was a big, and necessary, win for Wilson. As one analyst told Dealbook at the time, “Petrohawk tapped practically every source of capital that it could.” When you run out of people willing to lend you money, it is time to flip.

Scuba diving death: Bethany Farrell given 'inadequate training' (Thomas R.)

Ms Farrell panicked and swam to the surface for about 40 seconds, with witnesses describing hearing her call out and wave her arms in distress, but she was unable to stay afloat.

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