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    Daily Digest 6/18 – HSBC Plans To Cut 35,000 Jobs Worldwide, Pandemic Deepens New York’s Hunger Crisis

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    Thursday, June 18, 2020, 7:04 AM


HSBC resumes plan to cut 35,000 jobs worldwide (Sparky1)

Profitability for 2020 was expected to be “materially lower” than 2019 despite the cost cutting, the bank said in April. Loan losses could reach $11bn (£8.8bn) this year, it said. Expected credit losses ballooned by $2.4bn in the first three months of 2020 as the pandemic hit Asia and then Europe.

Americans face new coronavirus challenge: a shortage of coins (Sparky1)

“We are working with the Mint and the Reserve Banks and as the economy reopens we are seeing coins beginning to move around again,” Powell said. He made the remarks in response to a question from Tennessee Congressman John Rose, who said a bank in his district told him it would run out of coins by the end of the week because the Fed was only sending a portion of its usual order of coins.

“We all don’t want to wake up to headlines in the near future such as ‘Banks run out of money,’” he said. Banks “don’t know what to tell their customers.”

Requiring masks ‘political hazard’ as COVID-19 surges in California breadbasket (Sparky1)

Last week, the chief health officer for Orange County in Southern California resigned amid protests and personal attacks after she issued an order to wear masks in public. Four other health officers in California have resigned or retired in the last two months, as have two public health department directors, local media have reported as cases and deaths continue to rise in the state.

“We Need Protein” — Coronavirus Pandemic Deepens New York’s Hunger Crisis (Sparky1)

The pandemic has caused historic levels of hunger nationwide. Drone footage of seemingly endless lines of cars waiting to pick up food from pantries in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas convey the scope of our new reality, in which food insecurity is meaningfully higher than at any point for which there is comparable data, as a study by the Brookings Institution found. According to that report, more than 1 in 5 households in the U.S. were food insecure by the end of April, the most recent month for which data is available, as were 2 in 5 households with mothers of children ages 12 and under.

The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America (Sparky1)

Figure 1 illustrates the high levels of food insecurity observed in the COVID Impact Survey and in the Survey of Mothers with Young Children. By the end of April, more than one in five households in the United States, and two in five households with mothers with children 12 and under, were food insecure. In almost one in five households of mothers with children age 12 and under, the children were experiencing food insecurity.

Iconic Amazon indigenous chief Paiakan dies of virus (Sparky1)

He gained international recognition leading the fight against the environmental destruction set to be caused by Belo Monte, a sprawling complex of dams in the Brazilian Amazon.

He forged alliances with other indigenous groups, international activists and celebrity backers, and was a lead organizer of the Altamira gathering, a 1989 conference that rallied opposition to the project.

Honduras president hospitalized with pneumonia, COVID-19 (Sparky1)

Health Minister Alba Consuelo Flores confirmed that hospitals in those cities are nearly full, but said the government had to begin loosening restrictions. Many businesses closed since March have been allowed to reopen, though with reduced capacity. Those companies provide passes to their workers allowing them to avoid a national curfew that has been extended to June 28 and only allows people to leave home for essentials on certain days based on their national ID number.

Burundi president becomes world’s first head of state to die of Covid confirm medics, despite government officials insisting death was due to heart attack (Sparky1)

Suspicions had been high the president had Covid-19 after his wife was hospitalised at the end of May with the virus. A medical document seen by AFP said she had tested positive for the virus and suffered ‘respiratory distress.’

The African country announced Nkurunziza’s ‘unexpected’ death on June 9 declaring a national week of mourning.

The Potential of Cannabidiol in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Hypothesis Letter (000)

We suggest the hypothesis that Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid, has the potential to limit the severity and progression of the disease for several reasons: 1) High-CBD Cannabis Sativa extracts are able to downregulate the expression of the two key receptors for SARS-CoV2 in several models of human epithelia 2) CBD exerts a wide range of immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects and it can mitigate the uncontrolled cytokine production featuring Acute Lung Injury 3) Being a PPARγ agonist, it can display a direct antiviral activity 4) PPARγ agonists are regulators of fibroblast/myofibroblast activation and can inhibit the development of pulmonary fibrosis, thus ameliorating lung function in recovered patients.

Why The Donald Is Still Likely To Win (James W.)

Compared to other countries, the Trump Administration has performed poorly in the Covid-19 benchmark stakes. Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Singapore have been far more successful in avoiding the casualties and economic damage seen in the United States. Of course, other countries have also handled it badly, but that does not change the facts that America has had a poor pandemic crisis.

Swing voters and independents are frustrated and are currently telling pollsters they plan to vote for Joe Biden in November. Nevertheless, what do voters actually think of Joe Biden?

You’re being manipulated (Jane L.)

“the power of the state can corrupt good people, and that we need to trust the stateless.”

Oxford University does a study showing that the use of media can deliberately change votes. Media, government, religion, and even academia itself, can indoctrinate the masses. It’s very easy for them to do.

A Staggering Number Of Homes Just Hit The Market In Minneapolis (thc0655)

Rioting in the Twin Cities began after a man, George Floyd, was killed at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. Although the officers involved in Floyd’s death have all been charged, protestors continue to occupy streets across America. Often, demonstrations turn to riots which have destroyed thousands of buildings (1,500 in the Twin Cities alone) and claimed the lives of nearly 20 people, per Fox 6.

Turkey drew up plans to invade Greece and Armenia – secret documents (000)

The documents were exchanged by top general staff commanders via a secure internal email system, the news portal reported. They appear to have been accidentally leaked in a court case file in Ankara that prosecutor Serdar Coşkun submitted to the court as part of an investigation into the failed military coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in July 2016.

All of the general staff’s emails from the two months preceding the coup were seized by the prosecution.

‘It’s only important if you eat food’: inside a film on the honeybee crisis (Sparky1)

Piles of dead honeybees pool around each hive like splotchy puddles; Adee reports a “mass die-off”, probably from acute pesticide or fungicide poisoning. It could have been a neighbor who sprayed their trees too soon, or used a legal chemical toxic to bees without knowing. Adee’s team inspects, collects samples, runs tests – for the bees, and because hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. “If we put the same economic value on a honeybee as cattle, we wouldn’t have a pesticide investigator out there for these kind of losses,” he says. “We’d have the FBI out there.”

Plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida gets go-ahead (Sparky1)

Last month, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also approved the Florida plan, as well as a further trial next year that will take place in Harris county in Texas, which includes Houston.

Proponents of the trial say that as only modified male mosquitoes, which do not bite people, will be released, there will be no danger to the public.

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  • Thu, Jun 18, 2020 - 11:42am



    Status: Member

    Joined: Jan 05 2020

    Posts: 108


    Americans face new coronavirus challenge: a shortage of coins

    I'm betting whether shutting down the economy was the right or wrong thing to do, no one thought about this downstream effect when the decision was weighed!

    But it is a perfect illustration of the concept of velocity of money, distinct from quantity (or quantitative easing).

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  • Thu, Jun 18, 2020 - 12:21pm



    Status: Member

    Joined: Jan 05 2020

    Posts: 108


    The honeybee crisis

    I love bees, and raw honey. I do what I can to keep them going - a struggle in my rural Vermont spot where the twin challenges of deep, cold winter snow and hungry spring bears take a significant hive toll. (Bears ain't stupid when it comes to raiding hives; my home-harvested honey can cost as much as $60/gallon just due to bee replacement costs. The hives and various fencing efforts can add $400 every year or two; not a winning formula. I'm thinking of building a stone hut next...)

    That said, with the exception of a few exotic crops, honeybees are not essential to food production in the US. They are only essential to mega-monocrop production, and monocrop production is not sustainable; it's killing soil quickly.

    The honeybee is not native to the Americas, and native Americans ate before Europeans brought bees to this new world. We have lots of native pollinators. In fact, I think we put too much emphasis on the honeybee, at the expense of not knowing or catering to the needs of our native pollinators.

    We would almost certainly lose the almond crop, perhaps even the citrus monocrop, without bees. But even losing both will not cause us to starve. Replace monocrop farming with the kind of integrated whole-cycle farming Chris is instituting on his new place, and we can produce more calories, and more diversified foodstuff on an acre of land than monocrops permit, while strengthening the soil's health year over year rather than depleting it.

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  • Thu, Jun 18, 2020 - 2:29pm



    Status: Bronze Member

    Joined: Mar 19 2011

    Posts: 134


    Not a Stickler for Spelling...

    but this was funny, IMO:

    With plunging demand and fractured supply chains - companies are not highering at the pace that would support President Trump's and Wall Street's claims of a V-shaped "rocket ship" recovery in economic growth and employment. Leading indicators are showing the economy barely bounced after the most significant crash in six decades.



    It would appear, based on this article, (if you read on) that the government types may want to consider fast-tracking the "bread" portion of the bread and circuses regimen in their respective states to help mitigate the effects of the multiple, self-inflicted wounds on corpus imperium.

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  • Thu, Jun 18, 2020 - 3:28pm



    Status: Silver Member

    Joined: May 05 2009

    Posts: 416



    We would almost certainly lose the almond crop, perhaps even the citrus monocrop, without bees.

    A newer variety of almond named Independence does not require a pollinizer variety or bees.  It's self fertile, and this appears to be the direction the industry is going.  We have a 20 acre block of  south us and this year the trees are just loaded with 'nuts'.


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  • Fri, Jun 19, 2020 - 7:37am



    Status: Bronze Member

    Joined: Dec 10 2013

    Posts: 91

    SixNineteen Events




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