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    Daily Digest 6/15 – Gold Is A Long-Term Opportunity, Detroit Reaches Bond Deal In Bankruptcy Talks

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    Sunday, June 15, 2014, 3:18 PM


Graduates Cautioned: Don’t Shut Out Opposing Views (jdargis)

Speakers exhorted young people to take risks, court failure, and embrace uncertainty and change. They noted the growing importance of high-tech fields that have long embraced those values, and the growing influence of that culture on non-tech careers.

And many speakers sought to shake graduates out of any complacency — deflating their egos a bit, reminding them how fortunate they are, lamenting persistent economic inequality, and urging them to work hard and pursue higher causes.

What Happens If You Have No Welfare and No Job? (jdargis)

The Urban Institute recently released a fascinating new qualitative study that aims to answer that very question. Relying on 90-minute interviews with 29 unmarried women in Los Angeles and 22 in southeast Michigan, the nonprofit examined the lives of these so-called “disconnected” women—meaning they get neither income from work nor TANF money. (About one in eight low-income single mothers was disconnected in 1996, when welfare reform was first implemented, but about one in five was disconnected in 2008.)

Chicago gas prices welcome summer with rising gas prices (jdargis)

Gas prices usually decline in June because refineries have completed maintenance they take on earlier in the year, DeHaan said. Also, they have finished their switch to “summer gasoline,” a cleaner gas that the EPA mandates be used between June 1 and Sept. 15. Prices are harder to predict during hurricane season in July and August, he said.

“I would say that Chicago prices on average will hold in the low $4 a gallon,” he added.

Silver To Gold Ratio as a Timing Indicator (GE Christenson)

The RSI of the ratio made another low under 30 on May 30, 2014 and turned higher on June 6, 2013. Silver prices look like they have also turned up. This is the 8th such low since 2008.

Jim Grant: Gold is a long-term opportunity (Herman J.)

“Gold is an example, to me, of an opportunity. Getting back to the idea that successful investing is getting people to agree with you not now but later, gold exhibits so many of the characteristics of a corpse, although it does occasionally toss and turn. Gold stocks certainly look as if they were dead but nobody bothers to even poke them with a stick. Gold mining shares are very, very cheap, and certainly very widely detested options on the failure of this massive worldwide experiment (or demonstration) of the hopelessness of the technique of price control.”

Study: Chicago home prices up 20% from 1st quarter 2013 (jdargis)

First-quarter home prices rose 20 percent from a year ago within Chicago and about 13 percent within suburban Cook County, according to a county home price index compiled by the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University.

Despite the improvement, prices remained well below their peak, and are akin to their level in Chicago in early 2003 and in the suburbs in late 2001. In areas heavily affected by foreclosure, home values remain below their 1998 levels.

Detroit Reaches Deal With Bondholders in Bankruptcy Talks (jdargis)

“The settlement recognizes the unique status and niche of the LTGOs in the municipal finance market,” the mediators said.

Municipal bond investors have been watching Detroit’s bankruptcy because the city has argued that its general obligation bonds aren’t secured by any collateral. That contradicted long-held assumptions among investors that such bonds had priority over other obligations, such as some government services and employee benefits.

The Energetic Evolution of the US Food System (Eric G.)

The reasons for the meteoric rise in US food system energy intensity are multifaceted, and include the substitution of industrial fuels for human and animal labor through mechanization, as well as the rise of the food processing industry and the expansion of food distribution networks. Households use far more energy per unit of consumed food today too, if only because the refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances unheard of in 1900 are today commonplace, and are all powered by electricity.

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