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    Daily Digest 6/14 – What’s Happening In Japan, The Most Dangerous Cities in America

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    Friday, June 14, 2013, 5:12 PM


A Promise of Changes for Access to Secrets (jdargis)

Ms. Feinstein, a California Democrat, said that on Monday the National Security Agency would release more information about the potential terrorist attacks that had been thwarted by its surveillance programs. “There are more than you think,” she said a bit cryptically. The senator has been among the most vocal defenders of the program.

Everything is Rigged, Vol. 9,713: This Time, It's Currencies (Michael W.)

"The FX market is like the Wild West," said James McGeehan, who spent 12 years at banks before co-founding Framingham, Massachusetts-based FX Transparency LLC, which advises companies on foreign-exchange trading, in 2009. "It's buyer beware."

Here's What The Heck Is Happening In Japan (Nervous Nelly)

Japan's main stock index, the Nikkei, fell 6.25% last night, to 12,445. Just a few weeks ago it was right around 16,000.

That's a crash.

The Most Dangerous Cities in America (Michael W.)

There were 219 murders in Baltimore in 2012, more than all but five other major cities both in absolute terms and per capita. In addition, the city’s robbery rate of 576.4 cases per 100,000 people was the ninth highest in the country. Despite remaining one of the most violent cities, city officials noted that crime rates have been declining. While the total number of murders increased, total gun crime fell by 6% compared to 2011, according to the Baltimore Police Department. In addition, the city’s property crime rate of 4,660.3 cases per 100,000 residents was lower than any of the top cities for violent crime.

Political Scene: Privacy, Security, and Edward Snowden (jdargis)

“The ability of companies and now the government to collect and hold enormous amounts of data on a routine basis” is something that Surowiecki says Americans haven’t “fully thought through.” These are complicated issues, after all; much in our culture encourages the sharing of information, and such data can indeed be very useful to law enforcement. But should the potential effectiveness of a policy influence a conversation about its morality—or its constitutionality? As Mayer notes, the government and Facebook are hardly the same thing: Facebook just wants to show you advertising; the government can throw you in jail.

What the Produce Section Looks Like in a World without Bees (Wendy SD)

"Pollinators are a critical link in our food system. More than 85 percent of Earth's plant species — many of which compose some of the most nutritional parts of our diet — require pollinators to exist. Yet we continue to see alarming declines in bee numbers," said Eric Mader, assistant pollinator conservation director at The Xerces Society."Our organization works with farmers nationwide to help them create wildflower habitat and adopt less pesticide-intensive practices. These simple strategies can tip the balance back in favor of bees."

Solar Power Offers Saudi Arabia a Win-Win Energy Solution (James S.)

Wail Bamhair, the project manager of the Saudi Arabian team that visited the US’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory last week, said that “Saudi Arabia is determined to diversify its energy sources and reduce its dependence on hydrocarbons. Renewable energy isn't just an option, but absolutely necessary. We have the means to build renewable energy, and we need to do it.”

In Glittering Gems, Reading Earth's Story (jdargis)

The Earth is covered with tectonic plates. In some places, like off the coast of the northwestern United States, ocean plates are getting pushed underneath continental ones. As the plates sink, they are squeezed to titanic pressures. They also get cooked. Under these extreme conditions, their atoms are combined into new molecular arrangements that would never emerge anywhere else on Earth. Hot jets of mineral-rich fluid rise from the plates, pushing up into the overlying rock. Among the things that emerge from that fluid is a mixture of sodium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen known as jadeite — a form of jade.

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