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    Daily Digest 6/13 – EU Referendum Live, Was Orlando Shooter Really Acting for ISIS?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, June 13, 2016, 2:11 PM


Was Orlando Shooter Really Acting for ISIS? For ISIS, It’s All the Same (jdargis)

This public oath is about the only requirement that the Islamic State imposes on followers who wish to carry out acts of terror in its name. In an annual speech, the terror group’s spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, last month incited its supporters to carry out killings abroad during the holy month of Ramadan.

No attack is too small, he advised, specifically naming the United States as a target. “The smallest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the largest action by us,” he said, “and more effective and more damaging to them.”

"Why We Need To Beat Russia" (Cathal H.)

Our Imperial weapons give definite form to our Empire. And nothing has shaped our Empire more than the FIAT. The deformation began in 1971, when the US imposed her Power to re-define the rules of the monetary system for her sole benefit. The ability to print IOU’s in exchange for real value is more clever than theft as we borrow and do not pay back in kind due to inflation. Our enemies, adversaries and vassals must found their financial systems upon the printed dollar which they must purchase with hard earned money. That seizure has financed a vast network of military bases, bribery, assassinations, coup d´états and perpetual war.

Who’s Really The Fascist? (Don R.)

What’s more interesting, because it can provide perspective, is to look at what fascism is (or was) prior to, and beyond, Hitler and Germany. One man stands out in this: Benito Mussolini, Italian prime minister slash wannabe dictator from 1922 till 1943, who’s even often labeled the founder of fascism (though its roots go back much further). But for Mussolini, fascism was not what Hitler has made us define it as.

Capitalism Requires World War (Cathal H.)

One company then introduces a machine (costed at $n) that makes jeans using a lot less labour time. Each of these robot assisted workers is paid the same hourly rate but the production process is now far more productive. This company, ignoring the capital outlay in the machinery, will now have a much higher profit rate than the others. This will attract capital, as capital is always on the lookout for higher rates of profit. The result will be a generalisation of this new mode of production. The robot or machine will be adopted by all the other companies, as it is a more efficient way of producing jeans.

EU referendum live: Gordon Brown delivers his EU speech (jdargis)

Migration Watch has said some 100,000 migrants from Turkey could arrive in the UK every year by the mid-2030s if the country joins the European Union. It also said levels of net migration would continue to be over 250,000 a year for at least 20 years even if Turkey does not join the EU.

Oil Is Up 80% … And It’s Just Beginning (Tiffany D.)

The International Energy Agency also showed in the first quarter of this year that oil consumption is growing faster than analysts had expected. The forecast was for 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, but actual demand was 16% higher at 1.4 million barrels of oil per day.

Clearly demand is robust, and we already know supply is set to shrink because of the cuts to new discoveries.

L.A. Fights To Become Greenest City In The U.S. (Josh O.)

Although the city has not yet made the top 10 on the “Greenest cities” charts, it has made the top 15—at #13—and is working hard to move up. This project with the 100 chargers, however, was basically a stroke of luck. When the city decided to save on power costs and replace 4,500 miles of sodium-vapor streetlights with less bright but more energy-efficient LEDs, no conscious thought was given to the power generation capacity that will be freed up.

Flooding in Paris: Exceptional Weather or the New Normal? (jdargis)

Perhaps it will remind you a bit of the process of getting older. You have never denied the concept of getting older, and the associated little problems; after all, you saw it happening to others. But then unexpectedly the day arrives that you find yourself buying your first pair of reading glasses, and you are ready to face the world through different eyes. It won’t be much different with climate change.

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